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What is a firewall? Function, types, importance and more

In computing, clarifying the question of what is a firewall ? Is of great relevance, since it offers an operation to have greater security on the computer, which will be detailed in this information. what is a firewall in a house

What is a Firewall? what is a firewall in a house

what is a firewall in a house
what is a firewall in a house

The Firewall is a protection system that occurs in computers that allows them to avoid all kinds of data outside the main network, which come from other networks that are not related, therefore, the main operation of this system is data is transferred to the network that can be entered internally or externally, therefore, for this to be an optimal process it must be applied correctly.

It is important to take into account that it can be by an executable or that it is present in operation as a physical component, which will be in operation in the networks that are directly related to the computer and as it is in a traffic process it is of great relevance be clear what is a firewall?  Each of the aspects involved in its process and benefits to users.


what is a firewall in a house
what is a firewall in a house

A firewall acts as an interceptor in the network, which occurs between the internet, the computer networks in general, since its objective is to maintain control of it, to be the one in charge of allowing data entry as well as the output of the same, which means that if the firewall is located in a point to not allow the entry of information, then it is not possible to receive it.

Highlighting that this system is presented as computer security, it is necessary that certain rules be met for its objective to be carried out, including Allow and Deny, being those that authorize establishing a connection or blocking it, respectively, in addition hence the redirection process so that the establishment of a connection is possible, this function is known as Drop.

Each of these rules will allow a connection process to be established complying with the security of the computer, since it will adapt to the operation of the same so that its control is adequate, but this may have some variation, since there are policies security, being points of great importance for the operation of the computer, which must be taken into account.

Two of them are presented, the first indicates that authorization is necessary for it to be possible to proceed, otherwise then it will be totally prohibited, the second is about not allowing communication with an element that has not been authorized, regarding these Two, the first is the one that offers the most confidence, but it will be necessary to consider all the data that is on the network.


In addition to knowing what a firewall is, it is necessary to take into account that there are some types of them that may exhibit certain differences that are of great importance to know, since they are based on the size of the network, as well as on the structure of the data, therefore, it is presented that there are firewalls that are by software and those that are by hardware.

In the case of those that are by software, it refers to the use of various applications for their operation, considering that some of them may be free as others may not, and on the other hand, the hardware ones are those that manage to operate because they are you are using a device, there are major aspects that should be highlighted, which will be detailed in the following points.

By software what is a firewall in a house

what is a firewall in a house
what is a firewall in a house

This type of firewall is exhibited from the installation of a free software, which is based on a very easy process to carry out, as long as it is carried out in the appropriate way, then it will present the activation of the internet network control, this is It is in great need when there is a lot of traffic in this regard, therefore, most computers have this type of firewall installed.

In the case that the software is free, it is a component of the operating system, normally people use it for specific uses that have to do with other elements related to security, it is very easy because it will not be necessary Have some hardware so that it can be used, just by installing the operating system then you will have the firewall in an active state.

It is considered that these types of firewall are totally basic for the operation of a computer and very useful, therefore users should make use of it to ensure good control in the networks with the computer, in the case of commercials they are required of the cancellation of an amount of money, since it has additional features for the protection of the computer, which will allow a better performance in general. what is a firewall in a house

By Hardware

This type of firewall is based on the use of a device that presents the installation of this system with it, generally these are routers, since people use them to have internet service, which means that the computers that are connected to these components, they have a firewall protection directly, this is exhibited in most cases.

One of the aspects that must be taken into account is that it is possible to have a firewall through a router and at the same time through an application, this will generate a higher level of security for the computer, however, so that this can be carried out You must have greater knowledge that allows you to avoid any type of error in your operation, such as a collapse in the network.

Importance what is a firewall in a house

Having security in the computer will allow its performance to be optimal and stable, which includes internet services, where the computer is observed related to a network, which means that there is a data sharing that must be taken care of, while the firewall is in operation then the computer will not exhibit problems due to the entry of any malicious data or others, since attacks are constantly presented.

This is also related to other components such as antivirus, while the computer has the data that will provide greater security, then it will be able to operate without difficulty because there will be no threats within it, for this it is important to carry out the choice of software that are really effective, as well as hardware, where the internet will be seen in its best quality as well as that of the computer.

It is very important to have protection for the computer, so users should look for the best tools, also considering those that come by default, we recommend reading about the features of bitdefender .

Use what is a firewall in a house

The use of a firewall is highly necessary, since the protection of the computer is very relevant, so that viruses, worms, malware, other threats that cause computer damage to the computer are not witnessed, weakening its quality, operation, since attacks they occur constantly affecting your system, internet service, as well as other types of risks.

Among other problems that usually arise, hackers are named, who are those who take control of a computer from an attack, since it is not their property, it is based on the theft of data that are located in the system, therefore, it is essential to employ a firewall that guarantees the health of the computer.

Therefore, establishing a data lock so that the computer is not affected by any malicious factor will allow its entry to not exist, since when it is connected to a network, there are always processes that can generate virus entries or Other attacks, however, it is important to note that using a firewall does not establish defense for each threat. what is a firewall in a house

In the case of viruses, it is much more complex, the firewall may not be sufficient for your protection, this can also happen with spyware, they generally act for data privacy and security, malware, if there is more than one firewall , whether it is software or hardware, then its function will be much more efficient, covering various cases that may arise of different magnitudes.

Then the security exhibited by this system is not complete, but if it covers a large part of it, in the same way, in case there is no connection to a network that has protection then it will be necessary to act to activate a firewall This can occur in operating areas such as companies, important entities, which require data protection for privacy and stability.

Tips for using in Windows what is a firewall in a house

People who use the Internet constantly must be very careful, because they are exposed to many computer dangers that are often unavoidable, therefore, if you have any kind of suspicion regarding a threat on your computer, Knowing what a firewall is will be necessary for it to be applied in your case and attacks from malicious elements are not allowed.

One of the aspects that must be considered is that when using the Windows operating system, they have the firewall implemented, since it provides its own protection tool to the computer, therefore, as long as the person has installed the operating system and uses the internet While it is connected to a network, there will be no more complex situation, very simple configurations are required, highlighting that no software will be needed.

Therefore, by having Windows Firewall, the protection of the computer will be carried out immediately, it is one of the best options that the operating system has, offering the possibility of changing to other forms of protection, depending on what the user wants, Each of them will have the objective of providing computer security, as long as the user establishes each option in the appropriate way, then they will have good threat prevention.

Configuration options what is a firewall in a house

As previously highlighted, the use of the firewall is presented based on a suitable configuration, since it offers different advanced options, in order for it to be carried out effectively it is important to comply with the following steps:

  • Step 1: In order for the user to have the possibility to choose between the variety of options offered by Windows Firewall, it will be necessary to go to the start, where they must select the “control panel” option.
  • Step 2: When you are in the control panel, a large number of options will be displayed, you must select in “system and security”, and when you enter it you proceed to select “Windows Firewall”.
  • Step 3: You will be in the firewall configuration section, where you can carry out its activation or deactivation, it all depends on what you want and taking into account the network in which it is connected, since there are three options, network domain, public and private. what is a firewall in a house

Considering each of the networks that offer the firewall configurations, the connection will be carried out by selecting each of the options you want to protect your computer, all the arrangement that is carried out can be made specifically for each option, this in case you want to activate the firewall.

Another point of great relevance is being able to use different profiles at the same time through the Windows Firewall, this occurs in cases where the computer establishes a connection to two types of network, which can be the public and the work network, then the firewall system it will be able to work for each of these connections specifically, which means that the user does not have to worry about problems that come from any of the networks.

Rule creation and modification what is a firewall in a house

Users can create the firewall system rules, because it offers the possibility of advanced options, it is important that a correct process is carried out, complying with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Being in the firewall, it must be selected in the option of “advanced configuration”.
  • Step 2: Different alternatives will be found, you must look for the options to “view and create rules” which will be selected.
  • Step 3: When you are in the rules section, you will have the option to select in “entry rules”, “exit rules”, click on the one you want to set.
  • Step 4: Finding yourself in one of the options, then you will have the possibility of creating a rule, as well as editing it if necessary.

Being of great importance to know what a firewall is, to ensure that this process will be carried out properly, since it has the necessary data and by complying with each of the steps then an effective result will be obtained.

Port opening what is a firewall in a house

A computer establishes a connection thanks to the ports that it exhibits in operation, these are different inputs that allow the transfer of data for a specific purpose, it is highly important to take into account each of these options, since they will allow a connection to be established with the internet service in relation to the application that is running, in such a way that the firewall offers the options of ports for both incoming and outgoing.

This is functional for each of the programs that the Windows operating system has, allowing them to serve in the correct way, therefore, for this it is important to open them so that the connection is valid, following the following steps:

  • Step 1: You must go to the “control panel”, in it select “system and security” where the firewall should be executed.
  • Step 2: Different options will be displayed on the sides, on the right side you must click on “advanced settings” and then on “input rule”.
  • Step 3: To comply with steps 1 and 2, you will find yourself in the configuration of the programs that the firewall controls, it is possible to establish a totally valid connection in each application, as well as the opening of the ports that are required.
  • Step 4: In the event that the ports are opened, then it must be selected in the “new rule” option, then in “ports” and select the option of the ports that you want to open.
  • Step 5: A profile is created, which must be named, specify the type of network that you want to apply as well as select the rule that was created personally.
  • Step 6: Finally, proceed to complete the process by selecting “finish”, and after that it will be possible to use the applications through the internet service.

Various services are presented by Windows for the protection of the computer, however, the user does not always want it to be executed, we recommend reading about how to deactivate windows defender .what is a firewall in a house

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