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Types of computers that exist in the world

The types of computers represent in the world the way in which users can set their activities according to needs. In this article you will learn about the various models and types of existing computers. types of computers with pictures

Computer types types of computers with pictures

Since its inception in the 1960s when they were just taking their first steps, computer equipment represented a way to streamline the operations of some organizations and companies. However, over the years the development of computers grew exponentially.

Today they are part of our life, the types of computers that exist are obtained in the home, office, industry and all professional areas of our society. Each one uses these equipment according to their needs. We will see in this article some types of computers that can serve to guide the user in their need.

Concept types of computers with pictures

It is an electronic device that has the ability to receive various instructions in order to perform tasks and calculations through the collection of various information and data. In recent years, computers and their current technology have had a great rebound.

The computer opens the world of computing allowing the automation of complicated processes, making them simple and fast. It also allowed to expand and accelerate everything related to knowledge and information. So we will see below various types of computer that have made these operations a reality.


They are teams created in the mid-80s and were used to carry out home and office procedures, they are made up of alternate devices called peripherals. Its structure is made up of the monitor screen, the keyboard and the mouse. They connect via cables or wirelessly.

The main brain is called the CPU where the hard disk motherboard and memories are housed, as well as the rest of the devices; as a CD reader among others. Desktop computers have various alternatives such as USB ports, webcams, horns and depending on the models to appreciate the variants offered by the manufacturers.

They also present a range of interactive alternatives that allow them to be the most used in the world. They represent the best tool that exists to perform various operations. Check this link to know  How does a computer work?

Laptops types of computers with pictures

types of computers with pictures
internet types and speeds

They revolutionized the world of computing in the late 1990s. Portable models served to carry the computer everywhere. It has identical functions to laptops and the interface is the same; always depending on the type of operating system.

They were created in the early 80s but their boom really was almost two decades later. At present they are called Laptops which means “Lap (lap)” top “(on top), they are also similar to notebooks, as they look like open notebooks.

Among its characteristics are that they do not have a CPU and everything is integrated in two parts. The first one where the screen is located and the support part where the keyboard is, the mouse pack which is a kind of touch mouse that does the same function and the power button.

Also internally are the hard disk and the various components such as memory and microprocessors. They are very practical and have a good reception from users, and are considered the best sellers worldwide.

Personal types of computers with pictures

types of computers with pictures
Educational Informatics

At the beginning they were called microcomputers and were created in the 70s, they were invented in order to perform the most common tasks in the world of computing. It is called this way because they are simple equipment that can perform very basic actions and anyone can pay for them.

These equipment to be operated do not require prior training, but in a matter of minutes the user can master them. You get desktop PC and laptop models. However, the information may be limited due to its capacity, so we recommend seeing What is an external hard drive? .

Notebooks types of computers with pictures

These types of current computers fall into the category of personal computers, their structure is similar to laptops but a little smaller. Its name is assigned to look like an open notebook. Most Notebooks have a screen no larger than 10 inches.

The capacity and speed is lower than traditional laptops and desktop PCs. They are generally aimed at young students and users who need to perform basic activities, such as connecting to the internet quickly. Some manufacturing companies call them Mini laptops and their standard of operation is of a medium level.

They do not have a CD or DVD reader so the user is determined to use other resources to listen to or appreciate videos. You should take these tools into account through the use of removable storage devices such as Pendrives, memories etc.

Manufacturing companies are developing different types of notebook computers in varied models, colors, and configurations. The idea is to reach a less demanding audience that does not have the possibilities of acquiring expensive and better performing equipment. Their prices are obviously lower than those of another computer model.

Tablets or Tablets

They made their appearance on the market in 2010, when the Apple company developed a device larger than a cell phone called the iPad. They are excessively practical, with the same operations and interface of smartphone smartphones. They have a different operating system than computers.

They are specifically aimed at a young audience who wants to use them solely for entertainment, photo, video, internet connection and productivity purposes. Its screen is touch and does not contain a keyboard, it is activated on the touch screen. It uses the same characteristics of the Smartphone.

Some users have preferred the use of Tablets instead of the types of digital computers, laptops or notebooks. They can be taken anywhere and some have longer power autonomy than some notebooks. However, they are limited to more demanding and specific tasks.

Smart phones

Called smartphones, they are actually smaller computers since they can perform the same basic and elementary functions of a basic computer. Their operating system allows them to perform various tasks that accompany the operations of a mobile phone.

It comes in a variety of sizes and the largest are no larger than 6 inches. It has a built-in battery which is rechargeable, as well as a processor and touch screen. It also contains motion sensors, compass, gyroscope and GPS. Smartphones are the most sought after by people today.

They use   mobile operating systems other than computers. For example, the company Apple manufactures the so-called iPhone phones that come with an operating system called iOS. The rest of the manufacturers use the Android operating system on their computers, which is an optimization of the Linux operating system.

Other manufacturers also use Linux operating systems, which are also highly adaptable to computers. These smartphones are part of a development that began in the late 90s, through the phones manufactured by the BlackBerry firm (now defunct) that had a boom of approximately 10 years.

Its practicality allows you to carry them in your pocket. One of their most interesting faculties is that they can quickly connect to the Internet. Likewise with them many tasks can be achieved through applications that can be downloaded in the respective stores for free.

At this time it is the tool most used by human beings and a large number of organizations. The manufacturing companies each year bring to the market various models with updates in the operating systems and functions.


They appeared on the market in 2012 in order to make computers that had the same functions as a laptop and a tablet. At the beginning they were very similar to tablets, to which a keyboard could be adapted. Hybrids appeared a few years later, and among their main characteristics is that the models are very similar to notebooks.

In addition, its screen is tactile and contains an interactive keyboard. It also allows the entry of Cd and DVD. So it is a kind of evolved Tablets. These equipment are believed to be the most innovative and will be the most widely used in the future.

Most of the computer manufacturers company are developing this type of equipment. The pioneer in this field is the so-called Microsoft Surface and the Apple iPad Pro. They are teams with high performance and their value is high.


Also called supercomputers are extremely powerful and large computers. They process information and solve extremely complicated and large operations. They are made up of a number of processors and computers that are integrated together to form a single team.

In the world there are many supercomputers that are used in various fields of social lives. They can be found in government security systems, large corporations, technology development companies. Currently the largest supercomputer is in the United States.

This supercomputer is being built by the government and will be ready by the year 2025, the team does not yet have a name but the project is called Creating a National Strategic Computing Initiative, This team will unite all the computer-related information from all state government departments.

The project aims to create a team that can process 1,000 petaflops per second and in turn process a trillion calculations per second. Which represents processing 20 times higher than that of the most powerful computer currently in China. A desktop computer processes between 150 and 200 million operations per second.

This equipment is called Tianhe-2 and is located in the Defense Technological University of China. Its average performance is that it has the capacity to process 33.48 pentaflops. Which is the same as saying that it processes more than 33 thousand trillion operations per second, something truly extraordinary for human knowledge and thought.


These teams are known in today’s world for having the ability to carry out direct actions simultaneously millions of applications at the same time. They are used by government entities and companies that need to process large amounts of data and information.

As an example we can name transnational banking entities and corporations with branches in various countries. These super teams run on a variety of operating systems and do not limit their actions to a single mode of operation.

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