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Parts of Microsoft Word and its great features

It is important to know all the parts of Word , so that in this way we can write a more orderly and precise document. In this article you will be able to know everything related to this topic. You can also read our post about the work packages of What is Microsoft-office , where you will know their meaning and much more. Parts of Microsoft Word

Parts of Word 2021 and their functions

Parts of Microsoft Word
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In this section we will make references to the parts of Word 2020. This implies that we must refer to the parts of Word and their functions . This program is included in the Office package developed by Microsoft for some years. Along with other programs, it represents one of those used by various users around the world. It contains a number of appearances that can make the works a real gem. Here we will tell you all the parts of Word .

Documents written in Word can be presented in order and with an interesting organization when all parts of  Word are known . We will then see how these commands are carried out and also how the program is structured.

The first view of Word presents the parts of the Word desktop . A way where a very large space that covers 80% of the screen can be seen between several elements. This is where the document will be written. There are also various menus and bars where various processes are activated. These allow giving breadth and versatility to the document, let’s see its parts then.

Microsoft Word Parts of Microsoft Word

Now, what is Microsoft Word and its parts? This program is a software for writing texts, by means of which different types of documents can be easily developed in a practical way.

In other words, it is a word processor that allows you to create and edit text, as long as you know what the parts of Word are and what they are for . With this software, the user will be able to write and design texts where they will be able to use different fonts, colors, sizes, thanks to the functions of Word . Next, we will describe all the parts of Word .

Work area

The work area is one of the parts of Word and it is the largest that can be seen when we open the Word file. It is generally white and is the place where the writing of any type of document, letter, memo, or simply a communication will be developed. Next we will say what are the parts of Microsoft Word.

Title bar Parts of Microsoft Word

Parts of Microsoft Word
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The title bar is one of the parts of a Word document . It is located at the top of the document, it shows the name of the program or document. There are also buttons to expand, reduce and close the document or file. The bar allows you to place some tools that the user will use according to their needs.

There, when we open a Word document we can read the phrase Document1 – Microsoft Word. Refers to a general name displayed by the program software. When we save our document we can replace that name with a personalized one related to our theme.

Quick Access Toolbar Parts of Microsoft Word

This bar is one of the most important parts of Word. It is also located at the top of our screen, on the left side. Pressing the little arrow displays some commands such as “New” which refers to opening a new document, “Open” which implies displaying a document that we have filed on our computer, “Undo” or “Redo”, it even allows us to “Save” the document.

To “Save” we just have to press the command that has the shape of a floppy disk. To “Undo” we press the arrow that goes to the left and “Redo” the one that goes to the right.

These Word components are called the Quick Access Toolbar because they are the commands we use the most.

In this same bar we can visualize on the upper right side, what is known as window controls. They are simply three commands that allow us to perform three functions. The “X” is to close the window of the Word document we are working with, but not the program.

Other Word and its components is the script ” – ” is to minimize the document we are working on. On the other hand, the button that contains a double box that is located in the center of the previous ones is to maximize or enlarge the document.

Standard bar Parts of Microsoft Word

One of the parts of Microsoft office Word is the Word Menu bar, it is made up of eight horizontally arranged tabs. Each one has different but easy to use functions. To be able to see the functions that integrate them, we simply click or select each one of them.

Among these tabs we have “File”, “Home” or as some call it Word start and its parts , “Insert”, “Page layout”, “References”, “Correspondence”, “Review” and “View”. Each of them has Microsoft Word specific functions .

In each of these tabs we can see dialog launchers that are downward arrows that display some functions. When we click on those arrows, windows are displayed according to each tab and group.

Selecting any function will display other options and you will be able to select the one you require to work on your document.

For example, when we press the “File” tab, some commands or functions such as “New”, “Open” “Save”, “Save as” are displayed, among others.

New Parts of Microsoft Word

This command allows you to select a new document in the different programs offered by the Word Program package. You simply select the document you should work with and that’s it. After describing one of the Microsft Word parts, we proceed to explain another of the components of this program.


Open gives us the option to select in the document folders any material, work, file or document that we have saved.


By pressing “Save” we are backing up the information we are working on. In the event that the document has not been saved on our computer, the “Save as” option will open so that we can back up the entire document.

Print Parts of Microsoft Word

When we have finished our work and we need to print it, we simply press the “Print” button and we can have our document in physical form or printed on a word sheet .

To close Parts of Microsoft Word

The “X” that we find in the “File” tab allows us to close the document we are working on. When pressed, a window is displayed that asks us for our choice to save the document.

Exit Word

As its name indicates, clicking on this option allows us to exit the Word program . Also, all documents that are open will be closed.

Save as

This function allows us to save and identify our document with a category, a specific name that may be related to its content.

Office button Parts of Microsoft Word

Another major part of Microsoft Word is the office button. It is the circular button that is located in some operating systems at the bottom and in others at the top, on the left side.

When you press it, a window is displayed where you can select some functions of interest to which the program operates. This command takes us to other Microsoft Word programs parts , as well as other functions as you can see in the following drawing of word and its parts .

Next we are going to describe the different Word bars and their functions so that you can easily identify them. Among the word bars and their functions we have the format. Let’s see.

Format bar Parts of Microsoft Word

Another part of the word program is the format bar. This bar allows us to observe a series of buttons where a series of elements can be changed. They help to give a different and original style to the document. It also contains elements such as font type and color, highlighting, font size, style, among others.

This bar offers us different options to choose the font or type of letter with which we are going to write and the choice of color. In addition, it gives us the options to select the styles of the characters (bold, italic, normal, among others.), As well as the size of the font.

On the other hand, the format bar contains functions that help add to our underlined text and specific functions such as crossing out a phrase or word, double strikethrough, superscript, subscript, shadow, outline, relief, engraving, small capitals, uppercase, lowercase, sentence type , among others,.

Finally, it is in this bar where we choose the spaces between characters, lines and paragraphs, and other effects. We continue to offer you a word with all its parts .

Status bar

It is located at the bottom of the document and specifies the information related to the total number of pages, language, translator, error notifications, the word count, sections among other information. According to our image below, it is number 9.

The menu, like one of the parts of a Word, is characterized by being manipulable and the information presented is assigned directly by the program, that is, actions cannot be included.

In this bar we can visualize the document we are working on in five ways.

See print layout v

This option will allow the user to view the document as it will look when printed.

View full screen

This option is very useful, as it allows you to view the entire document and we can read the content of the document appropriately and comfortably.

Web Design View

In the event that the document is disseminated in search engines such as Explores or Firefox, this web design view will allow us to see how our document would look.

Outline view

As its name indicates, the document can be viewed in schematic form.

See Project Parts of Microsoft Word

It is the tool that users use the most when they want to read or edit it. Refers to Zoom tools.

Zoom slider Parts of Microsoft Word

This tool allows you to resize the document to view it according to the user’s requirements. Allows you to zoom in or out. It offers a wide range of sizes from 0% to 500%.

Menu bars

One part of Word is the menu bar. Just by clicking on one of the actions found in it. We access various functions and various menus that serve as support when the document is being drafted or edited. That is, between the parts of the word menu and Word functions in the menu bar we can:

  • Create a new document.
  • Locate previously saved Word documents.
  • Close the current document.
  • Archive the document you are working on on a disk drive.
  • Save document changes with different characteristics, for example: different name.
  • Establish margins, paper size, orientation of the Word page and its parts in the whole document or a part of it.
  • Present on screen the final appearance that the document will have if it is printed.
  • Send the document to print on the previously assigned device. You can also specify the number of copies, the range of sheets to print and print quality, among others.
  • Quickly access recently used documents in Word.
  • Exit the Microsoft Word application.

After referring to the parts of the Word page, now let’s talk about the size buttons.

Size buttons Parts of Microsoft Word

Among the parts of Word with their names we have the size buttons. It is located in the upper right part of the document in number three. They can also be seen in the rest of the Office programs.

There are three buttons as an integral part of the Word components , which allow to first minimize the document when a small horizontal line is clicked. As you can see in the following image are the buttons that are located in the upper left part (Number 11 of the image)

Then we have the decrease bar, other parts of Microsoft Word , where by clicking on it we can reduce the size of the document. The X represents the closing of the document, it is always important to save it so as not to lose the changes.


One of the parts of the Microsoft Word program that acquires relevance in the view. It is a very practical button, it serves to appreciate everything related to the various views that can be had of the document. As well as the modifications according to our taste, it refers to the ways in which a document can be viewed.

The menu shows the so-called normal view, print design, outline and web design among others. It is for these reasons that we consider this command to be one of the  important parts of Word.


Described the functions of the parts of Word , now we will talk about the Rules. It is a condition of the parts of the word that helps to manipulate the document. This is to select the size of the margins and set the distance for the entire document. Therefore, it is considered as one of the basic parts of Word.

I leave you this video so that you can visually understand much more about the elements of word and their functions.


It is one of the parts that make up Word, characterized by being a long bar that is generally located towards the right side of the document. It consists of an open bar that contains an arrow which allows the user to scroll up and down more quickly.

Other icons that are parts of the Word program

This feature is generally hidden and out of the user’s view. To access it, you must click to display a menu where the rest of the icons that represent other actions can be found. These are allowed to activate the icons of the different bars. Each of them can be added to the toolbar depending on the user’s own needs.

The Tabs

Definitely, tabs is one of the main parts of word . It consists of a user tool that helps to organize the content of the document in order to make it visible. This action can be done from the keyboard, but according to needs. Also, you can use the icon located at the top.

It is activated by clicking on the respective icon. Where a small menu opens that offers the various types of tabs, center the margin, or place it to the right or left.

The mousse or mouse

One of the components of Word is the mousse. During the tour of the article we have commented on word and its parts and functions , however we are missing the mouse. To select the various functions we must use the mousse or mouse. To select the different commands, we move the mouse pointer to the command that we need to use. It is important that you know that with the left button of the mousse you can select the options.

Now, with the button on the right side other functions such as undo, paste, select all, among others, are displayed.

What is the most important part of Word?

The most important part of Word is the task pane, which we will define next.

Task pane

Other parts of Microsoft Word can be located on the right side of the window, in some versions. Allows the user to access functions related to changing text, formatting, modifying the paragraph. You can also create new documents, search and insert some Word images and their parts .

Word has undergone a major change in design and appearance compared to the previous version 2003. It now makes document preparation tasks easier as it uses a more intuitive and manageable interface that simplifies the use of the different tool menus.

What are the parts of the Word screen?

Once W ord has addressed its parts and functions , we will give you a list of Word and its parts  that the screen has and among one of the first we find the Microsoft office 2007 Button (1), then we will see several of the bars, one of them is the Tool whose function is to have Quick Access to the different functions (2), we also have the Title Bar (3), another is the tab bar (5), the tool bar (6), the Status Bar (8) and Document View Bar (Printing, Web, full screen reading (9)), we will also see the Ribbon (Contains Tab Bar and Toolbar (4)), the Work Area (7) and the Control Zoom (10).

Once the questions about  which are the parts of Microsoft Word have been answered, we will be able to appreciate the parts of the Word screen shown in the following image, we propose to give you a series of recommendations.

Recommendations for using Word and its parts

When you are working on a document, take a few minutes to learn the parts of Word . Also always use the save icon to avoid losing the work you have done. It happens that sometimes there may be power outages or simply by mistake we close the document.

It is important to become familiar with the save icon. It is easily identifiable because it is a small blue floppy that is generally in the upper left part of the screen and the toolbar of Microsoft Word and its parts .

After developing this article about word and all its parts, we hope that if you liked this article with the parts of microsoft word and what they are for, you want to know more about this topic, I invite you to visit our portal by clicking on the following links about The 5 most dangerous virus in history and  Computer Security Recommendations.

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