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Network card What is it and what is it for?

With the development of technology, you have the opportunity to establish an Internet connection, for that the network card is used in the computers, in this article we will explain what it consists of and its characteristics. network card definition

network card definition
network card definition

Network card Definition

Nowadays it is very important to have an internet connection available, because with technological advances, most things can be done online. Due to this, people look for the way in which their computers have internet access, for this the hardware known as a network card is used; which consists of a device made up of cables which allow the corresponding connection.

Thanks to the motherboard, it can be connected to a home network or even an office network, it relies on radio waves to transmit data so that web browsing can be started. All computers have this device in their components, this is because the demand in the market is equipment with the ability to establish an internet connection. network card definition

The operation of a motherboard is very wide, due to this it can be considered as one of the most important components that computers contain, even more than the audio card or the video card. It has the advantage of running on the computer automatically, the only condition available is that it is connected correctly.

If you do not have a network card, you cannot download the different drivers that are required to run in the operating system, likewise you do not have the ability to solve the problems that arise in the computer, one of the problems that It is observed with the reading of the external memory units where the operating system cannot access the stored data.

Through this device, the connection established on the Internet depends on the capacity in which it is designed, the higher the range the data transfer speed increases; Another name that is known to the device is the network interface card, however there are also other not so common names, one is LAN adapter, another less known is Network interface controller.

It gives the machines the ability to establish a specific connection on a specific network, as it is a device that is highly requested by customers, there are several types on the market, so that the one that is compatible with the computer’s operating system can be selected. in this way, customers have the advantage of using the one that is most convenient for them or the one with an acceptable price. network card definition

It can be used on desktop or laptop computers, as its function is the same for any computer in that it consists of managing the data set packages to prepare and send them accordingly. Therefore, it is responsible for transmitting the necessary information to different equipment or components that are connected in the same network, so that there is an exchange of data according to the request that is made.

It can also be run on computers that are on remote networks, giving the possibility of establishing a connection with other types of networks, as needed by the user. One of the advantages of the network card is that it can be inserted in any kind of machine, it does not limit its use, so users only have to choose according to their requests, in this way a computer with high quality characteristics can be designed .

Features and functions network card definition

network card definition
network card definition

The network card is essential to establish the Internet connection but it also allows access to a specific network where printers, external storages, among others, are implemented. In this way, it can execute its operation, which consists of exchanging the specific data of a component with the requested information, either through a command or by an application that executes protocols through the operating system.

The computers that are connected to each other do not always have the same operating system, but this is not an impediment for the network card, which is responsible for preparing the data that corresponds to each computer according to the commands that are executed and the programs that are being applied, you can even manage the information of external accessories that are connected to the computer.

By making the intercommunication of the equipment to the network, it offers the possibility of delivering the resources that are available, that is, the internet is shared with each of the equipment that is connected to the same network. This complement ensures that within a specific area the own and external hardware have the advantage of taking advantage of its basic operation, managing at the same time to organize each of the corresponding protocols that have to be executed in the system. network card definition 

It also allows the communication of different devices so that they can use a single characteristic hardware system which can be located on a different computer, thus establishing a chain of data where they are transmitted consecutively and organized to establish a management with all the information that is handled in the network and in turn with the execution of the operating system.

One of the characteristics of the network card is that it increases the level of performance of a computer, thus improving its performance and increasing the speed at which data is transmitted, although this also depends on the type or capacity that is used. use in the complement, due to this it is advisable to have the corresponding information from the computer to know with which model you are going to take advantage of all its benefits. network card definition

It provides a link in which the computer accesses a network, in this same area it allows other equipment to enter so that a new network is configured so that it serves as a link to establish a new connection to different equipment, the higher the capacity it can support a greater number of computers connected to a single network managing to exchange the data executed by the user.

The network can be through a cable or wireless, which uses the device to give a link or a connection point to different equipment, this operation is explained through its structure, since it has circuits and a system in charge to carry out the preparation of the data to send them to each of the computers that are connected, thus maintaining a computer relationship in the machines to simplify the execution process.

An example of when a network card is applied is when it is required to enter a home network, the device is responsible for transforming the request made by the computer into information that is managed in the processor producing electrical impulses so that it can carry out the transmission of Data through the cable but in a current form, when it reaches the device it transforms it back into digital data.

In the same way, it applies to a service on the internet, the network card sends the data of the equipment to the web page so that a link is established to exchange the data of the system necessary for the execution of the information and the codes that it has. the page, at the same time the operating system protocol ensures that the exchanged data is not malicious and protects the computer from any data that harms the system.

The procedure that carries out this data exchange consists of processing the digital data, which is sent to the computer’s processor so that the equipment executes the corresponding commands and the requested tasks, then it is sent back to the network card to execute a new process. In reverse, giving the teams the indicated responses to the requests made.

Types network card definition

The network card has a serial number in which it stores all the information on the device, this is known as the MAC address, which maintains access control on the network. Depending on the type of device used, management can increase the capacity of data transfer, establishing a connection or a link to a web service.

With the advancement of technology, different types of network card have been designed, which provided an expansion or expansion in the equipment system, they are located in the bus slot where it executes all its basic functions. As different classes can be acquired depending on their properties, below are the main types of the network card along with their characteristics:

Ethernet network card definition

Ethernet network cards are known as the devices that establish a connection to the internet through a certain cable, which can be large meters long, giving the possibility of being in long distances between one computer to another. They are one of the devices most used by users, it is one of the best sellers on the market, since it provides the facility to establish the connection points for the exchange of data in a network.

They are generally used to establish a specific network in a certain area, in this way the data set is sent through the cables ensuring its corresponding arrival, in turn, it guarantees that the information is not lost or damaged during the trip. which prevents it from affecting the computers that receive the corrupted data. The Ethernet cable is responsible for providing protection to the information from electromagnetic waves to prevent it from presenting any corruption. network card definition

It presents a square connector, which is known as RJ45 with which its operation was amplified and its performance increased in data transmission, it offers an interface in the system that helps in the management of the information and the application that is executed . It can reach various speeds in sending the data, generally within the range of 10MB / s to 100MB / s.

This data transmission depends on the conditions of the network and the Ethernet cable, if it is in optimal conditions it can have a speed of up to 1 GB / s. Electromagnetic interference affects the state of this cable, so it is recommended to have a supervision of the cable conditions, since it establishes a network that shares the data with different equipment.

WIFI network card definition

The WIFI network card is one of the most popular devices on the market, although it does not outperform the Ethernet network card; This card is wireless which has a data transmission system through WIFI. Two classes of this device are available on the market, thus offering a wide range of possibilities for use in equipment.

The first type is an external wireless network card which consists of establishing a specific connection to the bus that the computer has with the one condition that it is empty. This is located on the base card of the equipment, in this way the data transmission is generated by a different path than as explained with the Ethernet, the system is in charge of managing the information received and sends a response to the device.

While the other type of wireless network card is Integrated, this kind of device is generally implemented in various portable devices, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, among others. Its operation is basically the same as the external one, the only thing is that it constitutes the equipment to establish the connection to a certain network, while the external one requires a connection to the bus. network card definition

The speed of data and information transmission obtained with this wireless card is very different from those that need an Ethernet cable, which operate through the magnetic waves that a network has for data transfer and not through a cable. fiber. It presents a standard that is structured in IEEE 802.11b, also IEEE 802.11g and finally IEEE 802.11n, which are the most applied by users to establish access to a specific network.


Arcnet consists of a network architecture that corresponds to a local area, which has been the well-known LAN that establishes access to the internet. Its acronym stands for Attached Resource Computer NETwork in English, so that it indicates the establishment of or exchange of data, it was developed in 1977 by a company called Datapoint Corpration, the purpose of this card is to use a system in a massive way to share various data and files. network card definition

Generally, the data exchange speed is an average of 2 MB / s but the advantage of this type of device is that there were no collisions in the data packets, so its efficiency and performance is of very good quality. comparing with Ethernet, since it can offer greater security in the transmission of information without these being damaged in the process.

However, its main disadvantage is its high price for the materials that make up the card, so that in the market there has been a significant decrease in sales of this add-on, this is due to the fact that Ethernet is much cheaper, being easier for customers to purchase this type of network card despite the Arnet architecture.

Token Ring

It is a network architecture created by the IBM company, it was developed in 1970 which had the function of establishing access to the network through a ring topology, where data is transmitted at a high speed reaching 16 MB / s Through this structure, a wide range of functions was offered that could be applied in the system to the corresponding network.

Thanks to its structure, the data transfer speed was not fluctuating, so that stability was preserved in the network that the different types of equipment associated with a specific platform were found. It does not require any routing, since its system allows you to increase the length of the network, however its disadvantage is that it has a high sensitivity in data exchange failures.

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