Source code: What is it? What is it for? and more

What is Source Code in Programming

Every action carried out on the computer is managed by a file that allows programs to be instructed to carry out an action. This file is called source code. This file also allows programs to be compiled so that users can use it directly at another time.

What is? what is source code in programming

This file is included in the operating system and is essential for the user to be able to use a program without any problems. It is made by the software developers and is included in the operating system through a programming language.

It allows to write in code certain indications directed to specific programs. That can only be decrypted by the developers and through certain actions by the computers themselves.

The programming language, also called C Language , is very extensive and similar to the commands that were used in the first computers. Each language is geared towards creating various types of instructions and programs.

HTLM language what is source code in programming

This type of programming language is widely used to relate and create the  Computer System in web pages. For this, the so-called HTML language and the java application are used. When we open a web page next to it you can see a menu where if you want you can see the programming language or source code web page

For the common user it results a series of letters, numbers and codes that are not understandable. However, it is interesting for those who are starting in the world of computing and programming. The HTML language consists of a series of codes that define the content of web pages.

They are tags that are used to define texts and various elements such as images, videos, photos, among other types of content. It stands for HyperText Markup Language, or what in Spanish would be Hypertext Markup Language.

This language is the base of the source code and can be read and edited by anyone. Only that the user must have knowledge of the forms and codes contained in it. The operating system itself contains programs that can help to develop to know the programmatic language, one of them is Notepad.

However, the programming language and source code then represent the set of texts with steps to follow. Its purpose is to run a program. Programmers carry out this action in order that the computer, through its small programs, can modify it and make it visible to the user.

All this translation carries with it the knowledge of compilers, assemblers and interpreters, they represent the translation system. But the source code is not only used for applications or development of opening pages and diverse internet sources. It is also used to run other elements of the operating system


It is an action item that greatly helps to perform various actions in operating systems. All equipment is either cell phone and tablets. They contain a language developed by the developers of the operating system that allows actions to be carried out. Among them, it groups the computer programming so that they are executed perfectly.

The source code actually groups the software through certain commands that are performed in the HTML source code. So it is a tool that is used primarily for the creation of computer programs. It is made up of many elements that must be known by programmers. It also contains three sections that allow structuring the entire programmatic system.

These parts are .data, .bss and .text, they make up a series of commands that, when placed in front of an action or specific codes, order to perform the requested operation. The source code also has a specific language that helps communicate the action in a direct and specific way. Serving as a necessary tool in computer development of these times.

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