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What is a hub? What is this device for?

What is a hub? It is a device of the computing world, which has a great function of being able to connect different equipment in it, there are different commercial brands, which offer the user great advantages, learn about it in this article. types of hub

What is a hub?

types of hub
types of hub

A hub is a device known as a hub, which can be connected to different devices, such as smartphones, USB TVs, SD cards and tablets or PCs. types of hub

Due to its ability to connect several devices in it, it is believed that it is a complicated device, but it is simple even more than the well-known switch or a router.

It can be seen that while a switch is creating a communication path to supply information to each equipment, the hub limits the network exclusively to the sending equipment; the switch has the functionality in networks with a great majority of equipment than the hub.

The function of the router is to communicate the devices with remote networks, it has the ability to interconnect many networks, it is an activity that the switch and neither the hub do.

The primary objective of a hub is to transform the connection center within a network, since all the ports are connected, which means that data is shared simultaneously in the devices connected to the hub so that they can be shared. observe from any of these.

Likewise, hubs can be used to connect different elements of a LAN, through its various ports, in such a way that it creates the same network for all the devices that are connected.

A network hub or repeater hub is a device that has the wonderful function of connecting several devices through crossed cables or fiber optics to function as a single network element.

Its operation types of hub

types of hub
types of hub

The hubs work in the physical layer, that is to say layer 1, of the OSI model and its activity is like a multi-port repeater; repeater hubs also act as conflict detectors, sending an obstruction signal to all ports in the event that it has detected an abnormality.

These network devices are not complicated at all, and neither do they congest the traffic that passes through their action, any data that accesses through one port is extended to all other ports.

There are certain hubs on the market that have special ports that can be combined in a way that accepts more hubs, simply by joining them with Ethernet cables, although switches may have to be used to prevent some problems in the network.

There are certain hubs that are known as “smart” with the ability to detect difficulties such as large collisions on individual ports, and in addition to partitioning the port, simply by disconnecting it from the shared element.

An intelligent hub has the ability to show the problem easily, by means of the lights that indicate where the fault is, it also offers the advantage that each of the devices in the network can be disconnected to verify where the difficulty is. .

Its utility types of hub

types of hub
types of hub

We have mentioned that a USB hub is an expansion device, it is a propagator of the USB ports of a main system, being the case if a laptop has three USB ports, and is connected to a hub, perhaps extending the number of devices or peripherals to be connected, compared to the well-known terminal blocks.

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Among its benefits of a USB hub is the synchronization of the connection as well as the disconnection, when it gathers connections, consciously starting the activity in a single process.

Types of hub

In the computer market there are several types of hub that have several ports, most of them can have up to seven ports, however there are some options of 127 ports, let’s see the classification:


It refers to a hub that does not require an external source to power it, because it does not regenerate the signal, it is as if it is part of the cable, the magnitude of the cable must be taken into account. types of hub

This type of passive hub does not have the ability to amplify incoming packet electrical signals, prior to extending outside the network.

types of hub
types of hub


It is the type of hub that has the ability to regenerate the signal and requires an external socket to feed it; Active hubs offer the option of expansion just like a repeater runs, this type of hub does not provide certain extra functions that are really vital for companies.

The smart ones types of hub

This type has the ability to detect faults like collisions or any other cause, and it has the function as an active hub.

Among the variety of hubs, it can be said that they have differences in terms of transfer speed, there is USB 1.0 (up to 12 Mbps); USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mbps) or USB 3.0 (up to 5Gbps).

An important factor to consider is the power supply, the hubs are divided into self-powered or self-powered, those with an external power supply, and those powered by the main equipment bus, known as bus powered.

These have a disadvantage with difference to those that are self-powered, because the 500 milliamperes (mA) of energy contained in each port are fragmented, perhaps certain devices will not work because they need a lot of energy.

Who may be interested in a hub?

Hubs are devices or concentrators that represent an importance in the world of computing, offering their great capacity to adapt to the particular requirements of users, especially since they have different types of ports, and can be different according to the devices. . types of hub

It may happen that a user owns an archaic computer, of course it does not have many USB inputs or it could be that several of them are not working.

The hub represents a good option to solve these cases, because most of them work as a multi-USB port, which also allows consulting the data contained in the USB memory, especially when using the Smartphone and the printer is connected.

Likewise, if the old laptop does not have the memory card slot, in this case the application of a hub will work as a card reader, as well as it can be connected to the television and show slides.

Another of the functions that hubs have is to access the duplication of a screen, especially through its HDMI port, and if one of the monitors you want to install does not have this input, using a hub is the solution.

It is also important to note that hubs can be useful to connect the laptop to a router or modem, being one of the main functions, which means that the user has the opportunity to enjoy the speed of an Ethernet network from the computer. .

So, that a hub is a device that may be of interest to any user who requires at least one additional port, what must be sure is the type of hub that should be used and that it is also compatible with the equipment.

Aspects to consider before purchasing a hub types of hub

Before knowing what to consider when buying a hub, it should be borne in mind that everything will depend on the use that the device is going to have.

Among the main aspects, the value of the device counts, because the price ranges between the brand and the ports they contain, however, they are not very expensive.

Likewise, the variety of ports and capacity must be taken into account, it is vital to know what types of inputs are required, whether they are HDMI, LAN, USB Type-C, USB 3.0, SDHC card, micro SDHC card or another type. types of hub

It is also important to know what is the compatibility of the hub with other electronic devices, you must be sure, because a hub if it cannot be connected to the laptop, or other portable equipment or the television, will not be useful.

Another significant aspect is to know the type of material and design that the hub is composed of, if the intention or need of the user is to take it from one place to another, you must be aware of its size and weight.

Finally, something that is interesting and cannot be overlooked, is the issue of the guarantee and the after-sales service offered by the manufacturer and the shops, if it were the case that it presents a fault of course, you want to have a service effective care.

Recommended hubs

In this segment it is important to mention which are the most recommended hubs that exist at the forefront of the computing world, we will start with:

Xtorm USB-C Power Hub Edge types of hub

It is a brand that is reliable, it is preferred for its power banks, in addition to its external design, it has a power that allows charging the battery of the smartphone, tablet or laptop many times.

The price of the Xtorm hub is really not cheap, however, this brand offers good quality devices in terms of price, for this reason, it can be left behind in the recommended products, despite the fact that it implies a modest investment.

Now, we are going to talk about the ports, this brand is one of the strongest problems that they may have with respect to others on the market, so it is recommended for those users who use to charge USB or USB-A devices.

It can be seen that it is not a hub that allows you to have a connection with several devices and access its content from the computer, on the contrary, it works as a charging station so that all devices charge the battery at the same time.

This hub has the following ports: 1 USB-C PD 60W; 1 USB-C PD 30W; 2 USB Quick Charge 3.0 90W.

In terms of compatibility, device and operating system, this Xtorm hub is perfect for Apple laptops, even though it is only modern MacBook models, which are very popular because they contain USB-C, however, works on any laptop with this type of port.

It also has compatibility with any other device such as: smartphone, tablet, speaker, headphones, drone, GPS, Nintendo Switch, you only need a USB cable that can be connected to one of the output ports of the Xtorm hub.

The design and portability of this Xtorm hub, has curved edges, and the manufacturing material is delicate and with a fabulous gray tone, its size is 115 x 101 z 20 mm, and its weight is 322 grams; It is a device that its design is to keep it at home or in the office.

QacQoc GN 30 H types of hub

This brand offers many models, but, this one in particular is usually preferred, it is multifunctional with high performance, it has the ability to amaze the user with its variety of types of inputs that a single device has, and also compact that finally connects all of them. the devices.

Regarding the price, this Chinese QacQoc march has a wide offer, in the catalog you can see varieties of simple models and in addition to easy acquisition, they have more perfected models with a large amount of input and various utilities such as the QacQoc GN 30 H model .

Speaking of the ports issue, this GN 30 H model comes to be more complete from the QacQoc brand, it offers eight different ports that contain most of the uses required by a user, you can also find the following ports:

3 USB 3.0; 1 USB Type-C; 1 HDMI; 1 LAN; 1 SDHC; 1 micro SDHC.

This hub is very simple to use, it is a user-friendly device to handle, it has three USB 3.0 ports and the HDMI port, the LAN port and USB Type-C, are on the opposite side from the integrated Type-C cable.

The three USB 3.0 ports work very well at the same time, it has been tested to connect a pendrive, as well as to load an Android device and another iOS device, and no difficulty is thrown, what is important is to mention that they tend to get too hot.

The ports of this model have a transmission speed of approximately 6 Gbps, which means ten times faster than USB 2.0, which allows access to any file on the USB memory, the Tablet or camera that is connected.

Regarding compatibility, device and operating system, using the GN 30 H hub, it must be connected through the integrated USB Type-C cable to another device that is compatible with the USB Type-C input, which can be found in the MacBook model, or the latest Lenovo IdeaPad model.

This model is compatible for Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS 10 and Mac OS 9; USB ports also accept compatibility for USB 2.0 and 1.1 models, so if the user has more archaic USBs, they should not be distressed.

In terms of design and portability, the QacQoc GN 30 H design has a size of 10.5 x 4, 9 x 1.4 cm, with a weight of 59 g, which allows it to be taken anywhere with ease, it can even be moved in a pocket.

This precious model is available in different shades such as: gray, silver, gold, and pink, and other delicate colors that are not so strong, are striking to the preference of users.

Now speaking of price, it is a bit more expensive, especially considering that it offers a small number of connection port numbers.

USB-C HUB 5-in-one types of hub

Regarding the issue of ports in this XC 005 model, it also offers to be among the most complete, it offers a great variety of ports, it has six different inputs, not to mention the built-in USB Type-C cable that can be connected to a team.

It has the following ports: 1 USB Type-C; 1 USB 3.0; 1 HDMI; 1 Ethernet; 1 SD; 1 micro SD.

Among its characteristics it can be seen in the foreground that it only has one USB Type-A, while the QacQoc GN30H hub has three, which does not allow the connection of a USB memory, mobile phones at the same time; and also offers very cheap prices.

The port is also 3.0 to 5 Gpbs, ensuring a speed ten times higher than previous generation USBs. types of hub

When it comes to USB Type-C, it is very useful, if you have a computer that is charged through a port of this type, however it has a USB C.

In the aspect of compatibility, device and operating system, also, a device that contains the USB Type-C input is needed to connect the Xtorm USB HUB, although its USB port is 3.0, it also accepts compatibility for more archaic USB of type 2.0 or 1.1.

In reference to the design and portability, it can be seen that it has a striking appearance, not so much because of the tones and texture of the metal, but because it has curved edges and the finishes that these hubs are made of, makes them striking devices, as well as resistant. to strong blows, it is important to obtain a good quality product to offer durability and quality over time. types of hub

Because it has a solid structure, it allows you to take it everywhere without posing any risk of fracture, its weight is 65 grams, and its size is 128 x 43 x 15 mm. types of hub

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