what is Perl in programming language

In the computer area it is important to know the use of Perl in programming language , this has presented a great advance in it, it is necessary to know about it in detail so relevant points will be highlighted in this information.

What is Perl

The Perl in programming language is a necessary tool for the creation of programs on platforms, which presents an operation of obtaining information, through the use of a code that is executed to be able to interpret each of the data, it is important to keep in mind Note that for its use you must have an interpreter, and also this is completely free, so there is no greater complexity.

what is perl
what is perl

Nowadays it is used widely, the operation that provides to users are very large, this takes into account the actions of administration, platform development and manipulation, which allows it to be much more practical.

History of perl

The creation of Perl was carried out by Larry Wall, who began his work since 1987, as he carried out studies he established new versions, in such a way that Perl in the programming language was being much broader, since it was shown as Perl 2, Perl 3, in the year 1988 and 1989 respectively, in which the new characteristic of the use of binary data was presented.

Given the beginning of the 90s, Perl in the programming language was shown in a very simple way, which could be worked manually, in 1991 Perl 4 was exhibited, establishing the use of the language by the publication of Programming Perl. , This new version was of great importance because now added the use of this book or program, and it was their way of identifying it.

From this, Perl began to present constant updates in its version four, reaching what is known as Perl 4.036, however, after that Wall began the fifth version since 1994, being one of great relevance because it had the possibility of adapting to different platforms and, in addition, that changes, configuration and adaptations could be made by the user.

Regarding the language in general, this new version included different elements, modules, being characteristics that made it stand out, then they had an expansion mechanism thanks to these new points, which allowed the core to be stable and not present limitations in adding new ones elements.

Among the most relevant additions was the incorporation of CPAN, being a combination of platforms that are responsible for distributing Perl, through different modules, documents, therefore, to be able to go to each of them it is necessary to make use of your URL address, however, currently this connection can be presented automatically, so the process is not complex.

It has been highlighted that in 2008 Perl in the fifth version programming language has continued to be used, since each of the new features that it has are useful for programming, considering the supports that are of great help for a good functioning.


what is perl
what is perl

Regarding the name of Perl in programming language, it is important to highlight how it was named in its beginnings, it was first known as Pearl, however, it was desired to establish a shorter name, there were many options, however, I wanted to comply with certain properly established requirements, which was to combine only three to four letters, as there were already many existing, then Larry Wall decided to choose the name Perl.

It is important to consider that it should first be used with a capital letter “Perl” when speaking specifically of the language, if it is used with a lower case “perl” then it is simply a reference to the program, the correct option is with a capital letter, since as new ones were developed features, it had improved components, so it was necessary to highlight them in some way and easier to distinguish.


It is important to highlight the most relevant characteristics of Perl in the programming language, among them are the following points:

  • Its use is not complex, it is quite simple, in the same way as it is used, it will be easier, it is considered very practical and complete so there should be no further complications.
  • It is very efficient, it covers a large number of actions that can be carried out, but it must be taken into account that in some cases greater speed is required.
  • The creation is quite fast, because actions that consume in great quantity are not applied.
  • Its logo is a camel, in such a way that it is understood that under difficult conditions it can give its all to achieve the objective.
  • It can be used in different operating systems.
  • It has a great endurance capacity with respect to the use of paradigms, however, it does not necessarily present the use of any.
  • To be able to execute it, the action must be carried out directly from the use of commands.

Each type of programming language exhibits specific characteristics that allow its operation, so these may vary in a certain way, we recommend that you read about language at a high level .


The design presented by Perl is related to reducing expenses with respect to obtaining hardware, that an increase in the costs of the labor area is possible and being able to provide improvements to the technology area in general, therefore, the objective by the which Perl was designed was the one that was used efficiently to use programmers that are difficult to obtain because of their costs.

It offers many options that facilitate the work of a programmer, among which the different characteristics of the device must be taken into account, in such a way that the construction of a language can be carried out in a simple way, since it has a great support it is possible to job performance.


There are many points that can be met from the use of Perl in the programming language, since it offers a high possibility of making use of different modules, among the most outstanding are the following points:

  • Used for writing CGI-type scripts.
  • Create web platforms as well as for their due development, such as Amazon, Ticket Master and others.
  • Used for the league of systems that are not created with a specific objective, so they perform a data transformation.
  • Constant use in system administrations.
  • In the bioinformatics area that also covers financial activities, since it exhibits a high development speed, so it can be used in applications with ease.
  • Handle a high amount of data.


It has been established as an interpreter in its implementation, since it has several modules in both C and Perl, in such a way that a data distribution is presented that allows obtaining some lines of code that can be put together and executed in specific hardware, in such a way that compilations can be made in relation to the use of programs, for which the use of modules for distribution is considered.

It has an orientation directly related to the elements of the language, such as lists, scalar, codes, file and data manipulator, which is exhibited with a certain representation, generally as a type C structure, which operate in an established way, that is, they are defined and work as part of the Perl in the programming language.

Perl execution is established as a compilation process as well as an execution process, each of these phases consumes a different time, in the case of compilation, the action of parsing information by the program occurs, which takes carried out in a synthetic tree, and on the other hand the execution of a program is carried out having as reference this element called tree.

Throughout this process, the optimization and simplifications of the expressions used are presented, which covers all the propagation of information, codes, but in the same way it is important to take into account that these two phases can be joined, since functions are defined for that the action is carried out directly, relating one to the other, in the compilation case it would be “BEGIN” and for the execution “EVAL”.

As previously detailed, this programming language is very didactic, it has an ideal grammar to relate to the codes at the time of their execution, among which the fact that the Perl programming language cannot be parsed from a program stands out. direct that is based on parsers, therefore, the interpreter performing the process must make its own parser.

This could be one of the points of inconvenience that are presented by the programs used to parse Perl, which also occurs with certain parsers, for this, the execution of Perl must first be carried out in the correct way, and lead to perform an ideal maintenance, but these are highly complex processes, therefore the codes used have been given by simplification processes.


One of the characteristics of Perl is that for its use it must have the necessary licenses, being the GNU as well as the artistic one, considering that this is free software which can be used in almost all operating systems, taking into account take into account those that are more recognized, however, in each of them there may be changes or differences, which must be taken into account for their adaptation.

GNU / Linux

This is in a pre-installation process on systems such as Linux, SUSE, Mandriva, Debian, Gento, Slackware, RedHat and many others, these are included as part of the operating systems most used by users, in such a way that their availability be greater by helping people.

Windows what is perl

It is among the operating systems with the highest demand, those that make use of Microsoft’s service can carry out the installation of Perl in the programming language, they can compile it without any inconvenience, since it makes use of the source codes, in the same way it should be taken into account that it will be necessary to have a C compiler.

Database interface what is perl

Among the most important points of Perl, is its operation favoring the database, in addition to being able to manipulate it easily as information, which allows SQL-type queries to be carried out as well as different management that will allow them to be processed, therefore, various aspects can be taken into account that allow us to observe its relationship with the database.

In its first versions, Perl exhibits an interface that is related to the database, however, it was not really efficient, since it was necessary to execute “Perl” and this caused limitation in its use, since only one could be used. interface, in addition to that it was possible to make another link but it was too complex, therefore, these versions were used for processes with highly complex databases that really required it.

On the other hand, in the fifth version of Perl there is the Perl DBI module as an interface that allows relating to the database, this also incorporates the module called “DBI” which is functional only with the applications of this programming language , acting as a controller in relation to the variety of databases that can be found.

Performance comparison what is perl

Comparative processes have been presented in relation to the inconveniences that are given by the execution of programs that use different types of languages, generally when Perl is used, these may require more memory for the implementation of another language, however, it has variation With regard to the speed at which it works, it is considered that the existing cases may be very similar.

One of the important aspects to consider is that Perl can exhibit a lower speed compared to other programming languages, because it works based on the compilation of code, it is a process that is carried out constantly while it is carried out. In the event that the process is very long, you should not worry about an overload occurring, but it is necessary to consider the comparative points.

Optimizing what is perl

Different points of improvement have been presented for the design of Perl in programming language, in addition different solutions have been provided, however, for this it may be necessary to have knowledge about it so that it can be much simpler, no skill is required by its use, but by its implementation it may be required.

The possibility of using a programming language that allows optimization is of great relevance for carrying out programming processes.

Future what is perl

Over the years, improvements and good development of Perl in the programming language have been exhibited, among them different aspects are highlighted, in 2000 improvements and new versions of it began to be requested, so the realization began of this work, which could be the sixth version, for it different ideas and proposals were considered that will help to improve the characteristics of Perl.

The following year the decision was presented that this version will be functional from Parrot, being a virtual device, but it includes the option that other programming languages ​​can be implemented, in such a way that its level of development is not unique but that can be found together, which would make it very different from previous versions.

In 2005, Andrey Tang carried out an implementation called Pugs, being a platform dedicated to testing the Perl programming language, which would make it possible for designers to explore it, being an activity constant that you will find functional and very useful.

However, there are many important characteristics that Perl version 6 presents, some of them are very similar to others, such as Haskell, being of a high level of power, as time passes it is constantly development, highlighting that in 2019 it was established but named in a different way to avoid confusion, it was named Raku. what is perl

The name was different because it was directly similar to the fifth version, so it would be better if no complication would be generated in its use, so it was a positive action for its area of ​​use.

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