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Usb sound cards A list of the best

In this article you will discover the best information about usb sound cards and which are the best and most purchased. In addition to knowing its excellent use. usb sound card for pc

What are USB sound cards?

usb sound card for pc
usb sound card for pc

The  sound cards USB have become a very versatile option for use and for its convenience when transporting usb sound card for pc

It is an external tool, which adopts the audio and microphone input to equipment that does not incorporate it or does not work for it. This is very practical because it plugs into the familiar USB port socket. usb sound card for pc

Why is the usb connection the most used in sound cards?

The reason why it is so used is the very practical input of the usb port, in a large number of devices they easily support an audio interface through usb, whether they are Windows, mac, ios or android software.

These usb ports are so practical and universal that when you buy an external usb sound card , it is as easy and practical as to connect it to the port of your computer and start using it.

What is the USB port?

usb sound card for pc
usb sound card for pc

The USB port as in its acronym in English (universal serial bus); or as it is currently known as usb, as its name “bus” indicates in English, it refers to the transfer or portability of communication through connectors and protocols used to provide electrical power between computers, peripherals and electronic devices.

Currently the range of action of a usb port extends from computers to the charging connector of the mobile device, this is used for all types of electronics due to its universality in devices at all levels of application. usb sound card for pc

How does the usb sound card work?

Like a common interface of a computer sound input, it contains it but in the form of a pendrive and it usually always carries it on the back. These plug into a usb input and work as if it were an internal input on a computer.

Then there is nothing left but to connect your headphones, microphone , horns or data transmission auxiliary, to enjoy this wonderful usb sound card.

The best usb sound cards

In this list of the best usb sound cards, we explain, teach and show you why they are the best. usb sound card for pc

The idea of ​​this list is not only to show you our opinion on that, but also to help you make a good decision when choosing. On the other hand talking about the best usb sound cards, it will be relative so that your needs will make sense of your choice let’s start:

  • Usb sound card,

Line 6 is a manufacturer with a career and history in the world of sound technology and also in the wonderful world of music production. Perhaps for this reason, its major production has been centralized in the world of music, manufacturing electric guitars and related products.

However, it also has a large and outstanding catalog of products such as usb sound cards , within this line the pod studio ux1, a very complete card that adapts to any need. usb sound card for pc

Pod Studio UX1 accumulates numerous inputs and outputs that provide us with multiple options. Two additional line level inputs, yes, in mono format will allow us to record additional instruments and sources. ; The monitor input would serve us to connect signals, such as that of an mp3 player, that we do not want to record and serve us to listen or playback.

To finish the explanation of this incredible usb audio card, it has two other comfortable controls in the upper part of the audio interconnection, which complete its functionalities, with a connector for the microphone input and a control for the amount of output signal. we want to hear. usb sound card for pc

This usb audio card is perfect for new or experienced guitarists and vocalists. With its versatility and good control, it is a very good tool and we position it in this list.

Usb sound card: Steinberg UR12

This company is very popular for its production software called cubase, it has been designing USB audio cards for a long time. Although this model is the younger brother of the UR series it has a lot of potential. This equipment has on its front 2 incredible analog inputs that give you a lot of comfort and handling when using it, it has a microphone input with phantom power. usb sound card for pc

This first input of the usb sound card will allow us to record instruments and connect capacitors. Function that we can find very good because in this input we can also connect special microphones.

This usb sound card is finally complemented with headphone inputs and to place another instrument. . A series of  LEDs  will warn us if our input signals are exceeding the maximum volume supported by the card and we are, in this way, distorting the signal.

In addition, two other  additional LEDs show us that there is  a USB connection and that the power supply for the microphone preamp is connected, respectively. In addition, the two inputs have their independent gain controls and there is a general output gain control. usb sound card for pc

As for the output ports we have to connect monitors or speakers and other headphones. This usb sound card is very complete since you can alternate many of the ports found in it for what you need at the moment usb sound card for pc

USB sound card: Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen

Focusrite is a company that has several usb sound cards in the top sellers. Their fame in the public is very good and that is why their profitability. the specifications of these usb sound cards, it is nothing more and nothing less than 2 analog inputs and contains a microphone port with phantom power.

This allows us to record both instruments and connect dynamic or condenser microphones, thanks to the 48v switch that it contains to connect this type of microphones. In the part of the input section, it is completed with a Jack type input for another instrument, especially for an electric guitar or another instrument with line level, we can switch between line or instrument level, thanks to the button.

The 2 analog inputs have their own independent gain knobs and also contains a general output gain knob. As it could not be missing, we have a control to listen to the incoming signal, without processing, thus monitoring our incoming signal directly and without latency.

We can also add that a novelty of this 3rd generation is the AIR function. This AIR mode modifies the frequency response of the microphone input, shaping the sound after classic transformers.

The company itself tells us that when recording on this usb sound card with good quality microphones, we will notice greater clarity and definition in the mid and high frequency range, just where it is most necessary for voices and other acoustic instruments.

This usb sound card also has a section where it has a Jack type input that will allow us to connect stereo speakers, monitors or other amplification systems. In this section we will also find a usb port that feeds and transmits data to the computer.

USB sound card: Behringer UMC22

The Behringer UMC22 is a perfect beast when it comes to the world of usb sound cards  . Although it is the smallest of its series, it offers numerous capabilities that amply justify its fame. With this usb sound card we will have 2 analog inputs; the first one is a combined input in XLR and Jack format, it can be used for instruments with line level and also with microphones.

In the inputs section, we will find 1 Jack type input for an instrument. In addition, the two main inputs have their independent gain controls and there is a general output gain control. Along with two lights that will tell us if our incoming signal is distorting.

On the front of this incredible usb sound card we will find the address of the monitor which indicates some lights if our sound card is working.

Usb sound card: IK Multimedia IRig-Pro I / O

IK Multimedia is a brand specialized in  usb sound cards for mobile devices and USB. However, it is very complete and includes use in portable devices and also works on our computers.

In the input section we will find some cables and adapters in which an instrument or a powered microphone can be connected.

This has a MIDI output input, thanks to some adapters that it includes. This gives it the ability to connect instruments such as keyboards and controllers, to use them as data input and to route an output signal to slave equipment.

In addition, a central control is in charge of controlling the output level and there is a small one to control the volume that sends the headphones out.

Finally say that this usb sound card, one of its strengths is the ability to work on computers and mobile devices, to which we will connect it with a USB or Lightning connection to our computers. Thus completing its functionalities.

Roland Rubix 22

The legendary Japanese brand Roland is a marvel in the design of electronic musical instruments, however, it has in its catalog a usb sound card full of features and capabilities.

In this USB sound card we find the two main inputs to which to connect, therefore, our instruments and microphones. Both are XLR / Jack type combo inputs, however number one has a Hi-Z control, intended for use with guitars and other high impedance sources.

In addition, we have two rotors to control the level of the signal at each of the inputs. We have a main volume control and next to this a button and headphone jack.

First of all we have a selector to select the power supply of the sound card, either through the USB connection or with a power adapter.

On the other hand, a MIDI input and output provide us with connectivity for our MIDI keyboards and controllers; we also find a control that allows us to monitor our incoming signal, without processing, both in stereo and in mono.

It also adds a ground connection for quiet operation in various environments. And finally, a left and right output for our stereo listening system.

Types of Sound Cards

These can present an endless number of externalizing an audio, however, different operating processes can be presented according to the characteristics that they present, among the types of sound cards are:

  • External:

The usb sound card is external, these allow to carry out connections from sources that require sound, as mentioned above, certain peripherals such as microphones, musical instruments, audio players, MIDI signals, among others.

A particular characteristic is presented for this type, since they are presented as  a usb sound card , therefore its operating process is very simple, just by carrying out such type of connection you can start making use of it. These types of use cards give wonderful performance by providing high quality signals for the sound as well as an improvement in sharpness effects.

  • Internal:

    These types of sound cards are the most used, since currently the devices that are used daily have it, the operation that this carries out allows the introduction of sound in such a way that it can be digitized and reproduced in the peripherals; which is installed internally.

An important detail is that the internal sound cards not only work for the proportion of sound, they also take care of its distribution, its processing, as well as it is capable of carrying out the mixing of various sounds.

Types of usb connectors

Standards are one thing, but the types of connector used by USB are quite different. Next we are going to tell you what the main types are and what their main characteristics are, including the standards that each one of them usually has:

  • The mini size: It was the first type of USB that was reduced in size to connect smaller peripherals. Especially for the end of connector B, as in many digital cameras); but that was quite a few years ago.
  • The micro size : Successor to the Mini USB, it has been very popular and the most used by small devices. Possibly, if your mobile is of a lower range or is a couple of years old, you will still find it, although it has also been used in many other types of peripherals.
  • USB Type C: It is the most modern type of connector, and is the successor to the MicroUSB; It is characterized by being completely reversible, so you can always connect it from either side.
  • USB Type B: It has been the connector that is usually used to connect to peripherals such as printers and scanners, although often only to provide power.
  • USB Type A: It has been the predominant connector between peripherals and main computers until the arrival of smaller ones. However, they differ from the rest by having an internal tab, like a small blue plastic.

USB sound cards are currently a super powerful tool, because they contain a great section that provides a lot of help to those who are professionals and work in a studio, as for a normal person who wants to have a clear audio connection.

Since these provide a series of very good characteristics when connecting a headset or microphone in it, one of them is to give clarity to the vocalist while using it with a microphone and to give fluidity without robotizing the sound with amplifiers and condensers.

In addition, monitors and musical instruments can be connected to give more life and professionalism to the project, these usb audio cards have a lot of benefit if they are used correctly and as it should be. In this article we explain the operation in detail and relatively, and a small list of the best usb audio cards in consideration of specifications.

This as to have an idea of ​​which is the best, however this is just an idea or a mouthful of what these cards refer to, because each one can have a different use than what you can give it. But each and every one of them can and will cover all your needs when you want to use them.

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