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Types of USB flash drives: Capacity and Performance

The types of USB memory are a series of devices that serve to store data and information that can be removable from computers and take them anywhere. Learn more about this topic by reading the following article. types of usb flash drives

USB memory types types of usb flash drives

types of usb flash drives
types of usb flash drives

The USB memory or portable memory is a portable type storage device as its name implies. Because it allows you to store information and data that can be transferred from one place to another. The acronym USB stands for “Universal Serial Bus”. They are an extension of the portable memory or floppy that was used in the 90’s. Although the first USB work with small batteries.

Every computer or computer contains an input called a USB port. Which allows very easy to introduce the types of USB memories. In this way, obtain or leave some type of data or information contained in the equipment or device. USB memories are also used to store videos, audios and photos that can be used in certain sound equipment.

They represent the most practical form of storage, but very vulnerable if they are not put to proper use. But let’s see the types of USB memory that exist in the market today.

According to its operation types of usb flash drives

The types of USB memories can be classified according to the transmission speed counted in Mbps, (Megabits per second). It consists of the speed in which the different bytes that make up a file, a music audio or a video travel from one place to another. But let’s see the types of Pen Drive:

Model 1.0

This device operates at a transmission capacity of 1 Mbps, this means that the unit transfers 1 bits of information from any file without interruption at a rate of 1,000 Kilobytes per second. It is used to store small information, documents that are going to be deleted and some Mp3-type audios.

Model 1.1 types of usb flash drives

This model has the particularity of working with a capacity that reaches 12 Mbps. It is used like the previous one to store small files and not very relevant information that can be deleted later.

Model 2.0

It works with a transmission capacity close to 480 Mbps. It is used to store some files and is highly required in places where information goes from one place to another.

Model 3.0

types of usb flash drives
types of usb flash drives

It can transmit at speeds of over 500 Mbps. They are a bit more expensive but they serve to speed up quick procedures.

According to your capacity types of usb flash drives

The storage of the types of USB memory, can be very alternate and varied, their capacity affects the cost. That is, the more capacity the pendrives have, the higher the price. Let’s see below what are those types of USB memory

1 Gb memory types of usb flash drives

When we talk about GB we understand that they represent an approximate size of 1,000 Mb. Knowing that 1 Mb is 1000. So a document can be about 10 kb. Which represents approximately 10,000 Bytes of capacity. These magnitudes allow us to consider the size p that the files occupy on computers, cell phones and various storage devices.

So when we talk about 1Gb we are in the presence of approximately 1 million bytes. The capacity of this type of USB memory is then large enough. However, it is little for the amount of information that is handled today.

The Bytes also indicate the weight of the files. On the other hand, as we store information in this memory, little by little, its storage space is reduced. types of usb flash drives

2 Gb memory types of usb flash drives

It is a slightly larger memory than the previous one and it is also still of low capacity, it is only used to temporarily save small files. It is used in order to respond to rapid information transfer movements from one place to another.

4 Gb memory

This memory allows you to store various documents and some photos. They always depend on the weight of the file, they are very useful when you need to store information quickly and take it to another place.

8 Gb memory

This type of storage is a bit larger and respond to needs where files can be stored permanently. They are used to save various music audios and various important documents, but it is always good to take care that the memory is not damaged.

16 Gb memory types of usb flash drives

This type of USB memory has a sufficient capacity to store information of large files. Generally, these types of memories are very useful for people who work collecting diverse information. So it requires a larger type of storage.

32 Gb memory

They went on the market in 2013 and have a huge capacity. Large images, important documents, and even video games and movies can be stored there. They are a little more expensive than the previous ones but they help mass storage enormously.

128 Gb memory types of usb flash drives

They represent storage devices with sufficient capacity to store important and considerable information. They can store thousands of documents and data. Its cost in the market is quite high. types of usb flash drives

256Gb memory 

These types of USB memory have a large capacity, they are expensive and allow to store data from very large files, they have sufficient capacity and there are some models where they are called external memories. types of usb flash drives

512 Gb memory

Denominated as 1/2 terabyte memories, that is, 1 Tera byte represents 1000 kb, so we have that this type of USb memory can store large amounts of files and keep them in them for a long time.

Alternate devices

For the operation of USB memory types, there are extension cables, adapters that help improve their operation. Among them we have so-called USB female. Which is a connector cable that allows adapting various memories to the so-called USB port of computers or other devices.

We also have the so-called minis memories, which are physically small but maintain the USB type connector, they are very useful to take them anywhere, they have a maximum capacity of 8 Gb.

Care and maintenance

It is always advisable to know how to remove types of USB sticks from computers or other equipment. With regard to computers, it is important to do the extraction through the icons at the bottom. In them you can see when you click, that you will find the name of the device and a selection indicating the word “Eject”.

This procedure is the most suitable for removing any type of USB memory and taking care that it is not damaged. It allows to protect the Pendrive and takes care of the stored data. If for any reason a message appears that the device cannot be removed, wait a while and repeat the procedure.

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