What is web hosting and how does it work? with types and their function

Concept of hosting , is the title of this article, and that also offers the user interested in knowing what this term means in computing, and other aspects that involve how interesting a web hosting information of any type tends to be. web hosting and how does it work

What is Web Hosting Concept?

The word hosting, means accommodation, when taking it to the world of computing specifically to the Internet, it is when it refers to “Web Hosting”, then it is translated as web hosting.

Web hosting can be conceptualized as a service provided by an ISP, which is a provider, accepts that Internet users can have an integrated system that makes it easy for them to store any varied amount of information. web hosting and how does it work

Web pages should not necessarily be saved, in the same way information such as images, videos, documents, emails, among others can be archived, so it means that it is a service that provides a space to host applications, email or any type of files.

The information can be visited when the user so wishes, the most important thing is that it must be connected to any device and access the Internet. web hosting and how does it work

The concept of hosting is a place that serves as web storage, it is a physical area that the user rents on a server where all kinds of information from the web page are archived, and that also accepts that the place can be viewed by the users. Internet users.

what is web hosting and how does it workHow does the hosting work?

Within the concept of hosting, it can be observed that every time the user wishes to consult a file on the computer, and the content is stored somewhere, such as on the computer’s hard drive or a USB storage device. web hosting and how does it work

In the concept of hosting, it can be seen that when the user is ready to consult a file on the computer and the information is filed in a certain space, such as on the machine’s hard drive or other storage device.

Hosting works like a USB memory, where documents are stored, and it has no other function but to save the information that the user wants, when he wants to obtain information stored in the memory, he simply must connect to the computer and open the folder that is needed. web hosting and how does it work

The process is very easy, the first thing to do is click on the page we are looking for, or also in the search engine type the required page, then the internet searches for data on the server.

When the internet has found all the information on the page, it downloads it to the user’s computer so that they can have access to what they are looking for, the information is obtained easily and in a short time.

The same happens with the content found on the webs, it must be archived in some area, so that it has the ease of being seen through the internet, it only has to be stored on a web server.

In the concept of hosting, it can also be seen that a server is a computer part equipment, with great power even more than a normal computer, it is connected 24 hours a day to the internet, with the intention that the contents that saves can be viewed at any time required. web hosting and how does it work

As we have mentioned, the server is a physical equipment, it is the hardware and from its content varieties of web hosting are provided, namely: shared hosting, VPS, cloud, WordPress hosting, elastic hosting, among others.

We have already seen in previous paragraphs that the server is a hard device, that is, the hardware, and has in its content various amounts of web hosting, such as: shared hosting, VPS, cloud, hosting, elastic hosting and many more.

Difference between hosting and domain

When it refers to a hosting, it is a space where all the information of a specific place is stored, while domain means the name that is placed on the page on the internet so that different users have the ease of finding it precisely , easy and in turn enter the content.

The concept of hosting shows the objective of the domain is to grant identity, as happens with the domain, while a domain is a unique address that identifies a website, which serve to indicate to the browser what content the user to view. web hosting and how does it work

Difference between hosting and IP address web hosting and how does it work

In hosting it is a space where any type of information will always be stored, while the IP address refers to a series of unique and unrepeatable numbers that serve to recognize a computer that is connected to the network and that transfers data packets, so that there are no conflicts of the origin and destination of the information transfer, the IP address is made up of numbers and dots.

HDD Hosting versus SSD Hosting

HDD Hosting versus SSD HostingAmong the obstacles that exist in a server and that cause it to become slow and heavy, it is undoubtedly the speed of reading and writing of the disk.

Among the main hardware advances in web hosting, are the super fast disks that are known as SSD in replacement of the archaic ones, and in comparison with the normal slow disks.

Conventional discs are about objects that have one or different steel plates where the information is reflected, they also have a mechanical arm that moves across the surface of it.

A file that is required to read immediately, and is stored in different parts of the disk, so that the file can be read completely, the head must be relocated on the disk the number of times as each part of the disk exists, whatever as a result it makes them slow, compared to solid state drives known as SSDs.

Conventional disks show the difference with respect to solid state disks, which do not have moving parts, because they are made up of various NAND-type memories, which means that the input and writing in these devices is of a level higher than one. Conventional HDD. web hosting and how does it work

Hosting types web hosting and how does it work

Currently there are any number of types of hosting, which aim to meet the needs of the user, however, we are going to show the main ones:

  • Shared hosting.
  • Elastic hosting.
  • WordPress hosting.
  • Free hosting.
  • Multi-domain or reseller hosting.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server).
  • Dedicated server.

Shared Hosting web hosting and how does it work

It is about the type of accommodation, that the provider rents small areas or various websites on the same server, so that all clients can save their content, and at the same time share the service space, among others such as CPU, processor, memory RAM, bandwidth, IP address or data transmission that takes place monthly.

It is a type of accommodation, which the provider has the option of renting by spaces, or different web zones of a server, it is a place where all clients can store their information, while they share the space of the service, such as CPU , processor, bandwidth, RAM, IP address or the transfer of information that takes place every week.

This type of shared hosting is usually the most used web hosting, there are also different types of service, it all depends on your configuration.

In turn, this type of hosting is the most popular in the market, being a basic service where the different clients share the resources of the server, the behavior of the account of a certain user can become uncomfortable for others.

This type of hosting is the most common that exists in the market, it is a basic service where different users have the opportunity to share the resources offered by the server, but sharing the account with another user can be somewhat annoying for Other users.

Elastic hosting web hosting and how does it work

This type of hosting has the advantages of a shared hosting as well as those of a VPS, in which the physical server is shared with different users, however, there are resources that the VPS guarantees.

Elastic hosting, agrees to develop an easy environment so that it can be managed as a shared hosting, also with a comfortable price.

It is called elastic, because in the event that more is required due to the development and growth of the project, there will always be more resources available at any moment.

WordPress hosting web hosting and how does it work

It refers to a CMS content management system, used to help the user to build and maintain a website, to do so, various computer files must be used as well as a database.

The files and the database require that they be archived in a certain space so that any user can access them from the internet, from this moment is when the hosting is activated.

Free hosting

This type of hosting, known as free, is a free paid web page hosting, it also allows people without money to access the world of navigation at no cost, it also allows small and medium entrepreneurs to enter the web market without having the need to pay in an expensive hosting; web page hosting is totally free, it brings great advantages to users new to web administration.

Free hosting is perfect for those who want to experience and gain knowledge with a real web hosting, however, it is not highly recommended for professional projects that offer security, due to its limited operation.

Multi-domain or reseller hosting

In the concept of hosting, you have multidomain or reseller hosting, it is a type of web hosting that allows users to host many websites within the same hosting account; The word reseller, comes from the English language which means to resell, so it means that you can host various spaces in the same account, as well as resell the space and host the hosting clients themselves.

For the reselling process you can insert external domains, or failing that create subdomains, even the same user can create the hosting plans that come to mind.

In addition, a very special aspect is that it is not required to have great technical knowledge to operate it, it has a practical control panel that allows the management of the service called CPanel, on the other hand it facilitates some activities such as minimizing the implementation time, it allows independence to customers for the management of their store service on the web.

It should be borne in mind that technical support is provided by the provider, most providers agree that the user acts as a reseller of the storage service, while they are in charge of technical support.

Cloud hosting or cloud serverCloud hosting or cloud server

In the concept of hosting, the user will know that currently the term cloud has become popular among users of the computer world, and many know that the function of the cloud is to store any type of information such as documents, photographs and music .

In cloud hosting, web storage acts similar to the resources that are used to agglomerate data on the website and these are executed from the cloud.

This type of cloud hosting offers an advantage that the customer only pays for what he consumes, it is very different from other servers that already have pre-established packages.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

This type of server originally called Virtual Private Server in English, Virtual Private Server, is a web storage service that is characterized by being a physical server fragmented into virtual parts, they are independent and with the ability to work with its own operating system, and without the need to share resources with other VPS.

The VPS, regularly has similarity with shared hosting, because the same server is divided virtually and in turn rented by different clients, but, it can be observed that in the case of web page performance it is not hindered due to the fact that resources such as RAM, processor, bandwidth or the ability to transfer data, are not shared among the large number of users.

Dedicated server

The dedicated server refers to a physical computer equipment whose purpose is to allocate all its resources to provide information, such as providing support to the different requirements of another computer, that is, the client, who has contracted the services.

Finally, a dedicated server is unique and special for the use of a single client, which means that it does not share its resources with other users or companies, because it uses a complete server, its performance is not hampered by traffic as it happens with another type of server, it also offers great security.

Mail hosting – mail storage

Currently there are any number of corporations that offer the probability of having a free personal email account, the best known being Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, but the mail hosting service allows the user to register their own domain name and have an absolutely professional mail service.

In today’s world of computing there are many corporations that have the ability to provide the user with their own email and also for free, it is known as the most popular Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, however, the mail hosting service allows the user to register their own domain name.

This type of hosting is widely suggested when it refers to corporations that seek to emanate trust and responsibility, in addition to offering storage with options similar to free hosting, the only distinction is that the email address is personalized, there is more space to save and excellent security.

How should you select the best hosting?

Concept of hosting, when choosing which is the best hosting is somewhat complicated, because currently, there are a large number of companies that provide users with different web storage services.

The variety of packages and benefits they offer is very extensive, and of course, at first this can be confusing, especially when you do not have experience in the computing area.

Knowing and specifying which is the most ideal type of hosting that meets the user’s needs, or finding a serious and trustworthy provider, is a basic matter that must be considered when selecting a good hosting.

What is managed hosting?

This refers to a service provided by web hosting companies, especially aimed at users who do not have technical knowledge, it is also known as “managed hosting”, in this case the provider is the owner, is responsible for the maintenance and updating of the technological infrastructure, including hosting administration.

It has the advantage that the user should not worry about anything, dedicating himself fully to the content, however, the price is very expensive, as a practice in dedicated servers or VPS.

Choosing the best hosting provider

Concept of hosting, makes known to the user that when he is going to make the process of choosing the best hosting provider, he must consider the needs and verify which services are offered by web hosting companies.

It should be borne in mind that the cheapest is often expensive, therefore the best option is to start analyzing and comparing what the different companies of the same service offer, so it is always suggested to know certain aspects such as the following:

Customer service in the Spanish language, which means that customer care must be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is important to find a provider that has service in Spanish and among its benefits has chat and telephone service, in case of urgent requirements.

Uptime or performance, refers to the time that the website is available for any user who is browsing the internet to view, it must be confirmed that the hosting service has a minimum uptime of 99%.

Prices, this is a very relevant and basic aspect when choosing a supplier when it offers a good link between quality and price, it should be considered that for a good quality you pay a high price.

National or international provider, in general, a user has the freedom to contract their hosting with a provider of their preference either national or international, what must be sure is that the company has a data center close to the country of whom hires it.

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