Antivirus for Pendrive (USB) List of the 12 Best of 2021

There are many ways that a computer is contaminated with viruses, the most common is through applications that are taken over the Internet, but there is also another, for those who do not make use of this practice: the use of the pendrive. These devices are susceptible to being contaminated on any other computer, so you should know which are the best Antivirus for Pendrive that exist so that you can clean them properly. usb antivirus

Antivirus for Pendrive usb antivirus
All the USB memories better known as pendrives are susceptible to being contaminated by malicious viruses that can damage the information on it, and ultimately completely damage the device that make it impossible to continue using it. Thanks to many program developers, we can have many types of antivirus for pendrive , which can be used at the moment and detect these viruses immediately before they cause permanent damage.

The best portable antivirus programs for USB are the ones that we will mention below, they can help you not only to keep your USB memory free of viruses, but also to prevent your computer from being infected with them. You should also know how an Antivirus for Pendrive works. usb antivirus

UBS Show

It is a software that makes the immediate detection of folders that are hidden in USB memories and that without you knowing they can be installed on your desktop computer, this tool is used by simply connecting the pendrive to a port and making the choice of the folder to download, the program makes a detailed analysis and will issue a report at the end where it will detail the irregularities.

The deletion or elimination of malicious files must be done manually because it does not have the option to destroy them automatically, it is available for the Windows operating system and is downloaded for free on the Internet.

Amir Antivirus USB

Designed exclusively to be used in USB, it scans all memory from any Windows computer. It has the advantage of eliminating viruses while you work with it because they have the tools to make the program run in the background, it is downloaded for free over the Internet.

Panda dome

Not only will it help you to protect your pendrive but it also allows you to surf safely on the Internet, in addition to protecting your home WiFi network, it has 4 different Premium packages with which you have the opportunity to have a Firewall for Windows, MAC and Android devices in real time.

This program offers a VPN with which the loss of geolocation on mobiles and computers is made, it has parental control that can take care of the systems that your children use against Ransomware and various malwares, as well as a tool where you can have the organization of files and allow freeing up space.

USB Master Clean

This program runs every time you insert the USB memory into your computer because it works in real time doing analysis of all the files, the cleanings are executed automatically and you choose the type of configuration of the same, it has an interface to eliminate the files. folders with junk files in just a few steps, the license is free and can be downloaded quickly over the Internet.

ESET Security

ESET Security has two paid versions with various tools, on MAC computers or those with operating systems such as Linux or Android, the most expensive option must be selected. Most of its tools are used online to detect viruses on USB sticks, they help you organize your computer and it has a parental control for children so that they do not access content that is not suitable for their age.

Mx One Antivirus 4.5

It is software that can be downloaded for free, and it was designed to protect USB-type memory sticks against viruses, spyware, computer worms and any other. It is easy to install and only requires authorization for the program to be activated in guardian mode, so each time you use memory it will be activated.

The best thing about this program is that you can update it directly from the page so that the database is updated, it is used to scan videos, audio files and data. Learn how to Remove Virus from PC without Formatting it .

Norton Security Scan USB

It is one of the most classic antivirus for pendrives that exist and that are used to detect them in USB memories, it has three paid versions with various protection tools. It can be used frequently through an OTG cable, and even used on mobiles. It receives constant updates throughout the year, because its developer is committed to users so that the database is kept up-to-date against viruses, spyware, adware and virus worms.

McAfee Solutions

McAfree Total ProtectionIt is an antivirus that is used for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android operating systems, with which USB drives are kept virus-free, it has a free version and a paid version, with the latter more tools are included and can be used on multiple connections simultaneously.

It has a VPN service that helps you navigate safely within the web and anonymously. Other additional functions are the cleaning of junk files and a Firewall that keeps you protected in real time.

BitDefender Immunizer

bitdefender advantages and disadvantagesIt has a VPN service of 200MB free every day that will help you safely surf the internet and download information that can be stored on USB sticks without problems. Every time you connect an external memory, the antivirus will do a full scan of its content and give you the results of its scans quickly.

It can be installed directly on the USB Memory or Pendrive and it will have the complete functions that will not make your computer slow down, available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, with three plans to choose the one that best suits your needs.

ActiClean USB

It is a free antivirus available for Windows that protects pendrive memories from the moment they are inserted into the USB port of each computer, its analysis is fast and in real time, it detects hidden files and any operation that may cause risks or damage to the computer. , all the work is done automatically.

USB Disk Security

It has several tools that can be used to carry out automatic analysis when detecting malicious files that are hidden on the pendrive. It has a free version and another Pro version that allows you to have greater functions such as recovering files that have been deleted by accident, it is only available for Windows. Get to know the Antivirus for Windows XP that you can get for free.

AVG USB Rescue

It is another free program that can protect against the well-known Trojan viruses and spyware. It also has a paid version with many additional options to scan USB memory sticks. You have the option of passive mode where you can run the function in the background and continue working on your computer, when it finds hidden folders it immediately sends you a warning message.

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