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Computer expansion slots What is your definition?

All computers have a motherboard, which is also known as the motherboard which is made up of expansion slots , in this article its definition and function will be explained. types of expansion slots

Expansion slots types of expansion slots

types of expansion slots

The expansion slots consist of a plug or a kind of port found on the motherboard of the computer, they are connected to each other giving the possibility of adding new functions to the equipment which the user can execute for greater performance in each applied process. each component and various installed programs. types of expansion slots

Also the purpose of this slot is based on the execution of the functions of other devices where you have more control and allows you to add new ports to amplify the amount of components connected to the computer, you can even make a series of updates of each connected hardware .


There are various types of slots that have a series of properties that amplify the flexibility in the functions of the computer. Among them, the peripheral interconnection of components stands out, which is known as PCI, which can establish the connection for any type of cards and devices.

types of expansion slots
types of expansion slots

Another type is AGP, which means graphic acceleration port that are generally applied to establish a connection to video cards and more advanced ones are required, the APCI express must be used, which can be obtained in the market according to the need that it presents. the team. types of expansion slots

In this way, the expansion slots allow the equipment to have the necessary software for its execution, thus it also has the benefit of increasing the devices in the computer, be it a modem or a network card, which amplifies the basic functions that the user you can use.

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