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STP cable What is the shielded twisted pair for?

Thanks to advances in technology, the uses of the Internet have expanded, requiring the use of wireless devices and cables that allow data transmission. That is why this article will explain the STP cable characteristics , types and many more.

STP cable

stp cable types
stp cable types

An STP cable refers to the twisted pair cable that is responsible for establishing the transfer of data in a specific network, so it is used for any equipment that has access to the internet. It is made up of electrical conductors of a specifically isolated and interlaced class, due to the fact that it maintains the link of data communication by canceling the interferences produced by electromagnetic waves and in the same way by external electrical sources.

The conductors are intertwined in a helical way, increasing the quality of data transfer through the cable, so it can be said that it reduces the interferences that may occur. However, it should be noted that the STP cable has advantages and disadvantages , which is why below are shown which are:

STP cable types

stp cable types
stp cable types

Due to its wide use today, many models can be obtained, among them the STB cat 6 cable stands out , however there are also various  types of STP cables, among which SSTP and SFTP can be highlighted. Each one has its different properties. When referring to SFTP, its constitution similar to FTP and its metal mesh stands out, but SSTP has cables covered with aluminum.


It offers the possibility of having a connection of several computers in a network, likewise it presents a low cost so it can be easily acquired. The transmission and communication of data is of high quality in a local network, it stands out for having a simple installation which increases the ease of use. Another of the great advantages it offers is its good latency in various LAN networks.


Among the main disadvantages of this cable, it can be highlighted that they are not immune to interference and noise, they are sensitive, so they can suffer this failure at any time, it presents a limited bandwidth distance. Depending on the speed of data transmission, the possibility of errors increases, in the same way it has dependence on repeaters.

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