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What is a Spreadsheet used for?

There are various tools used for alphanumeric information which facilitate these operations, which is why this article will explain what is a spreadsheet?. what is a spreadsheet used for

What is a Spreadsheet? what is a spreadsheet used for

A spreadsheet consists of a tool used for mathematical applications and its relationship to logical sequences, which is why it is characterized by helping in alphanumeric operations with a high level of efficiency. It is based on an electronic document to enter information and numbers, so nowadays they are widely used for different activities and operations.

what is a spreadsheet used for
what is a spreadsheet used for

It consists of a spreadsheet made up of columns and rows in which the alphanumeric information is entered as the case may be, with the cells it is possible to organize a large amount of data and to combine different types of information to have a specific result by through the calculations and operations performed by this spreadsheet, so you can use different types of mathematical equations.

To take advantage of the operation and characteristics of this document, it is important to know what a spreadsheet is, so that understanding its properties makes it easier to use and understand how it can be operated. It presents a wide range of applications, since it is associated with different types of activities covering the scientific area, accounting, mathematics or in the administrative area.

It has the ability to perform automatic operations at the same time that it orders the data according to the configuration that is established in the spreadsheet, it has the advantage of adapting to the situation or the information that is introduced to the spreadsheet, generally this tool is found in various services such as Openoffice, Microsoft Office, also LibreOffice, among others.


To understand what a spreadsheet is, it is convenient to have the information on its creation, which was in 1972 in order to use the system’s algorithms to streamline administrative and logical calculations in an efficient way. It was made by Dan Bricklin but was patented by Pardo and Landau in 1970, so there is a sequence of its creation with the advancement of computer technology. what is a spreadsheet used for

what is a spreadsheet used for

Thanks to its creation, a way was established to take advantage of electronic tools for different activities but in a simpler way, so that the work of logical and mathematical operations that were presented at that time is reduced. Due to this, a development was promoted in the commercial area, since it was used by companies and businesses to maintain order and administration of the products generated.

Functioning what is a spreadsheet used for

After understanding what a spreadsheet is and its history, it is necessary to understand what this electronic spreadsheet is for, because today there is a wide range of applications, so it is not only used in the area of ​​commerce or administration. This is due to technological advances that have brought new functions to your system with additional benefits. what is a spreadsheet used for

It is possible to enter various data in the spreadsheet with an operational sequence so that a list can be established to organize specific data, so that it can be saved in the computer system and printed if necessary. You can also apply different formulas to obtain results with the data entered in the cell with a logical and operational sequence.

Other of its functions consists of combining a series of data in a graph so that the results that you want to know can be displayed and visualized; Thus, there is also the possibility of building an automated worksheet to which specific operations can be applied in the event that information related to a specific topic such as the finances of a company must be displayed.

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