What is PSeInt? Description, purpose, characteristics, and more

This time we will talk about What is PSeInt ? What is an educational software aimed at people who are new to programming. So I invite you to continue reading so that you know about this.

What is PSeInt?

It is an educational tool to help students in the first steps in programming. This software uses a pseudo-language supplemented with flowcharts, which makes the student focus his attention on the main concepts of the computational algorithm with numerous teaching aids and resources.


This educational software originates from the abbreviation of the computer states of Pseudo Interprete, this educational tool was created in Argentina and completely in Spanish. This software is used by students in learning the fundamentals of programming and developing logic.

It is quite popular software, since it is widely used in the universities of Latin America and Spain for the educational teaching of programming. So we will show you what PSeInt is in the course of this post.


The purpose of this software is to help students who are starting to build computational programs or algorithms. Through pseudocodes that are the language that is used to introduce students to basic concepts such as the use of control structures, expressions and variables.

This program seeks to facilitate the student the task of writing the algorithms in this pseudo-language by providing help and assistance as well as additional tools that help to find errors and understand the logic of the algorithms. This is a free application and you can get to download it from several places, so it is an excellent option if you want to start learning to program.


Among the characteristics of this educational software we have:

This software presents editing tools to write algorithms through:

  • Autocomplete language.
  • Emerging aid.
  • command templates.
  • It has the ability to support procedures and functions.
  • Intelligent indentation.
  • It can be exported to other languages.
  • You can graph and create and edit flowcharts.
  • syntax coloring.
  • This software has a special program forum.
  • In addition to being a multiplatform software.
  • Includes examples with different levels of difficulty.
  • Determine and clearly mark the errors that are found.

When starting this application we are shown the basic structure from where the code will be written, for this the code will be documented by means of a comment in a few lines so that we can identify what each of the parts does. Since when we develop and increase the number of lines, it will be difficult for us to find in which of them the sentence of what each one specifically does is found.

 Use of control structures

Within the control structures that are carried out in the same program, but that are built in three cycles, which we will mention below:

  • One with the repeating structure while (While).
  • With the repetitive structure repeat (Do While).
  • And with the repeating structure for (For)

While repetitive structure

In the repetitive structure While, it is the one that is executed while the control question waits for a true answer, if it is given a false answer, it leaves the loop. This structure is recommended when the moment when the cycle will be abandoned is unknown.

An example of this is: if we need to make a program where numbers are requested and these are added until the user enters a negative number, as it is difficult to know when the user will write a negative number, the structure of the While. One of the characteristics of it is that it first asks and then asks.

Repetitive Do While structure

This repetitive structure works the same as the While, the only difference between the two is that it first asks and then asks. And that instead of abandoning the cycle when it gets a false answer to the control question, it does so when it gets a true answer.

Repetitive structure For

This is a repetitive structure when it comes to knowing how many turns the cycle must perform. For example, if we get to make an algorithm that asks the user how many numbers to add, with the algorithm the number of spins will be known from the number of numbers entered by the user.

To conclude, we can say that this PSeInt program is an excellent educational tool for students who are beginning to study programming. It has the particularity of being completely in Spanish and that it is used in several Latin American universities for its teaching.

In addition to being a free application so if you are a programming student and are starting in this type of knowledge. I recommend this software so that you can expand your knowledge in the programming area and that you can continue learning through an excellent application, where all you have to do is try it to see what you think.

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