Types of existing software testing

Computer programmers are often concerned with building the correct software. Here we will explain what are the types of software tests that validate the quality and reliability of your products. Types of software testing

Types of software testing

                                                             As we well know, software is a series of programs that together, direct and control the operation of the computer. Software manufacturers must first consider a series of factors within their planning and construction, which are construction method, design details, error conditions, and verification tests.

Types of software testingConcept

                     They refer to the exploration of faults that may occur during the construction of the software and also afterwards. It allows making adjustments that guarantee the fulfillment of the objective, the reliability and quality of the computer system .


                   Software testing is applied at three levels: single module, group of modules, and complete system. They all involve running the software.


                  Regarding the tests applied at the single module level. They are done by the same software coders. They consist of accessing the source code to validate pieces of the software separately. If necessary, they also involve debugging it.


                          They are done on the second level. They consist of validating the integration of the different software modules, with respect to their purposes, use, behavior and structure.


             They are carried out at the third level and validate the behavior of the system in terms of safety, speed, precision and reliability. They include tests to external interfaces, physical drives, and operating environment.


                       Oriented towards meeting the needs or requirements of the user. They verify that the software really does what the customer wants.

Of installation

                                They validate the behavior of the software with respect to the hardware configuration.

Alpha and Beta

                                They refer to pilot tests, applied to small groups of users. They are made before the disclosure of the software. If they are users of the same company they are called alpha tests, and when it comes to external users, beta tests.

It is important to note that to carry out any of these types of software tests, the application of specific techniques is required, which depend on the experience of the programmer.


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