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What is Remote Access? What is your profit in business?

Learn in this article thanks to reliable and detailed information What is Remote Access? What is its great benefit that it brings to companies?

What is Remote Access?

Before fully understanding the term “remote access”, it is important to understand its etymology. In this case, we can be sure that this is what the two words that shape it have:

Accesso is a noun derived from Latin, more precisely from the meaning of “accessus”, which can be translated as the act of arrival. It is the result of the sum of two different parts: the prefix “ad-” (synonymous with “towards”) and the adjective “cessus” (that is, “a”).

On the other hand, remote is an adjective and its etymology is also derived from Latin. Specifically, it is derived from “remote” and can be translated as remote.

The idea of ​​remote access is used in the field of computing to indicate the possibility of performing certain tasks on a computer without physical contact with the device. This is thanks to computer programs that allow you to use the computer remotely.

So what is remote access? this includes accessing a computer through another computer. In this way, operations performed on one computer will also be performed on another computer.

The tools of what is remote access? They are often used to solve technical problems without the need for experts to travel. Experts can work in the office and “control” computers thousands of miles away to see different problems and find and solve them; For this to be possible, it is necessary to authorize others for access from the computer that will be “remotely controlled”.

By providing the best service to customers, many IT companies will not hesitate to use remote access. With the help of this resource, your technicians can solve certain problems, and even system problems, without wasting time or money.

In this way, customers are happy because their problems can be solved almost immediately, while workers are happy because they do not have to move their working hours from one place to another and the company manages to save money.

It is important to note that remote access requires both computers to have the same remote management software. This is in addition to the permission and authorization system, making the task possible and safe.


What is Remote Access
What is Remote Access

We know that they provide many benefits to different companies, let’s see:

  • Greater efficiency and flexibility at work.
  • Better end-to-end security.
  • Use BYOD to cut costs.
  • Better business continuity.
  • Also better recruitment of talent.

This one is ideal for travelers, contractors, people who work from home, or people leaving the office due to natural disasters or other situations. This is very valuable for companies that have policies that allow remote access to their users, if employees cannot get to the office during a natural disaster, they have the flexibility to work from home or make plans.

How it benefits companies

This can bring many benefits to your business, from reducing costs to increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Better work productivity and flexibility

Employees must be freed from the physical office to stay productive because they can balance the needs of work and family. As the boundaries between the two become less and less defined, employees increasingly need secure access from outside the company network.

What is remote access? Give workers the tools they need to produce anywhere. IT administrators can centrally manage applications across multiple platforms, thus minimizing administration complexity and maximizing mobile productivity.

Better end-to-end security

Today’s end users need easy access to their web, cloud, or SaaS applications across multiple devices and connections. To ensure a high-quality user experience while maintaining security and control, the IT team must provide users with single sign-on for all applications, by leveraging contextual access control and authentication. Through multiple factors, IT can maintain end-to-end monitoring and productivity of all application traffic.

Lower costs with BYOD

Today’s highly mobile workforce has enabled productivity to go beyond the physical office and traditional work hours. By implementing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, the company enables employees to use remote access technology to work at any location and on any device of their choice.

Through remote access, data can be kept safe and staff can carry out production anywhere. By allowing employees to use their own equipment, companies can exponentially reduce the cost of acquiring and managing company-owned equipment.

Better business continuity

Business continuity is the ability of an organization to maintain critical functions during and after a major disruption. These outages can cost the organization time, money and productivity, from natural disasters to outages, if employees leave due to business continuity disruptions, they can use a secure remote access connection to stay productive.

Remote technical support can also be provided on demand to shorten response time and help keep the business running.

Best Talent Acquisition What is Remote Access

By allowing team members to work remotely, companies can find talent among larger people anywhere in the world . What is remote access? This allows employees to work from anywhere, so hiring managers are no longer limited to geographic locations. This allows the company to hire the best candidates without restrictions, giving managers the best chance to win the talent war.

What is Citrix Remote PC Access?

This is a solution that can achieve performance similar to local performance and seamless access from any device without installing or loading a VPN. Many companies require remote access to company PCs as a way to work at home, disaster recovery, or “VDI.”

Single sign-on from any device

It can easily access and implement a single sign-on and local-like experience on existing PCs from anywhere. By using Smoothroaming, we create a session that seamlessly logs in with the next user.

High Definition User Experience (HDX) performance  What is Remote Access

What is Remote Access
What is Remote Access

There is no loss of quality when accessing the workstation in this way. PC access supports 4k and 8k views and 3D playback. Our unrivaled HDX products can provide high-quality video, multimedia and voice redirection for existing desktops, VDI and virtual applications, and efficiently utilize bandwidth.

Network security and analysis What is Remote Access

With Citrix Networking and SmartAccess, organizations can monitor printers, client devices, session connections, and respond to security status. Administrators can also use the full functionality of Citrix Analytics to collect data to improve application performance, support continuous operation, and improve security. What is Remote Access

In addition to technical support, remote access also offers other possibilities. Vacationers can use remote access permissions to access their home computers and read their emails.

Of course, we must not forget that there are many entrepreneurs who have special remote access programs. Thanks to them, even if they are not in your company, they can remotely access the reports and files of the projects in which the company and its employees are working.

In this way, customers are happy because their problems can be solved almost immediately, while workers are happy because they do not have to move their working hours from one place to another and the company manages to save money.

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