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How to get out of safe mode in Windows 10?

If by chance your computer has entered safe mode automatically, or you entered by accident or voluntarily and do not know how to get out of safe mode. In this article we will teach you how to do it. windows 10 safe mode key

How to get out of safe mode? 

windows 10 safe mode key
windows 10 safe mode key

First of all, before taking the steps to get out of this mode; you must know what safe mode is and what it is used for; Said in a fairly summarized and simple way, Windows safe mode is an option that the operating system enters, but it only works with the necessary drivers and components; that is, no other program or drivers that you have installed will work, only the basics for the regular operation of the system will work. windows 10 safe mode key

Your computer can automatically access this mode if it detects a serious problem or you can access it. This option, by isolating everything that is not needed for the basic operation of the system, is easier for the computer and oneself, to be able to find the problem and try to solve it; Safe mode will allow you to perform the vast majority of maintenance tasks on your pc: uninstall some software, update drivers, check for errors, scan for viruses, among others.

It happens that once we have accessed the safe mode of Windows, we can believe that to exit it, it will be enough to simply restart our pc. So how do you get out of safe mode ? For this, you have to follow a series of steps, which are not really anything to write home about and it is very easy.

First, read the entire article before following the instructions; In addition, we will give you two alternatives, in case the first method does not work for you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

First alternative windows 10 safe mode key

  • The first thing we must do is open the Cortana search engine, which is the magnifying glass symbol or a circle next to the “Start” and write “System Configuration” there.
  • Another way to the first step is by right-clicking the “Start” button and selecting execute; or also by pressing the Win + R keys, in the dialog box we write the following command ” msconfig “.
  • A dialog box will open, with multiple tabs, we are interested in the tab that says “Startup”. Inside it, we will uncheck the box that says “Error-proof start”, since it will be checked, because we are in that “safe mode”.
  • Finally, what we will do is click on the button that says “Apply” and we proceed to restart our computer. When the computer starts up again, it should have already left “safe mode” and will now start, with all its programs and drivers that it has installed.

Second alternative windows 10 safe mode key

If for some reason, the first method we gave you has not worked for you and you want to know how to exit safe mode ? We will propose a second option, which is a little longer and more complex than the previous one, but it will not be difficult for you to execute it either. Let’s go there!.

  • What we will do is restart our PC; But before doing so, when we click on “Restart”, we will do so by holding down the “Shift” key on the keyboard and left clicking. This will cause it to restart and enter the “Startup Settings”.
  • Already within this blue screen, it will show us multiple options; We will select the one that says “Troubleshoot”, then we will click on “Advanced Options” and finally, on “Command Prompt”. windows 10 safe mode key 
  • Once the cmd dialog box is open on our computer, we are going to introduce the following command, which is the one that will make us exit safe mode (you can simply copy and paste the code, so you don’t have to write it) ” bcdedit / deletevalue {default} safeboot ”. windows 10 safe mode key
  • We will press the “Enter” key so that the Command Prompt executes the command we provide and we will wait a few seconds for it to analyze and carry out. When the process is finished, we close the “cmd” and we will be back in the “Startup Settings” and click “Continue”. windows 10 safe mode key

This method will make our computer restart automatically and enter normal mode. If either of the two methods has not worked for you, you can try the other to enter and if neither works for you, do it slowly and check that you are doing the steps correctly; since you may be making something wrong. windows 10 safe mode key

If you want to learn how to improve the performance of your pc or you feel that it is very slow, then we recommend reading the following article, which can solve this problem: Optimize Windows 10 How to do it correctly ?. windows 10 safe mode key

How to exit safe mode ?: Annotations

windows 10 safe mode key
windows 10 safe mode key

In some devices, especially in old operating systems such as: Windows 7 and Windows XP; At the moment of turning on, sometimes it will throw us a screen with multiple options that will allow us to start the operating system in: windows 10 safe mode key

  • Safe Mode: this mode is the one we have been talking about.
  • The second option is the “safe mode with network options”: it is the same safe mode, but it brings the possibility of being able to use the internet on our computer, something that the first alternative does not bring. windows 10 safe mode key
  • Safe mode with the command prompt: which will start our computer with this mode, in addition to having the cmd enabled, to be able to enter codes and help us solve the problems that our computer presents.
  • Start Windows normally: which will start our computer without any mode and with all the drivers and features available, to use normally. windows 10 safe mode key

We can take advantage of this screen t o be able to exit the safe mode or, if we want to enter it. Not always, our operating system will start with this screen, it usually enters when our computer has unexpectedly shut down, restarts suddenly or the famous blue screen appears.

As a tip, if you see that your computer is having a lot of problems and the computer and / or you are having difficulty finding the origin of it; Try starting it in safe mode to make it easier for both of you to detect it. If the problem turns out to be more serious then, we recommend that you then take it to a specialist so that he can solve the problem with your CPU. windows 10 safe mode key

In the following video that we will attach below, in addition to learning how to exit safe mode, you will also be able to see how to enter it. We consider that it is very important that you know it, so that you do not have problems.

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