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Client server architecture in the database Details

Information systems are made up of a series of data that are related to each other to fulfill a function. There are models that classify the administration and distribution of information, this article will explain the client server architecture in the database.

Client server architecture in the database

what is client server architecture
what is client server architecture

Information systems can be developed by applying different types of models, one of these models is client server architecture in the database of a specific system, which consists of an individual distribution process to interact with the data and generate data transactions.

You can also exercise an exchange of services and various resources available to a particular system; in this way you can apply a series of protocols that are responsible for making the data transition from one database to another. It depends on the equipment in which these functions are being applied since, depending on their capacities and conditions, the data movement can be carried out in different ways and speeds.

It refers to the client because it includes a process to receive different requests that span the resources of a system. The initiation of the request to the server requires an interaction and communication of the different applications with each other in an established network, so users only have to apply the necessary tools to execute the commands for the exchange of data.


Applying the client-server architecture to the database starts a dialogue procedure where a specific response is given to each request generated in the system. In this model there are different stations where a server with access to a network is used to distribute the corresponding information.

Due to this, a series of benefits can be obtained that allow users to have better results in the requests sent to the server, in turn it is possible to take advantage of a high level of power from the equipment since this computer model takes care of each resource that is available is used for the distribution of the data.

Another advantage of this model is that the traffic of the data that is distributed in a specific network is reduced, because it is executed in the systems that are open where various graphical interfaces are applied, so this architecture is the most used currently on updated systems.

Characteristics and Importance

what is client server architecture
what is client server architecture

The main characteristic of client server architecture in the database is its evolution because it requires three classes of programs or software to work properly in an operating system. Its function is the organization of data on the computer so it is in charge of controlling the information stored and requested in the system applications.

Due to this function, the importance of this model stands out because with the advancement of technology it has been possible to provide properties to this architecture for software development and an increase in interaction between applications and users. For this reason, three software is required to meet each of the objectives implemented in the system.

The softwares that make up this model are data management, development and interaction with users. They can be stored on the server of the computer that may be executed each time the user applies the correct commands for their activation, likewise it can be stored on the client that is provided by this system model to increase interaction with users.

Another characteristic that can be highlighted is that it usually maintains communication with additional processes to establish a connection with the corresponding server of the system to present the request for a response to the request sent by the user, and simultaneously manages any failure that may be generated in this systematic procedure.

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