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Power supply connectors What are they for?

Computers have elements that convert alternating current into direct current so that components can use it for their operation. These are the connectors of a power supply.

Connectors of a power supply

Power supply connectors
Power supply connectors

The connectors of a power supply are cables that are connected to each device that is in the computer, these must be fixed to establish the connection with the network, however there is the possibility that special connectors are available to establish this link . An example are the well-known ICE Connectors, which are characterized by their quality in the transfer of electricity to electrical components.

It is important to have knowledge of how to make this type of connection since you must have total security in the installation procedure, in this way you avoid damage to any device that is in the computer. With these connectors, the power supply is carried to the motherboard, that is, to the motherboard that proceeds with the execution of its operation.

Without the power supply, most of the hardware connected to the computer cannot operate, since they require this electrical energy to fulfill their objectives. An example is the printers that must be connected to a socket, there are also the monitors, you can even have horns that have this electrical dependence.

A characteristic of the power source is that it consists of an inert box complete with plastic and metal, it also has the ability to use circuits and switching materials that transform alternating current to direct current, so that the components the computer to operate properly.

If you do not have this component, the equipment cannot be operational, also if you have a damaged power supply, it damages the components installed in the computer, since it can let in too much current, saturate the devices and burn them, or not allows the current necessary for the operation of the equipment to pass, damaging the system.


In the market there is not a wide range of connectors for a power supply, however, as this component is viral for computers, they can be found in different ways and with different capacities, so it is convenient to know to use the correct component in the computer.

Power supply connectors
Power supply connectors

With what is explained in the previous point, it is possible to understand the importance of having a power supply but also of the connectors that must be used for the input of the necessary current to the equipment. That is why the following are some types that are generally used in computers with their main characteristics:

24-pin ATX

Among the connectors of a power supply there is generally the 24-pin ATX, which is responsible for transferring the current to the motherboard, where it proceeds with the distribution of electricity throughout the equipment so that each component has just enough to operate optimally.

It has a main connector which consists of 20 pins, it also has a secondary connector made up of 4 pins, so that it can be used in equipment that requires more power. They are removable and is characterized by only being plugged in towards the motherboard.


It is a connector in order to pass direct current to the processor directly, it regulates the voltage to 12 V from the source to power the SoC that includes the integrated graphics, as well as the controllers, among others. In general, the 4-pin one can be found on the market since it is the basic option for power supplies.

It has two semi-independent connectors which are located in the source which is essential in the processor power supply. It has a lot of similarity to PCI-E connectors mainly in its design, but the difference is based on the fact that the power supply with the EPS is for the CPU socket while PCI-E is for the GPU.


It is known as one of the connectors of a power supply when a greater supply to the equipment is required, generally this power exceeds 75 W due to the additional graphics cards that are incorporated in a computer. So the motherboard is guaranteed to work with all included devices.

It has a characteristic configuration which consists of 6 + 2 pins giving the advantage of being used in cards that only require 6 pins and those that require 8 pins. The advantage of this connector is the additional ports that they offer to install other devices, giving the option to expand the components in the equipment.

Another advantage it provides is that it can be purchased at a low price in the market, making it easier for users to have these types of connectors from a power supply. It also guarantees its compatibility with the graphics cards that are in the computer.

4-pin molex Power supply connectors

Generally this connector is used to power some components in the computer since this connector is applied only for secondary tasks, this is because with the advancement of technology it has been relegated by other connectors, however it fulfills the function of supplying energy.

It was originally intended to power floppy drives, but since this is no longer used today, the connector is applied to supply DC power to the motherboard, graphics cards, and buses. It is considered discontinued and can be used in the event that a low power connector is required.

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