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Special Keys What are they and what is their function?

Special Keys is what we will talk about next, where we will explain in detail the operation of each one of them and that by not using them frequently we do not know their possible uses.

Special Keys

In the different keyboards that may exist on the market, the considered special keys on keyboards may have some variations, of which we will comment below since many keyboard manufacturers do not consider them as special keys. Since they are not so well known by keyboard users and therefore they do not get to use it.

The Special Keys on the keyboard

Special Keys
Special Keys

They are the ones that are located at the top of the keyboard, on the right side of the function keys and are located before the numeric pad. As for example we have Print Screen / Pet Sis, Scroll Lock and Pause / Break, and also Insert, Del, Start, End, Page Up and Page Down.

Below we will detail each of its functions:

Print Screen : this could be said to be a key that is best known for its print screen function. What it does is that when you give it this capture the screen in the Windows clipboard and thus be able to paste it where you need it.

Pet Sis : this is a key that means system request, which was used a lot before because its function was to remove the command console from the operating system. It is no longer used today.

Scroll Lock : this is a scroll key that is only used in programs like Excel, since normally with the cursors that we have on the keyboard we can scroll without any problem. But when this key is active it will do so by using the scroll as if we were using the mouse wheel.

Pause / Inter : this key is currently not used either, because what it does is precisely pause what you are doing on the PC, such as when executing a game. In the Windows 10 system you can do it by typing WIN + Pause and this will open the system properties, and the inter key what it does is interrupt what you are doing on the PC.

These special keys if they are used more than the previous ones, since they are designed for word processors and uses in general. We will detail each of its functions below:

Insert : this key has the insert function, normally we use it when we want to insert a word in Word, where we will write and the letters will be added. In the event that we get to type inter, it will replace it as you had previously written it and we will have to press it again if we want to deactivate it.

Delete : This is a key that, as its name indicates, is delete, it is located above Enter, where it will help us to delete the characters that we find written to the left of the cursor. And with the Delete key we will delete the characters that we have on the right.

Start and End : the function of this key is to place us at the beginning of a line while pressing the end key will take you to the end of the line. So when you are writing a text it is very useful.

Page Up and Page Up : these are keys that allow us to skip pages, down with Page Up and up with Page Up. So it is also very useful when we want to scroll quickly to see a document.

Directional Cursors

In addition to all those mentioned above, we have these keys known as arrows, which, as their arrows indicate, is to move the cursor in four possible directions when we are working on texts such as Word. We also have the possibility of using it when we are browsing the internet, while in Excel it will allow us to move between cells.

As you may have realized, some of these special keys may not have known their exact use, so you could have saved yourself a lot of time and the option of doing things in an easier way. In any case, we always have options to learn new things that help us to facilitate our work.

So if you find the information in this article interesting, I invite you to continue investigating the other keys that are part of the keyboard, so in this way you can use them 100% with all their functions and thus save time in the performance of your work, when what everyone seeks is to do things in the shortest possible time but with quality.

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