Microservices: Definition, characteristics and advantages

With the advancement of technology, the creations of microservices have increased , so that currently there are several ways to establish an application development through small services, in this article its characteristics and much more are explained. Microservices Advantages

What are Microservices?

microservices advantages
microservices advantages

Microservices consist of programming development systems for a specific software and an application through a set of services that are characterized as small and that can be run continuously. It is possible to do it with different programming languages ​​and in a specific area.

This microservices architecture has increased its use with development over time, so that the creation of applications increases its performance, its efficiency and also its stability in each year that it is worked, that is why these projects are maintained in a constant development.

Due to its specific characteristics, it can be used in various areas as long as it complies with the compatibility of the wide ranges of platforms that exist to provide the appropriate functions according to the microservices architecture method, in which they are independent of each other since they have a specific code.

Among the platforms that apply these programs are loT, there are also web, including the mobile platform, wearables, among others. This is done in order to guarantee operation on any device used by the generated systems.

It can be communicated through HTTP depending on how the service is run, but each of the microservices has a specific area in which to run which must be in a different programming language from other microservices. It can vary in its size as in the divisions that it can present in the applications.

Microservices cannot have a standard form, so it can be difficult to identify correctly, however, it has details and characteristics that make it easy to understand or identify. This method or this way of developing the application presents a tool with several services that are independent and which can be separated or fragmented according to the need.

That is why they have a base made up of tiny or small pieces to increase or decrease the tools when required, with the link from one server to another being the preference to be chosen by the user since it depends on the adaptation available to these programs.

The developers of these programs are the ones who can select the integration methods to be applied, complying with each protocol for the creation of the software or the application, that is why it depends on each of the skills that we can present at the time should choose the adaptation of the program.

To learn how to prepare and organize a computer, you are invited to read the article on Computer Programming, where the sequence of orders and the steps to be followed are explained, as well as their language and evolution.

Advantages and disadvantages

microservices advantages
microservices advantages

Microservices stand out for the great advantages they offer, but they also have some disadvantages that they present in the development and establishment of the system in the application, which is why the following shows what are the benefits and complications that it can present:

Microservices Advantages

  • It gives the possibility to developers to impose their protocols and establishment in the application
  • The software can be set autonomously and independently
  • There is also greater freedom in system development
  • At the time of development, the work that is used can be minimal, thus giving greater comfort in the system
  • Applies a variety of programming languages
  • Allows easier integration
  • It can also be deployed in a simple way
  • Reduces complications in its development
  • It’s automatic
  • It can be modified very easily
  • Each module uses a specific and determined programming language
  • Development can be executed quickly
  • Allows the application of modern and up-to-date technologies
  • It offers a deployment of the application is at a high speed
  • It does not affect the operation of the other modules implemented when generating any modification in the application
  • It has a modular operation
  • It can be integrated with other applications very easily
  • You can scale in the development of the application without complications


  • Presents a complication when testing the application
  • As it has a distributed deployment, the difficulty increases at the time of testing
  • Generates an increase in data blocks by increasing the number of established services
  • By increasing the service, a greater amount of organization of the information blocks should be had as well as their management
  • Depending on how the application is established, more work must be done with the latency that occurs in the network
  • Each developer is in charge of solving any failure that may be generated in the application
  • Has complications at the time of load balancing
  • The limited number of formats that the application can accept must be established
  • Gives more work when using a system
  • Integration of services can become more complicated by increasing the number

Examples  Microservices Advantages

This method of developing microservices has been used due to its great maintenance advantage and above all its stability, because in this way it is much easier, as well as it is faster to achieve the objective with greater efficiency according to the objectives set. Microservices Advantages

With the development of technology, it can be seen how many platforms implement microservices due to its benefits and that it is in constant development and evolution. That is why some of these companies that present these services are shown below:

 Netflix Microservices Advantages

  • It is known that it is a platform that has a generalized architecture
  • Characterized by its increasing popularity among users worldwide
  • It has the microservices to fulfill the proper functioning of the products they offer
  • It is characterized by presenting a large number of calls to its wide range of services
  • It can also be attributed that only this platform has a network traffic of approximately 30%
  • Provides the ability to achieve adaptation of more than 800 types of devices
  • Its coupling operation is through the streaming API of various videos. Microservices Advantages
  • It offers a service with good stability being its main advantage
  • Seeks to maintain continuity in its transmission service
  • Make various requests to different servers

 Amazon  Microservices Advantages

  • It is a platform that has a microservices architecture
  • Unlike Netflix, it does not have the ability to support a large number of devices
  • However, this difference does not affect the purpose of your service.
  • Submit large amounts of requests every day
  • It has a wide range of applications
  • Offer a web service via the API
  • They also use the Amazon website for the application of their services
  • Each of their services are available so that customers have the ease of accessing their products without complications.

 E-bay  Microservices Advantages

  • It is a company considered as one that has a perspective of the future with high objectives
  • It was the one that started the adaptation of technologies as in the case of Docker
  • Its purpose is to have various services to be autonomous
  • Each service that it presents is executed according to its corresponding area
  • It has services that can be offered to clients, which are used according to the specific logic of each one

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Microservices Architecture

The microservices architecture is known to consist of specific characteristics that allow the benefits and advantages in each of its applications. However, to understand in an adequate way on which it is based, it is necessary to understand the monolithic architecture that has been its difference, that is, another type of architecture. Microservices Advantages

In the case of monolithic architecture, it is a method that is responsible for developing the unit, in this case only one without any component that is found to function in the external part, where the client uses in the server sector and in the monolith sector. It has the function of executing the HTTP requests made so that it can receive and at the same time have the possibility of updating the database.

In the case of this method of service of monolithic applications, it presents some complications and it is due to the continuous variations that are generated similar to a cycle, where they are linked together so that when making any change in a fraction of the application generates a renewal of the system obtaining a version different from the one created. Microservices Advantages

In this way, there is a specific expenditure of the available resources, this entire process being totally the opposite in a microservices architecture since these are not linked, allowing the version of the created product to be maintained in the event of any variation.

It gives the advantage of developing different and determined sectors, because in the project it is possible to make the necessary modifications that are achieved with this development model, giving the advantages and the potential in the creation of a specific project.

Microservices software features

The microservices are executed autonomously by the requests that are made to the API through HTTP, in this way a greater effectiveness of the product is achieved by maintaining communication together, giving the option of writing each code with a specific language for the application.

These characteristics are those that demonstrate the great advantages and benefits obtained with this architecture, being the reason for the increase in its application. That is why the main characteristics that stand out of the microservices that allow their functions with efficiency are shown below: Microservices Advantages

  • It has the possibility of being divided into various functions which have functions that are executed independently
  • Each service can be deployed without altering any other linked operation
  • It can also be modified, changed and altered without generating a new version of the application
  • It does not compromise the various functions that make up the software or the application
  • It gives the facility to allow a change to be made in the service application without the need to change the application or software base
  • Seeks to satisfy the client’s needs according to their skills and abilities
  • It is based on the organization of the system according to the priority of the client
  • It allows to implement the details that are required in the business of the system or as required by the client
  • It is different from the monolithic environment
  • Each device and each computer performs a specific job in order to use various functions in the software
  • Adapt a general module to establish a specific service
  • Offers a specific service according to the customer’s need
  • It gives the advantage of saving a greater amount of time in the generation of the application
  • Application schedule monitoring can be performed
  • Allows the review of the implemented modules
  • Does not cause an interruption to the operation of the software on the devices. Microservices Advantages
  • Provides greater comfort and ease when applying the software
  • It is similar to the system that UNIX uses
  • It has specific points that are considered intelligent to be able to process all the data and information that is transmitted
  • Apply the logic that the developer implements in the application
  • It establishes that each module has a specific database
  • In the case that the application receives a large request, it has a system that allows to avoid the failure of the software and that you have the option of adapting each request.

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