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What are the parts of a web page and its contents

The parts of a web page make up a series of visual elements that are activated at the moment of clicking or touching on a touch screen, which allow access to information related to the page. Learn more about this topic by reading the following article. what are the parts of a web page

Parts of a web page what are the parts of a web page

what are the parts of a web page
what are the parts of a web page

Generally when we open a web page we observe that it contains a number of information resources. Web pages are very diverse, so that we can appreciate corporate, sales, marketing, product or service type pages.

All of them contain very similar characteristics that serve as support to users who are looking for information related to a certain topic. The pages respond with elements similar to a magazine or store cover. They allow you to appreciate the variety and its content. But let’s really see what the parts of a web page are.


The structure of a Web page It forms the ass of elements that are observed in the screen of the computer or cell phone. It contains various information that allow quick access to what the client or user wants. The structure is the type of organization in which the web page maintains the information to the user.

Header or Header

In this part of the page we get the logo of the entity or company. The navigation menu which indicates to the user the various parts in which the page is composed. The heater must always be visible regardless of whether it is extended.

Likewise, the search engine should be in the header, where the user himself can place a keyword to search for what he needs. In this place are also the slider. They consist of a series of photos that continuously pass from one side to the other.

Showing through images the activity of the company or service that provides the page. Next to the slider you can place some support texts that allow you to reinforce everything related to what is offered.

The body 

what are the parts of a web page
what are the parts of a web page

It consists of what is known as the “main content”, in which the main content of the page appears. It is structured in various ways according to the client’s taste. Likewise, a column can be used to offer various types of information. These columns should be no more than 3/4 page long. Since the most outstanding thing should be the content referring to the page. I invite you to read the content of this article that will surprise you: The future of virtual reality

The body also contains certain advertising spaces, information from social networks, etc. generally it is done as we said through columns that the designers elaborate to the liking of the owner of the page.

Start what are the parts of a web page

Called home in English, it consists of one of the most important parts of the website. The majority of Internet users who want to know more about the page go to that place. The home must have a design in which it allows users to stay on the page for a sufficient time.

The home page is an important support in the structure of the web page. It must contain well-structured and balanced content, so that it does not disturb the user’s attention. According to some specialists, the home allows customers to be kept or away when they open a web page.

Page Base or Footer what are the parts of a web page

It is called Footer and in that place you can see all the legal information. Privacy policy, Cookies and conditions of use. The logout, contact information, such as telephone numbers, company address and links with the respective social networks are also observed.

Distribution of the parts of a web page

We have already described the most important parts of a web page. However the scheme of a Web Page. However, the distribution and the scheme are an important part so that it is attractive to the user.

Generally, the positioning of a product, service or other element of digital marketing is based on the attraction that it causes in the client. So the development of a web page must be in the hands of specialists. That they can use the positioning tools to make the visits increase every day.

Product or service content

It is important to pose within the parts of a web page. Clear identification of the product or service being offered. The information and description images must be focused and classified in such a way that there is no confusion in the user.

If the page offers some type of service, it is important to classify and break down all the content that allows the client to really know what they are looking for and satisfy their need. When customers or Internet users open a web page, they look directly for what they need. However, good content will even allow you to draw attention to something that you did not want at the time.

The blog

This type of content allows customers who make contact with the website to be kept informed. It is one of the parts of a web page that can be placed anywhere, always visible. Blogs are a kind of small pages that provide extensive information related to the main web page.


This space within the parts of the web page, allows the owner of the same to enter into direct contact with the users or clients. Its main objective is to get new clients. So it is always good to place the line of contacts, in a place where users can later establish communication with the owner of the page.

In the contact, all possible types of communications must be established, such as company or personal emails, telephone numbers, and even a section where information is requested by sending a message within the same page.

It is important that the designer of the page take into account some buttons that can offer the user this service. It can even include filling in forms where you can get information or request a service. It is important not to saturate this part with too many questions or options.


Like the blog, this type of references within the parts of a web page, help enormously to place the address. It is used through a small map (generally Google maps is used) where visually the Internet user can see where the headquarters or main address of the company is located. This gives buyers security.

Finally, it is important to know that the parts of a web page are the basis for maintaining a stock of product or service offerings. It is always good to ask the administrators of the web pages to modify some content that little by little will renew the presentation and appearance of the same.

It is also not highly recommended to constantly change the appearance and structure, as this diverts the customer’s attention and they may think that they have changed branches or have stopped providing a service. The parts of a web page are like a kind of departments within a physical store.

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