What is web layout, The best tips for you

Currently there are a large number of online platforms which have different specific areas, due to this in this article we will explain what the layout of web pages is like.

what is web layout

what is web layout
what is web layout

When talking about a web page layout, reference is made to a graphic process where a certain structure is established to a platform according to the content on which it is based, it must comply with the requirements approved by a specific analysis which determines the structural section as the aesthetic part of the page to convert the server into HTML code to comply with the parameters of the network.

In the same way, it can be transformed into a CSS code and also JS, since these also comply with the web standards established in the network, so that any browser can proceed with the reading of the page and it is interpreted in the appropriate way together with all the characters available on the platform, be it images or videos.

Frontend developers have the function of designing and making the layout of web pages, generally companies look for workers in this area because at present everything is being processed through networks, so it is very necessary to establish the corresponding network platform of each institution and organization according to its area of ​​work, since this depends on the market that the company addresses.

This official design allows to establish visual spaces that are responsible for impacting the audience, audiovisual content is also used to show their products and services. Due to this, it is convenient to know the most important points that must be taken into account when making a web page layout in an appropriate way along with its main characteristics:

Create sketches

As the first tips for web page layout, it is necessary to make different sketches or Wireframe, so that you have the main idea of ​​the content you want to expose on the platform, so that users understand the elements that are shown as promotions , products and services that customers have the opportunity to purchase, this also requires a visual impact but this point is based on the distribution of information on the server.

In the sketch, the header of the page must be defined as the headlines that are going to be presented, it is very important to establish where the company name is going to be placed to give an identity to the page. Likewise, the distribution of content can be varied between paragraphs and images, a navigation menu must also be incorporated to facilitate the movement of customers on the platform.t is web layout

Color palette what is web layout

what is web layout

Another important point is the use of the color palette because depending on the colors used in the design, a positive visual impact can be given through the tone used to attract the attention of the user and they can learn about the content it presents. the company and the possible promotions that are for sale exposing its main characteristics.

HTML5 tags what is web layout

In web pages it is important to establish the HTML5 tags so that the servers can process the code of the entire platform and allow access to content that is exposed on the online site. Likewise, it increases the level of indexing, so it is possible to use a wide range of tag types such as header, nav, aside, footer, among others.

Prefixes in CSS3 properties what is web layout

One of the most important points to make the layout are the prefixes applied in the CSS3 properties, since this where the server has the possibility of being compatible with the platform, with this it changes abruptly in the default designs of each browser, but that maintains its interface while executing code from the network implemented on the website.

Typography on icons what is web layout

At present the icons do not present images but a typeface that indicates the objective of the same, in this way users can understand the function of the icon or the purpose that was established on the web page; For this, the Font-face rule is used to facilitate this operation in the layout of the platform according to the distribution made on the server, so it depends on the designer.

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