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What is graphics texturing? Procedure to apply it

Texturing is a process that consists of applying a specific image to cover and wrap an area of ​​an element, so it can also be defined in the computer area, which is why this article explains what texturing is and how it should be applied. texturing in computer graphics

texturing in computer graphics
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What is texturing? texturing in computer graphics

Texturing is a process that is applied when a fitted figure is available in which a texture must be used to cover the image. In the area of ​​computing, this image is virtual, so it is made up of a map or set of bits. It can be used in two-dimensional and three-dimensional form depending on the job the user is running.

You can use a special program for these cases as one based on certain graphics, so that you have the ability to use more than one texture in a specific figure. This is known as a multi-textured process, even if you have the possibility of covering objects that are in 3D. texturing in computer graphics

In virtual objects, generally no definition can be given in their appearance, that is, they are not constituted by only one color. Everything is made up of a wide variety of odors that in turn have a specific geometry that can be fundamental in their distribution of hue, since they can be unique or similar to each other.

Due to this, it must be explained what texturing is, since each image is composed of a specific format that defines its virtual surface. Each data or image stored in the system has properties that can be identified through this bit wrapping process.

This procedure is characterized by allowing the use of different shapes of the image, that is, it is not required to be flat, it can have any geometric shape. An example is a cylinder, a circle, among others. Regardless of how it is modeled, the texturing is responsible for covering the surface of the image without leaving a bare area. texturing in computer graphics

The procedure is executed progressively where the trace is repeated consecutively in each bit to ensure that the virtual surface of the object is completely enveloped, taking into account each of the points and areas that change direction, thus covering it in its entirety.

Images are known in computer science as a bitmap that is made up of a set of data that results in the photo taken by a camera or an image made with specialized software, an example is Photoshop. texturing in computer graphics

It does not matter if the image is real or created, it can be called a bitmap texture, in which the management of its resolution must be maintained, this can be controlled since the cameras have the possibility of choosing the value that the picture. Quality and sharpness is also important since depending on the characteristics it has, a greater amount of texturing must be available.

The resolution of the image provides the size, which is why in turn it depends entirely on the quality, that is, if the size of the image is small, its quality is low, so deep texturing is not required. On the other hand, if the image is large, the quality is high and a greater quantity is required in the texturing process.

texturing in computer graphics
texturing in computer graphics


By understanding what texturing is, each of the benefits obtained with this procedure can be determined, since various algorithms can be applied that allow working with 3D programs. Take into account the original structure of the image to proceed with various tools that generate a specific texture in the virtual object.

At present, software has been developed that is in charge of texturing, facilitating its application in a certain image, these systems are known as shaders or also procedural. You have the possibility of working with the fractal structure of the image so you have the advantage of using the optimal resolution during the process.

Due to this, the pixels of the image cannot be seen, since the moment this element of the image is noticed, it indicates that the quality is lost and that it has a low resolution. By means of texturing, these data of the object can be covered to increase the sharpness of its surface. texturing in computer graphics

This process also gives the possibility of imitating the fractal structures of nature, that is, you can make the texture of a tree perfectly in the image, you can even make the flames of the fire being very similar to how it can be noticed in life real. texturing in computer graphics

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