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Types of malware in computing and their problems

The types of malware represent different programs or computer code. They seek to create damage to systems or cause a malfunction. Learn more about this topic by reading the following article.

Malware types

Types of malware in computer
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The concept of malware is associated with viruses and malicious programs that manage to cause damage or make computers work poorly. The word malware is an abbreviation of “Malicious software”, in Spanish “harmful programs”. These are specially designed to cause various anomalies in the programs installed on computers.

The types of Malware are designed to steal data, prevent access to computers, eliminate programs, in short, everything that can cause damage to programs and computers. Programmers and computer technicians recommend the installation of antivirus programs and firewalls. What are a series of Malware blockers that help protect you

To the extent that there are various types of malware, there are also antivirus programs. Some are usually obtained for free and others are more effectively obtained by paying an annual fee. But let’s look at the various types of malware.


It is one of the most famous malware, it has the condition of executing camouflaged actions in various operations. They come included in programs and files of audio, image and some video games.


It is one of the types of malware with spy characteristics. It uses the collection of data and the movements of users without their knowledge. Its objective is to invade privacy and destabilize computers. The actions are directed to the CPUs and RAM memory. They use the operation that users perform when they press the or keys to obtain keys and information. Interesting this article to protect your data  Computer security recommendations

Virus Types of malware in computer

They are included in executable files Contains malicious code that attaches itself to system files. Their action is carried out when the user activates them, this allows them to be configured and inserted in some files. These viruses manage to erase data and spread easily on USB devices, email, and optical discs. These viruses generally come with extensions like “exe”, ‘com “

Worms Types of malware in computer

They work with certain malicious code. They are replicated through independent exploitation of vulnerabilities in networks. They are different from viruses in that they do not require activation by the user. When hosted on the server, they have the ability to navigate the network very quickly. They infect and destroy files very quickly.

Adware Types of malware in computer

texturing in computer graphics
texturing in computer graphics

It is one of the types of malware used in advertisements. In the computer world they are called “Adware”. They appear without any type of permission, they are opened immediately when a program, an application or page on the Internet is activated. The objective is to force users to look at an advertisement, which brings great benefits to the author of it.

On rare occasions they can be loaded with malware. They are the most common and are observed in large numbers throughout the network. They provide financial support to many young people who are dedicated to obtaining income by placing them on various pages and applications.


It is a malware derived from robots. So their actions take place automatically. They are harmless and it is used to cause some damage to the systems. Its method is simple, they silently lodge in the computer and wait for some kind of action to act.

Scareware Types of malware in computer

It is one of the types of malicious malware that aims to distract the victim, in this case the user. Malware encourages you to take actions that benefit the creator of the program. In short, it motivates the user to work for someone without the user knowing it.

The procedure used is to present false emergency windows. Similar to dialog windows of the operating system, when it indicates that there is some type of risk or danger. The only way to eliminate this malware is by downloading an antivirus of the most used or also a type of malware such as Spyware or Adware.

Rootkit Types of malware in computer

They are a series of very dangerous types of malware that can even modify the operating system. They create a series of actions that allow them to enter the system without being detected. In this way, access is made easier and hackers can access information found inside the software and the memory card.

Ransomware  Types of malware in computer

It is one of the most criminal malware out there. It uses procedures in which they allow to block accesses or some files in order to request a ransom and be able to unlock them. These malware work by blocking data with user access and password that the user does not know.

Some versions created by hackers even allow them to block the entire system, allowing them to ask for a larger sum of money. These types of malware are sometimes hidden in applications, audios and games, hence the importance of installing good quality firewalls or antivirus on computers and even mobile devices.

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