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Disable Windows Defender Completely Do it

Deactivating Windows Defender , is the article where we will be talking about how the user himself can carry out this process completely, it is an easy activity to carry out, as long as it is carried out with care and safety. windows defender disable tool

Disable Windows defender 

windows defender disable tool
windows defender disable tool

We are going to know the process to deactivate Windows Defender, it is known as the antivirus that is included in Windows 10, and that is a useful and also recommended tool that is active, however it may be necessary to disable it eventually.

This process is very useful when observing that the antivirus is interfering with another installation or in the case that the user has proven that it is throwing false positives.

It should be borne in mind that Windows 10 only allows you to deactivate the antivirus for a specific period of time: then it is activated again by itself, it is important to point out that there is another type of antivirus online.

Likewise, it sometimes presents flaws in its antimalware protection engine, which refers to software for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android that detects and removes malware, which many times have put users at risk, in some cases they have fragmented the startup.

In the case that you want to deactivate Windows Defender, the easiest way is to install another antivirus of your choice, because when it recognizes that a means has been installed by third parties, it is immediately deactivated automatically.

But, it must be remembered that there is no possibility of permanently eliminating Windows Defender, just as it is not likely to completely uninstall its engine, it is not something that is easy to do.

The user must have various reasons for which he absolutely needs to disable Windows Defender, however, it must be borne in mind that many security risks may be incurred, if it is done without having installed an alternative program.

To carry out the process of deactivating Windows Defender, the following procedure must be followed:

The first thing to do is go to Windows Settings, which can be done by using the Windows keyboard + I, from the Start Menu, you must click on the icon found in the search bar that has Windows, is displayed on the right side of the start button, then Windows Defender is written.

Windows Defender windows defender disable tool

windows defender disable tool
windows defender disable tool

In Windows Settings, you must click on the Security and Windows tab, and then press the button marked with Open the Windows Defender Security Center, to deactivate Windows defender and its security center will open in another window, then from there we proceed to deactivate.

Protection windows defender disable tool

If it is the case that the firewall has been disabled, all the icons will be displayed in green, indicating that everything is in perfect order, however it is not for a long time: when Windows defender antivirus protection is disabled, the corresponding icon it is placed in red tone; immediately you must click on Antivirus protection and against any other threat.


In this window appears a small list of the latest analyzes that Windows Defender has carried out, you must click on Antivirus settings and protection against threats or warnings.


From this moment on, you can disable Windows Defender’s real-time protection by modifying the switch to the Disabled option; Windows antivirus is automatically deactivated, however it should be borne in mind that this will remain for a short time, then it will activate itself again.

Regarding the issue of deactivating Windows defender, it is possible to deactivate it through the policies of a local group, unless Windows 10 Home is used, if so, you must go to the Registry, doing the following:

windows defender disable tool
windows defender disable tool

Open the start menu, write: “edit group policy”, press enter, or you can also press the Windows + R keys, and in the drawer write: pedit.msc.

The policy editor window appears, then you must navigate to the next path, like this: Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-Windows Components-Windows Defender Antivirus.

In the right part of the window select the option Disable Windows Defender Antivirus, and double click on it; immediately select the “Enabled” icon, click Apply, and then click OK, proceed to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

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