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How to pass a scanned document to Word?

Know throughout this excellent article, What is a Word document. In addition, you will find out in detail How to transfer a scanned document to Word? Step by step and do not fail in the attempt. scanned document to Word

How to pass a scanned document to Word? scanned document to Word

scanned document to Word
scanned document to Word

We have all ever scanned a file that we later wanted to edit, or fix in Word for some work or modification of it, if you scan it you will automatically obtain a photo. But you can’t edit the text for a photo, it would be just a simple image so you won’t be able to edit the text.

OCR software or an external tool will be needed to provide us with this type of format, since it is extremely important to take into account the importance of being clear to read the photos and recognize the text within an image and this can then be converted into a editable document. To edit it at will.

There are numerous OCR software that we can help with, there are times when not all programs work very well, there will be some in which when you convert them you will not be able to have the same font as the original document.

Features to achieve it scanned document to Word

Editing a scanned document in Word is easier than it sounds. We are going to indicate a series of characteristics so that this can be done correctly:

  • Scan the document and convert it to PDF, as it will be easier. If it is an image, do the same procedure and convert it to PDF.
  • Search for OCR programs in the Google search engine since many of these are helpful tools for this type of occasion.
  • Scan the document legibly, as this helps it to be edited well. The OCR software will take care of the rest if it is well readable.

Scan programs

scanned document to Word
scanned document to Word

To transform a scanned document into editable, you have to do the scan very rigorously and that it comes out very well, since the software or tool that will allow us to transfer a scanned document to Word must read the document legibly. We explain some programs that you can use to achieve this.

  • A desktop or printer scanner has been evolving and although it is not a program, it will simply help you a lot with its scanning level, and most importantly, the internal program or software that is installed on the computer allows you to convert it into PDF.
  • You can support yourself with other applications for your desktop or office scanner with the following applications: NAPS2, ScanSpeeder, Windows 10 Scanner, PaperScan Scanner Software, Readiris Pro 17; These applications will natively enhance your scanner and give it more power.
  • You can also use a smartphone with a good camera that has good features to install an app from the following: CamScanner, Dropbox, Office Lens, Google Drive, Mobile OCR. These as well as others will be helpful to scan your document.

Steps to transfer a scanned document to Word scanned document to Word

Here we finally advise you to take the necessary steps to be able to have the edition, we offer you this solution, pay very good attention since it is very simple and it will not take almost anything:

Step 1: Document readable

Organize the document to be scanned well so that it is fully legible and of very good quality, we gave you a couple of tips above so that you have an idea of ​​how to do it very well.

Step 2: Convert it to PDF

If your document, photo or scanned file comes out in JPG, PNG or similar format and not PDF. There is no need to worry, look in the settings of your scanner and activate the saving in PDF, as a last option you can search in Google for a web page that helps with this add-on.

Step 3: OCR software scanned document to Word

This is an important point because it is this software that will allow us to edit that scanned file in PDF format, we will make it very simple, we will use an OCR software or we will Google a converter to OCR; we will upload the PDF file and then we will convert it, after this has happened we proceed to download the same file in ODS format; whose format is the one indicated for Word.

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