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Configure kodi correctly How to do it?

Configure kodi correctly , is the article that you will have the opportunity to know in this blog, follow the simple and easy steps that will allow you to use this application that acts as a multimedia player in the world of computing. what is a kodi box

How to configure Kodi? what is a kodi box

It is important that the user knows that when he starts a kodi, he must consider several aspects such as, that it will have absolutely nothing in the content, and on the other hand, it is in the English language, it is also essential to know that these two aspects are solved In an easy way, it should still be considered that a kodi is made in full screen. what is a kodi box

what is a kodi box
what is a kodi box

To obtain in the Spanish language you just have to click on the configure button, having said this, now we are going to know how to configure a Kodi; The first step that must be taken into account is that different system options are shown in the menu, these can be adjusted by clicking on Interface settings, which we will see below:

Interface Settings what is a kodi box

You must proceed to pass the pointer over the mouse or mouse in the Regional option that is displayed in the left menu, and once the Language option appears placed at the extreme right, you must click, to change to the Spanish language, It is a simple step that is done simply by looking for the preferred language and waiting for it to download the translation options to have the kodi in another language.

Change Kodi Language what is a kodi box

Once the user has selected the new language, the interface changes automatically, there is no need to restart the program or do anything else; You can also take advantage of the moment to apply the change of regional format type on the same screen.

Kodi Regional Settingsk

To add content to a kodi, you must know that initially the collection is completely empty, you must enter the Files section to add or add a source folder from where a kodi is located, then they will proceed to search for movies, music, series , and other articles of interest to be added to the media center.

Enter in the Files Section what is a kodi box

Everything will depend on the type of content, you only have to choose one option from the list that is on the far right, for example you choose the option of videos; The next step is to click on Files, and once the list of files appears, click on Add Videos.

Add multimedia content to a kodi

what is a kodi box
what is a kodi box

There are elementary aspects to handle a kodi, being necessary to add to the multimedia content that you can enjoy in our entertainment center, to carry out this activity you must select kodi settings.

Then you access “Media Settings”, Library: Add media to Kodi, we immediately see that it gives us three options to add content such as: Videos, Images and Music.

Add media to Kodi 1 what is a kodi box

It is always suggested to have a separate folder or partition by content type, which makes it easy to maintain order and activity of adding content to kodi.

Once the type of content to be added to kodi has been selected, click on it, then a window is displayed that will be given click on the search option, then a search engine opens that will support us to search the folders where the content is located.

Add media to Kodi 2 what is a kodi box

To carry out this step, just proceed to select, and once kodi will begin to add all the content that is in that folder and the type that is chosen to the media library.

Add Videos

Configure kodi correctly, after adding a video source, which means that the folder or location from where the kodi is located, we proceed to search to index the content; It is achieved by clicking on the Search option, and at once it starts browsing the disk, to the point of finding the folder where the videos are kept and at once it must be selected.

Add Video To Kodi what is a kodi box

You also have the option of choosing a name to distinguish the content source, and then you must press OK, which allows the user to move to the next icon Set the content.

Set Content what is a kodi box

The user, in this part has various options, such as specifying whether it refers to series, movies or video clips, as well as preferring a provider that provides information, what it means, who places the names, description and covers in the multimedia center. what is a kodi box

Once it is ready, you must click OK, immediately kodi will start the indexing process; After completing this process, you can add other video sources by executing the same procedure, when the user goes to the section they will find videos indexed in the list.

Change the resolution of a kodi

In the event that the user is not satisfied with the resolution shown on the full screen that kodi uses, or you want the application to be made in another resolution or mode, you must go to the settings section and choose the Configuration option of the system. what is a kodi box

Immediately a list with different options is displayed, you must select “Screen”, we see a message that appears: we only select the appropriate settings for our need, they can immediately make the adjustment.

Change Kodi 1 resolution  what is a kodi box

This process can be chosen as long as it is executed in full screen or window mode, if it is the case that you have more than one connected screen, it will be pending on which screen kodi will be shown once it is opened, if you want them to other screens white out once kodi is launched. what is a kodi box

It should be borne in mind that the resolution shown on the screen will be the one that kodi will use when it is run, in the 3D options they are specifically personal, because each user has their own different hardware. what is a kodi box

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