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What is a server in computing? All the details

Due to the development of networks, data transfer has expanded and companies have specific equipment to carry out any activity or service over the networks. That is why this article will explain what a server is in computing. what is server in networking

What is a server in computing?

what is server in networking
what is server in networking

When speaking of a server, reference is made to a specific team in the IT area responsible for solving any customer request so that the required help can be provided. They make up a sector of the network to serve a wide range of requests, they can be divided into two components, the dedicated and shared server.

In the first sector of the dedicated server it is based on applying the resources that are available to meet the client’s needs, while in the second sector with the shared server it does not use all the resources to respond to the requests received since it applies a user to exercise the trade locally.

The advantage of a server is that it can be applied to any equipment that has the corresponding capabilities, thanks to the fact that it offers multiple tools for its operation so that the security in the system can be increased. For this reason, companies design a specific server so that they only have to execute one objective to increase their efficiency in the results of each service.

It can store user information and web content, depending on the type of server that is applied. The large number of functions that can be applied allow offering the appropriate service to all people and clients, as well as managing the IP network as necessary, thus analyzing the possible IP bases that it is going to execute to increase the quality of the results.

Features what is server in networking

It is important to understand that it is a server in computing to know its operation and the advantages they provide, they have a specific architecture which is based on the relationship of the client with the server. Among its main characteristics, it can be highlighted that it has various computer programs that run automatically when receiving a request for any other applied program.

The purpose of any server is to benefit the client, due to this it is in charge of operating various tasks to fulfill this objective. It allows the option of sharing information and data on the resources used by the equipment hardware, in this way it is possible for clients to establish a connection with the server through the network.

Clients have the advantage of entering the network through the server on any computer that has access to the internet. In this same case, IP networks are used, which are the abbreviations of Internet Protocol that can be executed as a presentation mechanism of a set of data that is generated in the network card in a specific process. what is server in networking

It can be said that the servers provide tools and services to the private clients of a company through a certain network. In the case of public users, they have access to the special services offered by a company, so that any request or request executed on the equipment can be solved. what is server in networking

When you apply the various servers or essential tools in a company you have the possibility of products or resources available on the network. In the same way, the web server stands out in cases where a peer-to-peer model has to be used, the mail, file, print server is applied, also the game server, the application server is included, the base server data, among others.

Currently a large number of systems are used to comply with the client – server network model, in this way any computer has the option of running these services, only an updated operating system is required according to the server that is used. To select which is the most convenient, a study of the needs that a company has for its frequent customers must be made.


what is server in networking
what is server in networking

Knowing that it is a server in computing, you can have an idea of ​​its main functions, however its uses can be applied in various fields, information technology being the most widely used. The software and hardware versions are not the only ones designed for any server, OS versions have also been created so that computers or equipment with this systematic process can solve the requests generated by clients.

The products labeled and marked in a company have the possibility of sharing the processes of a client called as the function of a server, however there are some confusions with this concept. A server is not named for sharing a specific file, but rather the mechanism that operates in the computer’s operating system to fulfill the client’s request.

With this operational mechanism it can be highlighted that the function of a server can be applied in other fields of computing, this is because it runs on other platforms. An example of these is the Apache platform. The condition is that the equipment has the required system data, it may vary depending on the computer that is used, be it desktop, laptop, among others.

In the case of a server operated by hardware, it is responsible for marking the models that store various applications that are widely used on the network and it is possible to configure the client – server model in the computer program of the system to act as host and share the data as a host with the client according to the need that arises.

Due to this option, any computer with the correct operating system can act as a server in the system, also the requirements of the software that they have includes the RAM memory and the CPU can have a higher performance. Also depending on the server that is applied, you can have the option of greater storage giving the function of availability in various network connections with fewer failures in its execution.

It is responsible for distributing tasks and resources through a computer network, making them accessible to customers who are users of the company’s system, thus allowing browsing on the web according to the request and need they present. The client – server model offers software that is in the reserve of the system to ensure constant use of the service.

General details

The services and resources that a company or a company has available through a specific network can be applied independently by each client, that is, the shared server option should not always be executed since you may have the interest of keep data secure and private. Email clients have the ability to access the system and use a particular service as required.

The servers provide various properties and qualities in the capacity of the resources available through a random access memory and a RAID set, that is, through several independent disks there is a greater tolerance in the failures and errors of the service. Among its most notable properties is the security they provide in customer data, so the reliability of the number of sources is constantly increasing.

In the equipment there is a storage of microcomputers to offer different styles of services and thus cover other fields in network computing, in a way that can be solved. Modern services are provided through the applications that are installed in the database, so that programs run in the background with a high-quality programming language.

The operating systems fragment the hardware in a characteristic architecture, giving a greater amount of software in parts and components of the equipment, being a client-server design that can be used in Linux, Windows, among others. Because of this a system property is applied so that the software is in constant interaction with each separate hardware in the platform service.

One option that the system brings is the possibility of having a dormant state in the servers that are not running so that it is not overloaded by the number of applications that it is using in the background. In these cases, the background requests maintain an order in their execution, managing to activate the corresponding server through network protocols that are assigned to each client.


With the use of the Internet, the server has a wide range of applications and, in turn, clients that are in constant interaction with the hardware and software so that the requests presented are solved. Requests can be made on the official website of the company or company to provide greater ease in using a server.

Understanding that it is a server in computing, it can be understood that it is applied in many fields and areas to have greater accessibility in its use by customers. To cover different sectors, various types of a server have been classified, where each one performs a specific function in the system. Due to this, these types are shown below with their main characteristics:


This type of file server is in charge of storing the resources and files that a computer or specific equipment has on a network. In the same way, you can distribute the corresponding data to different clients according to their need and request, so they can access the appropriate network with the file organization application for entry through the internet.

When explaining what a server is in computing, the main function of this kind of storage application is highlighted, being this fundamental property in a company’s database. In the case that a high number of work groups determined by the company are available that can enter the data and resources of a network.

In this way, a control and management of the versions of the local files and those that are on the network publicly for the access of the clients is maintained, given the option of automatically creating new versions of the resources for a backup. This function is known as “Backup”, which are used to save important information and data. In the event of a failure, the possibility of recovery may be possible.

The file server has particular access to a network where the transmission protocols are executed, which must be applied automatically when a client selects them. Among the main protocols that a company generally has, FTP stands out, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is responsible for data transfer, and SCP, which refers to Secure Copy to store important information from the server.


The print server has the purpose of taking care of the client’s computers that apply the functions of a printer, in this way it manages and organizes the order of the tasks to be carried out. Likewise, it maintains control of the print jobs requested by various clients through the network available and offered by the company. what is server in networking

Due to this it is important not to have the doubt that it is a server in computing since knowing its definition facilitates its application. You can accept the tasks and jobs that are going to be printed as required by the client, that is why you must indicate the quantity that is going to be executed in the system by giving the option which file is the priority, that is, the order through the network of the various prints. what is server in networking

By having the print server installed on a specific network, the availability of its particular functions can be certified without taking into account the importance of the computers turned on at the time the service was started through the established network. For its installation, it requires a device that must be connected to one of the ports that are available on the modem or even a port that has a router.

In this way it is possible to enter the network of a printer by any computer, this connection can be established externally or internally. When referring to an external connection, it is as explained previously which includes a device that is connected to the printer; when referring to an internal connection it is software that comes bundled with the printer for network access.

Active or domain directory

The domain or active server is in charge of storing the data and the particular information of the clients, the computers that are used and the various groups of a network established at an IP address; its services are established by various programs that run as a server. It applies various protocols for its operation, among which LDAP stands out, also DNS, DHCP, among others.

Resources and objects are elaborated to name a client or a user, you can also establish teams or groups in which the service will be used using the restrictions generated by the protocols. It gives the advantage of managing the logins of each of the computers that have the link or connection to the network set by the IP of the router, so it is recommended to understand that it is a server in computing and in the domain of the net. what is server in networking

Thus, it is also possible to exercise a series of policies that are at a company level, that is, that specialized programs and software can be executed in the security of data storage, in the same way with network access. Through the directories that it establishes with each update, the network can be fragmented to optimize its operation.

Its functions include centralized storage to facilitate the synchronization of the servers available in the domain with each authentication performed. It has a design or structure similar to LDAP because it includes a database where all the information regarding the active directory of a computer or an IP address is stored.

Likewise, you have the option of identifying the objects of the servers that are present, that is, you must enter a specific name given by the user, it is also required to place the email, in the case of the use of a printer you must enter the requested information among others. As it is responsible for protecting all this information, it can be used from any server thanks to a domain access control.


When talking about the mail server, the organization and flow control that is applied in an email is specified, particularly that of the client or some user of the company. Other of its functions is to receive the emails as well as to send to a specific user, it even gives the possibility of saving the user’s emails so that they can be backed up in any situation.

It can be understood that it is a server in computing in the email service with the use of any equipment, that is, any device with the capacity or with the appropriate system can run this server so that communication is established through a web tool that complements the necessary protocols between the host and the user. what is server in networking

It has the advantage of processing various messages, so that their management is executed through a filter and simultaneously the storage of sent and received emails. Among the protocols it is based on is TCP, which is the one that grants network communication anywhere in the world, that is, in various IP addresses regardless of where the equipment or devices are located.

However, it should be noted that other servers are also included, which are known as the POP server or the IMAP server, this offers the opportunity to synchronize the emails received to the inbox, which is another storage site for the messages from the mailboxes. mail which can be displayed in different formats, an example can be the Mbox or the Maildir.

Fax what is server in networking

The fax server analyzes and organizes the storage of the faxes that are processed, also in receiving or sending what is requested. In the same way, the address that the transfer is going to be enhanced can be distributed, for this it is important to remember what a server is in computing, because depending on the protocols that are applied, certain conditions will be required.

With this system, you can have the installation or connection of the LAN, which is the acronym for a local area network, so you have the possibility of communicating or transferring a fax to different users through the network and the equipment that are using. The service that is offered is executed through the server that includes several fax cards that are connected to the telephone.

They only transmit the signal of the data that the fax has through the IP network, so that the user who has a device with this server will receive the sent document without problems. For this reason companies or companies perform these functions to facilitate the delivery of an important document or to speed up the presentation of a particular topic.

When this server is applied from a desktop computer, it is not usually large, but in institutions or companies the amount that can be sent is enormous, so the virtualization or storage of each fax is registered on the server, another way of saying it. is that it has a history of all the times it is applied, so it is recommended to manage this function. what is server in networking

Proxy what is server in networking

In the case of the proxy server, it is responsible for storing the cache of all the data that is owned on a web page, only the information in which the user enters the network is saved, so that it is established as an automatic reminder of the address entered at a given time, increasing its optimal performance.

It is in charge of depositing the data and files that are required periodically, as well as offering various very general security services which explains that it is a computer server at the entrance of the web pages that the user accesses frequently. Another way of explaining it is that the proxy acts as a bridge that facilitates the entrance to a destination according to the request executed by the user.

One of the main functions of this server is that it allows access to the network, when browsing the Internet to various pages that have specific data to load properly. This information that is required is the transmission of the IP network to the domain of the web page, thus giving control or administration in access since it must comply with the established policies and restrictions. what is server in networking

As it manages access to the network, it offers protection at the time the user enters the internet, because at present malicious data can be acquired in search of stealing the personal data of the user or a company. One of its tools is the content filtering of each website that is entered, so if an unsafe situation arises, this server is in charge of blocking each of the categories or related data. what is server in networking

Web what is server in networking

The purpose of this web server is to save all the contents of a page so that it can offer the same topic to users who require or request their search through the network. It is also responsible for saving all HTML format documents, as well as images, text, content of various data, among others.

It applies some protocols when executing the transfer of the HTTP data that the files of a page or website have, and depending on each request they are shared by the HTTP clients of their computers and their devices. For this reason, any device that has access to the network or Internet browsing has a web server that is responsible for storing important and essential data for transfer. what is server in networking

Thanks to its structure and design, it is possible to use e-mail, to carry out any type of downloading to groups, to create web pages, as well as to publish on an internet site, among others. Its function is related to the operating system of each computer since these are the ones that present the capacities and protocols that the server is going to use. what is server in networking

Database what is server in networking

The services that are provided for the transfer of data from one program or software to another are known as a database server. It offers the programs that the computer applies at the time it enters the network, as well as various tools to facilitate navigation and increase the security of user data on any website.

Its operation extends to offline services and online services, covering the explanation that it is a server in computing according to the applications used, so it gives the option of modifying the information on a website or desktop in the shortest possible time, granting a greater organization and administration of the software that is used.

Thanks to this server, you have the ability to use the registers, tables and indexes on the computer, but when you refer to the hardware you have the possibility of requesting a query for the information in the event of any modification of the device. The records are the support of the movement that is applied in the database and in the network by the user or the assigned team of the company. what is server in networking

The amount of information that it can manage and process is very high, and the greater the capacity of the equipment this amount increases so that you can have more options when you are accessing an IP network. In each web application that this server runs, it is responsible for establishing the systematic client-server model, transmitting the data required for optimal web browsing.


In this DNS server it is possible to maintain a link between the name that a specific domain has with each IP address of a computer to a characteristic network, so that the domain that a website has a website is stored on the computer to facilitate its access. what is server in networking

It is a numerical sequence that names an address in each of the networks that are available on the devices or on the Internet pages. Understanding that it is a server in computing, the names of the servers are established to perform the search or query as requested by the user. what is server in networking

IP numbers are not easy to handle or to remember, unless they are professionals in this area, but for this the DNS server is applied that converts the number sequences into a name which the user can understand since it is generally related to words related to service, a brand, among others no less important.

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