Shape in graphic design, Basic forms of point composition in graphic design

Graphic design has a visual language which is made up of different entities, among them there are the basic forms of point composition , also the line and more that are explained in this article .shapes in graphic design

Basic forms of point composition

Graphic communication can be fragmented into different basic entities, because specific elements are implemented to make the corresponding visual language in graphic designs. Generally the decomposition consists of the point, then the line, continues with the square, then the circumference and finally the contour, these are the components that are used to give a certain meaning.

The basic forms of point composition consist of one of the main and necessary entities for any graphic design, they can be linked in different ways to elaborate an image, as well as letters or even digital drawings which are constituted by these basic forms, due to this it can be said that it is possible to give a complex language as the case may be.

Through this graphic communication, you have the option of expanding the designs that are established for a specific project, in this way you can have adequate knowledge of the design you want to create. Through visual language, a message can be transmitted or a meaning can be given to the linked forms that are established in the graphic composition, reflecting basic entities.

Designers have the need to know the basic forms of point and line composition so that they have the ability to handle each of these basic elements to make the different graphic designs that are required, with this, a job of high quality and in a more defined way to give the representation of a specific message.

By means of the basic composition, the designs establish the graphic information necessary for a work or a specific work, due to this the designers have the obligation to use each of these base elements to incorporate a representation in the work, that is, it can be elaborate the outline and the lines according to the set of characteristics that are used as raw material.

It is important to have the basic ideas that a graphic design consists of, because it is essential to provide a visual composition that conditions a geometric figure through lines and points, with this the design environment is conditioned by establishing the appropriate colors for each of the figures that are made, that is why the shape, direction, color, texture and many other aspects must be taken into account to have a high quality in the creation:

Shape in graphic design

shapes in graphic design
shapes in graphic design

When reference is made to a shape in a graphic design, we are talking about the geometric arrangement of the figures that are made by means of points and lines; By means of the contour of the figure you can have the variety in the forms that are made in a design, since this depends entirely on the designer and the ideas that you want to capture in your project.

The basic forms of point composition allow to give a visual representation between the real objects as well as the imaginary ones, in this way it is possible to show a visual diversity through the figures that is implemented in a project, this in turn depends on the objective or the purpose of the project, since the sizes of each of the shapes of the figures are important.


After establishing the shapes that are going to represent each figure in a graphic design, it is important to decide the direction that they are going to have in the plane, likewise there is an orientation that differentiates it between other objects that are implemented in the project, so that each of the lines is presented in a straight or inclined way.

In the representation of graphic design it is important to define the state of the figures, that is, if they are in a horizontal position or in a vertical position, this in turn has associated the degrees of inclination that determines the direction in a spatial projection, so the designer depends on the main ideas that you want to demonstrate in the presentation of the work.


It is important to take into account the texture that is going to be used in the figures, since there are a large number of models that allow to expose a specific sensation, depending on the designer’s decision, this may vary with the various materials used today. , that is, the surface is shown with a visual expression of a sensation acquired by the sense of touch.

It has a direct relationship with the basic forms of point and line composition through the variations that appear on the surface that the figure has, this changes depending on the material used. In the texture, shadows can be applied to demonstrate a specific graphic design, depending on this aspect, an exposure is obtained on the surface with a greater amount of light or shading, giving a visual impact.


By establishing the direction and shape of the figure in the plane, it is necessary to add colors to the basic forms of point-to-point composition, this helps the visual stimulation of graphic design, in turn allows the work to represent a character specific according to the message that you want to convey, since through this language a certain meaning is implemented according to the designer.

It can be considered that color is one of the most important aspects that is presented in a project, the direction and the shapes determine the figure but the color gives dynamism in each one of the elements that is exposed in the plan; one of the advantages that the designer can take advantage of is to use different colors in the figures as well as a gradient to expose a greater amount of visual diversity.shapes in graphic design

Scale shapes in graphic design

Among the basic forms of point and line composition that are established in a plane, the scale must be taken into account, since this determines the respective size of each of the figures that are implanted in the graphic design, this will depend on the objective or the purpose of the designer in representing an aspect or meaning in the projection together with the texture and the form that is available in the project.

The designer establishes an area for the projection of the figures so that the specific size is selected so that a visual language is exposed in graphic design. The properties are defined by means of the scale that is available in each shape, in this way different characteristics can be presented in the final work with the texture and colors that give greater essence in the plane.

Dimension shapes in graphic design

The projection of each of the basic forms of point and line composition must be established in a specific dimension, since there is a three-dimensional capacity in a plane that each of the elements is in the area; With this, it is possible to establish a relative perspective of all the figures that are introduced in a graphic composition so that a different representation and with greater variety can be exposed.

The dimension can be obtained with the use of shading in the elements or by superimposing the location of each of the figures, this is also obtained by the scale used of the elements, since it provides visual information of the graphic composition with different techniques in drawing, spaces are also necessary for the projection of the elements as their respective shape.

Movement shapes in graphic design

The movement in a property in the plane or in graphic design consists of an essential property that the respective elements present, because in these works it cannot be granted movement, since this consists of another activity. However, it can be given different types of dynamics through its texture and the direction that is established in the plane, it can even be associated with a real movement.

The force that is implanted in graphic design allows to expand the visual impact of each of the elements used in the work, the figures must comply with the specific parameters so that they can provide that visual information that the designer wishes to give in the flat; The techniques in this area is the way that can be implemented to deceive the human vision and show different movements.

Through the connotations, a dynamic is attributed to the elements, so that through kinetic design or the paint that is introduced to the figures in the plane, graphic animations have now been developed that allow each one of the elements have a sense of movement with dynamic layers, which gives a more realistic visualization.


Another basic element consists of a line, which is one of the most used in graphic designs, it is a simple but dynamic representation, so that it allows to establish the succession of the points as the direction of the elements. The trajectory can be dynamic and pure, at the same time that a movement is introduced in the visual aspect; One of the advantages that you can highlight is the exposure of an area in the plane as the separation of each element. shapes in graphic design

The textures and planes are made up of lines with the separation of each figure that is arranged in the plane, with this one has the ability to establish composition areas in the work, generally in the case that more than one element is available, it is applied the lines as a means of separator to maintain the sense and order in the plane.


In the previous section, the basic forms of point composition were explained, but it is necessary to understand what this minimum unit consists of, because through it all the visual information that is implemented in a graphic design can be expanded. One of the main characteristics is that it has a small size, however various types of this unit can be combined to form a line and a figure.

It has a circular shape but in some computers it can be seen in a square or even triangular shape, it does not establish direction in the elements unless a specific degree inclination is added. In the case that points are placed in consecutive ways, a sense of line is generated, due to the fact that a link is established between them, which increase their size when adding new points.

When the points are isolated, it can give a sensation of a line or a contour depending on the amount that is established, generally in these cases it is sought to focus on a specific area on the plane, where the user’s view is based on a certain site either to expose a figure or to demonstrate the shape and colors of the elements, this depends on the ideas of the designers. shapes in graphic design


The basic composition or line shapes allow you to establish a contour in the plane so that the lines connect, enclosing a specific area in the graphic design; With this, it is possible to delimit different areas that you want to highlight either in the background or in the interior part of the elements, the designer is the one who determines the continuity of the lines or the separation of each of the figures.

In graphic designs it is required to define their properties to have a visual impact on the plane in each of the elements that are in the area of ​​the specific contour; Generally, you can find different types of contours, including the circumferences, the square, also the circumference, among others.

Square shapes in graphic design

One of the most used geometric figures is the square, it is made up of four lines that connect to establish a specific contour; They have 90 ° angles in each of its corners, which is why it represents a stable character together with a balance in the plane, due to its dimensions defined by the straight lines allowing the elements to be organized in the plane. shapes in graphic design

The rectangle is a figure that derives from the square but as it does not have equal sides, it refers to an imperfect contour; With the square, the plane is centered inside the figure, exposing each of the elements that is inside it so that the visualization is carried out in a horizontal way, it can vary in size, dimension and coloration.

Circumference shapes in graphic design

The contour that is curved consists of a circle, which has points with the same distance to the center of the figure, it is very similar to the circle but with a permanent constant radius. It gives the representation of a specific area where it groups a series of elements with specific and determined properties which are the basis for graphic design.shapes in graphic design

It generates a sensation of rotational movements as well as of continuous points, it is a symbolism of protection and instability in the closed space. It has various figures that derive from this contour such as the ovoid and also the oval, the dynamism of the circumference allows an enlargement in the three-dimensional projection, giving the shape of a sphere where it defines the properties of the elements.

It has the ability to contain a greater number of elements inside, where the properties of the figures are exposed, which is why this graphic design is generally used in the elaboration of web pages to visualize a respective effect on the contour, so that can optimize the perimeter used in the area of ​​moving and fixed elements.

Mixed contours shapes in graphic design

Another of the basic forms of point composition is the possibility of establishing mixed contours, these consist of a combination of each of the elements named above. It allows to establish an orientation or the location of a figure or of a specific area where the strokes of the lines are limited to have properties that give a feeling of stability and balance.

The advantage of mixed contours is that they accumulate all the benefits that contours present, since you can have a visual variation through the designs that are applied on the web pages; It gives the possibility of having SWF files to enlarge the graphics used in an area where you want to highlight the respective elements on the perimeter. shapes in graphic design

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