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Hard disk nas Comparison with normal disks

A storage device that is connected by a network cable is known as a NAS hard disk , this article will explain what this component and its characteristics consist of.

What is a NAS Hard Drive

what is a nas hard drive
what is a nas hard drive

The NAS hard drive is a storage device that is based on a compact box in which there are several hard drives connected by means of a network cable to the router that is available, either in an office or at home. It features a wide range of technologies that provide various functions when saving system files and data.

Its acronym NAS comes from “Network Attached Storage” giving reference that the user can establish their own cloud at home, that is, they can save various files on a custom server. For this reason this storage unit has gained popularity among users.


One of the main characteristics of the NAS hard drive is that they have a high price in the market, and this is due to all the technology that it has in its constitution. It allows mounting various web servers, including a VPN by or that the user has the possibility of applying various tools with this unit.

It is designed to comply with a 24 x 7 operation, giving reference that it can be used constantly; This is a great difference compared to mechanical hard drives, since although they can be used 24 x 7, they are not made for this purpose, so it exhausts their useful life.

what is a nas hard drive
what is a nas hard drive

Very different with the NAS hard disk, through its structure and technology it allows the operation in the storage to be constant without exhausting its useful life. Its specific properties make this device ideal for any user and on various computers since it does not limit which computers can be used.

The compatibility of hard drives that can be made up is very wide but it has the condition that its interface is specifically SATA 3, this is because the technology requires a more expanded interface than the basic ones. However, there is the possibility that some hard drives are optimized in their firmware, establishing the necessary compatibility to be integrated into the NAS hard drive.

In this way, you can take advantage of all the capacity and all the potential offered by these NAS devices, thus increasing the performance of the equipment, the execution of simultaneous applications, the storage capacity, among others. It also gives the possibility of making backup copies in the files that the user indicates, this selective process being to back up only the most important data.

Through its interface, it allows the user to establish the configuration so that a backup can even be made from a mobile device. As you can also run a cloud storage but with the advantage that you will have the disks at your disposal, very different when using business services for this function.

It contains two types of component sectors, the first consists of the conformation of the RAM, the processor and the integrated circuits. The second section consists of the various hard drives that can be integrated into the corresponding slots; This is in a general and generic way as it may vary depending on the model that is being used.

The operation of this NAS unit consists of running as a computer that establishes a connection with the network so that it offers the possibility of entering through different devices while expanding the functions of the installed applications, in the case of external hard drives they are just storage units.

It is also structured by two profiles which are based on different areas, the first is focused on the domestic sector and the second is aimed at medium and small companies. With this, it offers greater ease in its execution, and at the same time presents a number of acceptable slots to introduce the hard drives that are required.

Domestic functions

The domestic mode consists of plugging this unit directly into the router and also into the outlet closest to the equipment, with this it is possible to establish a connection to the local network, in other words, to all the devices that are integrated in own network. This is how the cloud server is made personally, since any computer can save on this unit through the internet.

As this unit allows to establish a configuration by the user, it is possible to determine how many slots are going to be used, so it is possible to choose more than two slots to increase the storage capacity and also give an increase in the speed of access to the data.

Another way of saying it is that the performance of the order increases considerably and more when compared to external hard drives. In network tasks, data transfer can be carried out in an optimal way, that is, it proceeds with a high speed which allows navigation to run smoothly.

When you have to do a download, this unit improves the performance of the network tasks that the computer has, making it easier to obtain the file without the computer blocking its execution. Another of its functions is related to the cache memory since it is presented in a greater quantity and can solve faults in situations in which power is lost.

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