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What is the Best Internet Connection type and their advantages

Internet connections have helped in the transfer of information and data on any subject, which is why this article explains the types of connections that exist and their advantages. what is the best internet connection type

what is the best internet connection type
what is the best internet connection type

Types of connections

It is understood by connections in a medium that links one point to another, in the area of ​​computing it consists of a means of linking to a specific platform, depending on its design, this is due to the fact that currently networks have evolved exponentially so that You can find services of any type that allow you to establish connections from an access point to a platform.

The types of connections are based on the transfer of data from a computer or device to a platform according to the design of the page to be accessed, it also depends on the capacity of the machine, since the transfer of data can require a computer with more resources so that it can support the operations carried out on the network. what is the best internet connection type

As previously said, there are currently a large number of types of network connections which can range from a telephone line or a satellite, this is because there is a guarantee of data execution with greater efficiency so that The waiting time is reduced depending on the link that is made, since you can use cables or wireless networks.

Despite the importance of each of the types of connections, there may be a lack of knowledge of their functions and their benefits, this is because at present there are many kinds of links that can be used so they can confuse their operation. . However, depending on the case or the user’s situation, it may be recommended to establish a specific type of connection, either ADLS or wireless. what is the best internet connection type

Due to this variety, it is important to know the types of connections that as users can be made so that their main characteristics and advantages in each service are known, since each one has different properties. For this reason, the main types of connections currently running will be presented below to understand which is the most convenient:

what is the best internet connection type
what is the best internet connection type

ISDN digital network what is the best internet connection type

It consists of a digital telephone line, being one of the types of connections that supplanted the RTC; It has a network adapter to perform the same operation as the modem, which is based on the transfer of data from the computer to the network. Thanks to its design, it is possible to use different connection cables to enter a network and to talk on the phone, however, it needs a specific infrastructure.

If you want to know a way to access the internet through a specific device, then it is recommended to see the article How to enter a router? , where the access to the router of different companies is explained together with its main characteristics.

Satellite network access what is the best internet connection type

Internet access through a satellite connection consists of the use of electromagnetic waves, which is why it is generally used in areas where fiber optic or ADSL cables are not available, such as in airplanes, also in boats or in places that are isolated, so that to enter a network you need these waves established by the satellite.

The advantage of this type of connection is that it does not require a change in the infrastructure to take advantage of Internet access, it can also be used in places where telephone lines are not available. However, it requires an antenna for the data exchange to take place, likewise a receiving card for a computer is needed, but there are still high latencies in the internet load.

what is the best internet connection type
what is the best internet connection type

RTC what is the best internet connection type

One of the first types of connections to the internet or to a network is the Switched Telephone Network which is also known by the acronym RTC, it consists of a system established in home computers, this is because it executes a data transfer through analog signals, consisted of a modem, this being the device that linked the computer to a network.

The main advantage of this connection is that no additional installation was required in the home or office infrastructure, so there were no expenses other than establishing the RTC in the home. However, its bandwidth was limited and there may be a problem in the connection, since it does not remain constant but was intermittent so that it can fail in some moments.

Wired connection what is the best internet connection type

Among the most common types of connections today are those that are made through a cable made up of fiber optics so that it speeds up the transmission of data between the nodes, it has a system that can reach the user’s home with pure fiber optics or fiber + coaxial depending on the method applied, the internet connection can be more stable or can be intermittent.

Its main advantage is that it carries out the transmission of the light signal without so much interference, which is why it has a material resistant to electromagnetic waves, in turn it allows to encode a greater amount of information, increasing the speed of data transfers, however it requires of a new infrastructure for installation because of this can be expensive.

what is the best internet connection type
what is the best internet connection type

ADSL network

This network consists of a combination of ISDN and PSTN, where its advantages are mixed to provide a complete and optimal operation to the user. The acronym ADSL is the abbreviation of the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, it is characterized by being a connection used in companies and homes thanks to its stability in access to the network, being one of the most used today.

Its main advantage is the transmission of data and voice simultaneously, thanks to the RTC-based design in which it has specific wiring to achieve this exchange of information, it also uses ISDN cables to guarantee a higher speed in the execution and transmission of the data, however the bandwidth is compromised according to the user’s location.

Wireless networks

Finally, you have wireless networks as an access to the internet without the need for a specific cable, it is also known as wireless, it consists of the transmission of data and information through light signals or radio waves so that the interferences that are acquired in the optical fiber due to its materials by an external factor are avoided, at present this type of connection is one of the most used and is still under development.

It is characterized by being very fast in data transfers reaching over 70 Mbps with a range of 50 km, they are also much cheaper than the previous types because it does not need a change of the special infrastructure or a cable, current devices are designed to take advantage of this wireless access to optimize internet browsing. what is the best internet connection type

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