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Definition of virtual reality What you should know

The definition of virtual reality  indicates that it is a type of creation of unreal environments and environments through images and sensations that is done through various computer devices. Know how interesting this topic is by reading this article. meaning of virtual reality

Definition of virtual reality meaning of virtual reality

meaning of virtual reality
meaning of virtual reality

It forms a process in which a number of procedures are involved that allow imagined and created realities to be appreciated through certain devices. These computer techniques allow the user to create a feeling of actually being in that environment. The devices are like a kind of very large lenses that allow us to appreciate recreated situations through almost real images.

These devices are usually accompanied by other devices that allow the user to even feel the movement and even the temperature of the recreated environment. The process is also called VR and it began to be very popular in the mid-1980s. When the term called artificial reality appeared in some markets around the world.

The definition virtual reality is related to the technique of 3D visualization. This form known to many, tries to appear real sensations of recreated environments. For researchers and computer technicians, the definition of virtual reality consists of carrying out created reality applications. meaning of virtual reality

Where the user is immersed in an unreal environment. This is generated by a computer program that simulates what you are observing through special lenses. Today’s display devices are very diverse. Suits, gloves and a sensory environment are used that simulate the weather and the various environments that surround virtual reality.

What the user actually sees through the road device is a screen that emits stereoscopic protection. Observing animated images of a recreated and imaginary environment. People feel the same reality similar to how they were in that place. meaning of virtual reality

Various situations are recreated that can even help people who experience psychological problems. The interesting thing about definition virtual reality is used in various fields of science where the resolution of images is being used as a resource to solve some health problems and in areas related to medicine.

Origin and History

Virtual reality is born the moment in which the development of a flight simulator begins. That the government of the United States ordered to develop the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The idea was to develop pilot training in bomber aircraft without the need for primary training on the aircraft themselves. meaning of virtual reality

This proposal was born after the Second World War in approximately 1945. And the project was called “Whirlwind”. It was finally presented in 1951 and by the end of the 1950s it began to be used as the first prototype. Although during its development the project was abandoned several times until on that date the USAF allowed it to be presented under the name of “Claude Project”.

Since that time the project helped many pilots develop in a practical way with respect to the forms of flight before living the direct experience in airplanes. The investigations allowed to create new projects and for the year 1962 the Morton Heilig company presented the “Sensorama” project. Which was a machine that showed stereoscopic images in three dimensions and in an angular way. meaning of virtual reality

The apparatus also displayed stereophonic sounds, wind effects, smells and tactile sensations. It also had a mobile seat that simulates movements. In 1968 the “The Sword of Damocles” was built. Which was a virtual reality prototype that presents a helmet that when placed covered the entire face.

It showed stereoscopic-type images in three dimensions. This project was presented by the aeronautical engineer Iván Sutherland. At the end of the 70’s, the MIT research team, where the engineer Andrew Lippman was, carried out the “Aspen Movie Map” project. meaning of virtual reality

This is a program that allows the user to take a virtual tour of all the streets of the city of Aspen. The program also includes interaction with buildings and museums. The user could enter the buildings and observe their internal conformation.

As well as visiting various places related to the history of the city. This program was carried out in order to introduce the city of Assen from a tourist point of view to the people who managed to visit it.

In 1984 the Sensorium capsule was released, which was located in the amusement park “Six Flags” located in Baltimore. This was a room that had 4D imaging, combined stereoscopic projection filming. The seats had their ability to vibrate depending on the scenes and also had scent effects that users related to the theme of the film. meaning of virtual reality

It was the year 1987 when the Nintendo firm offered users the “Famicom 3D System” console. Simultaneously, its direct rivals Sega, launched the “Master System” on the market, which were helmets with lenses that simulated virtual realities and varied according to the orders and situations created in virtual reality.

The 90s allowed the Sega company to launch the helmet or HDM called Sega VR. It included an LCD screen and stereo headphones that allowed interaction in the form of an arcade and linked to video game consoles. It was released on the market in 1993, it did not have the acceptance that its creators expected and it did not reach mass market.

The same company launched in 1994 the Sega VR 1. It was a very advanced movement simulator for the time, it contained a helmet with three-dimensional graphics that allowed to follow the movement of the head. It was very innovative but, like its predecessor, it did not have the expected impact on the market.

meaning of virtual reality
meaning of virtual reality

A few years later, the Nintendo company promoted the “Virtual Boy” on the market, it was a helmet similar to that of the Sega company. It contained a monochrome screen that could perform very real actions, it did not have the expected acceptance either. That same year the Forte company launched the HDM helmet called VFX1.

This helmet contains stereoscopic images that allowed to follow the movement of the head and other sensory and sound applications. The decade of 2000 and until the years after 2010 allowed various companies to develop forms of helmets or HDM.

They were directed not only to the fashion of the video game, but also to other areas. Various consoles such as PlayStation VR, HTC, Nintendo Vr began to link their video game consoles with HDMs.

The idea was to encourage the use of virtual helmets to give more excitement to the games. However, this type of device has not had the impact that the rest of the basic consoles that maintain a simple non-immersed virtual reality have had.

Basis of virtual reality meaning of virtual reality

The basic principles of this method consist fundamentally in the consideration of the reality that is generated with respect to the user and the one that generates virtual reality. That is, to take into account and know in depth how definition virtual reality works. It is important to know the user’s environment and the virtual environment; for that we must know certain aspects.

Main components meaning of virtual reality

There is an exchange element called an interface. Which generates all the visual and sensory tools that help the user to maintain contact with the interactive menar images. The user performs various actions where the interface plays an important role. The contact that the user makes is not simply visual.

With the use of complete equipment such as helmet, suit and gloves (called HDM). The user can handle various applications that lead him to connect with different forms of virtual reality. This language that exists between the user and virtual reality allows mutual interaction. The actions are coded by the interface and allow to carry out the visual situations and in turn the tactile interaction towards the user.

Multimodality meaning of virtual reality

It consists of an element that allows it to be given to the user during the exchange process. Different physical sensations that are transmitted through channels connected to visual and tactile sensors. This process is called multimodality.

It is the aid that allows the simultaneous exchange of sensations between the user and in a virtual environment. The application allows you to create a realistic picture of the situation. Providing other risky situations where you try to increase the levels of danger.

These sensations created by multimodality are what make virtual reality definition a way of observing realities at different levels than the true ones with respect to the real world. This type of application is being used in various areas of science and technology. We will see its application later.

What is immersion? meaning of virtual reality

In the world of virtual reality, immersion or presence is defined as the fact where the user is present in the same place as a person or thing. While physically you are in the real world. The evolution of virtual reality has allowed more defined technical procedures to be developed from the 90’s.

In such a way that the immersion allowed more and more to describe the subjective experience of the participants in a virtual environment. Immersion takes the user out of their true reality and into the created reality. In this way the person will find himself in an unreal environment or environment when he is actually physically in another. Some users feel strange after returning to the real world.

This change from the unreal to the real is called transportation. Researchers say it takes a few seconds to get back to reality. Users feel strange. You must organize your mind and thought to establish new senses in true reality. Researchers define it as a “perceptual illusion of non-mediation”.

Immersion generates realities in the user’s thoughts that are considered to be real at the time of being immersed in it. One of the characteristics of this process is represented by its interaction in real time, the stereoscopic vision, the frame rates (very similar in images to reality) and the resolution that is manifested through panoramic screens.

Immersion systems are being developed by various computer companies and one of the models that best adapted to the needs of users was the so-called CAVE, manufactured by Cruz-Neira et al. It had its first beginnings in 1992 and was able to provide high resolution 3D images and sounds.

The devices meaning of virtual reality

The CAVE was a working tool that was used for several years and allowed the development of simulators for other technologies. It is a kind of module or cubicle which is surrounded by screens where the virtual world is projected. The main characteristic of these cabins is that they can be used by several users at the same time.

Over the years this type of system has been changing little by little. By the 2000s the so-called non-immersion systems were implemented. So the user was not forced to be inside a cubicle to receive or interact with virtual realities.

The development of this type of system led many companies to develop video games. Where young people experience considerable realities without using glasses or visual devices. Video games are the most descriptive way to conceptualize the virtual reality process.

The isolation produced by definition virtual reality is of unsurpassed quality. Users can even end up with respiratory or anxiety-type problems. This situation is leading researchers to consider the development of immersion devices. Depending on security.

Every year the simulation becomes more real and the “presence” becomes more risky. Users get to have virtual reality levels almost similar to the true one. The helmet or lens of the virtual reality HDM. It provides a quantity of information that modifies and involves the senses of sight and touch. The user directly feels a reality different from the true one.

The Navegation  meaning of virtual reality

Very similar to immersion, it is a process that leads the user to consider the advances and times of virtual reality in an interactive way. In other words, it establishes the situations of immersion, non-immersion or semi-immersion based on the three dimensions, where time and space usually feel like in real life.

The various methods of virtual reality are linked to three-dimensional space. Through the HDM, gloves and suits. The person experiences major changes in the dimensional environment. Navigation offers the sensation of displacement in these three-dimensional spaces, offering different environments or worlds that seem to be real.

However, non-immersive virtual reality is also used by many people with the need to use helmets or glasses. They are made through the screen where the movements are made in 2D. Likewise, the user experiences navigation but at levels less real than those associated with immersive virtual reality.

Although the massification of virtual reality in video games has not reached its entirety. Today many video game consoles offer parallel with their console packages. Immersion devices that are purchased separately are options that can be purchased at another cost, and there the nerve center of virtual reality definition.

This technology is somewhat expensive for the general population. Access today a simple HDM suit or gloves to feel realities in video games. It is only carried out on people who can afford its high cost. That is why the problem in which the overcrowding has not been possible.

The production costs of these devices and especially of navigation technology and virtual immersion devices are high. The customer price is reflected in an important way. leaving in doubt the future of virtual reality

However, the popularization of definition virtual reality has been carried out through connections in video games through networks. So that today an increase in online connections can be observed. Every day thousands of young people connect to video games in a virtual way and can simultaneously compete with players from other continents on the planet.

Use of virtual reality

It is a real fact that video games have been the activity where definition virtual reality has had the most impact. On the other hand, this technology is being used as an alternative tool in various areas of science. Many professional activities in today’s society develop procedures where eleven directly profit from definition virtual reality.


In the development of new surgical techniques, medicine is taking great strides and for this it is using virtual reality as a working tool. In various chairs at universities in developed countries. The implementation of surgical procedures based on virtual reality definition is carried out.

The combination of processes allows future surgeons to determine the procedures to perform at the time of surgery. Clear images and sensations similar to those of a human body is developed with the HDMI and virtual gloves. The practices are very similar and doctors can perform the respective surgical procedure. Serving as a training surgeon

Although pedagogy teaching paradigms are changing with respect to practices in some areas of medicine. The virtual reality tool establishes actions that streamline teaching and lead to better results in surgical interventions.

Although the procedure has had its criticisms from specialists and experienced doctors. The teaching technique with virtual reality has only been implemented in some universities that have been able to invest in this technology. The high costs of its implementation prevent it from becoming part of a practical curricular content of medicine.

On the other hand and is being part of the complexity of the process. In it is the difficulty of teaching. The development of the process consists of several stages where a specialized technician must first teach how to control this type of interface. Later develop the surgical procedures Where the medical teacher relates the teaching of the practice with virtual reality.

However, the entire application of VR (Virtual Reality) has not focused on the surgical area. Areas such as anatomy and knowledge of the human body allow you to use the definition virtual reality tool. Some residents are carrying out their apprenticeship using this procedure. Many hours of theoretical activity are simplified in the intervention rooms.

On the other hand, technology is being implemented in the clinical and professional areas. Especially related to diagnostic support. Advances have been seen in this field with regard to rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment of mental illnesses. Simulations allow you to recreate the image more intuitively. In other words, users can interact with images closer to reality.

The generation of diverse data and information generated by the virtual reality procedure allows physicians to consider various structures and parts of the human body. Creating references that will later define precise diagnoses. who can help in

In medical applications, many medical procedures have been able to establish standard parameters that have served to define diagnoses in the area of ​​traumatology, dermatology and dentistry. The surgical procedure performed in the teaching of medicine has been an important topic in the field of research.

Although there were several universities trying to implement this technology as a form of curricular practice. It has not been able to supplant the procedure in situ. Certain human skills that are developed in the actual procedure are sometimes difficult to substitute.

In the case of medicine and especially surgery, which is very incisive and precise where it can sometimes be supplanted by virtual reality. Although in a limited way due to the complexity of the human body systems. That they do not allow to create Database Models in Computing that can be adapted to this type of technology.

The education

Tests have been under way in this field since the 1990s. The first experiments were carried out in the area of ​​physics. Where it was tried to demonstrate certain theories with practical images of physical procedures. However, in other areas it is being carried out in order to modernize pedagogical procedures.

The idea is not to supplant teachers in certain practical areas. Its functionality is developed for reasons of support towards certain areas of complication, such as biology, physics, chemistry and even geography. We fall short if we try to spend thousands of pages explaining the applications of virtual reality in education.

There are multiple areas where virtual technology can be applied to education. It is important to mention that progress on this issue is underdeveloped. The focus of definition virtual reality is directly towards video games.

A relationship has been sought where young people can learn in some way. Concepts and characteristics of environments and historical characters through virtual reality. However in some universities the approach is based on the development of technology.

Many computer science students have presented in the market of the computer world and about technology development companies. Innovations related to virtual reality. Current ideas on the advancement and update of interactive software. It has its roots in computer science chairs at world universities, especially in the United States, China and Japan.

Fun and entertainment meaning of virtual reality

Something that began as a simple experiment, today has evolved into a system that has allowed many diverse backs to implement it as a means of presenting various forms of entertainment. In all parts of the world, entertainment for people is part of a world that generates jobs with great economic benefits.

In the world of cinematography and computing, we can see how virtual realities are recently being incorporated online. Certain short films are made in order to offer it to users. These can be connected through their Smartphone devices or their own PC.

The sale of Go Pro cameras includes within its applications a very interesting one called 360. This is a way of taking video shots with 360 degrees amplitude. By using HDMs at home, the virtual footage is appreciated in a different and much broader way. Approaching the view to almost real shots.

360 technology is experimented with in various cinemas. The images allow one to observe virtual creations that give the impression of being in certain virtual places. The entertainment world is looking for a way to implement virtual reality in various ways. meaning of virtual reality

The short film called “The island of dogs” is a reflection of this form of creation. Users experience almost real situations when watching the short. In various amusement parks worldwide, you can see CAVES developed where a small room accommodates more than 40 people.

They are experiencing virtual reality, traveling through jungles, deserts and cities. The interface is overcrowded and each person sitting in an armchair can feel realities of movement, vision, temperature and climate. The room gives movement to each armchair and the user gets to know virtual reality more closely.

It is a somewhat expensive system but users are looking to experience a different experience. Some video games have tried to bring simple virtual realities to life. They provide mobility and tactile sensations to the controls, which are simultaneously linked to almost real sounds.

In video games

The first game consoles that came out at the end of the 1980s opened up a world of commercialization of important interactive games. Their evolution has reached high levels of development. Today we can see how many video games are linked to virtual reality.

The mixture of 3D and 360 technology. They have allowed users, especially young people, to reach levels of virtual reality important. The quality in which the graphics of the video games have been obtained is very similar to the real images. Some companies are developing virtual reality consoles and we have seen how games like Fllout 4Vr.

These consoles allow you to almost make a teleportation as the same as if it were in real life. The Doom VR video game is another one that uses impressive graphics, reaching out to the players or participants. Very interesting and well-defined realities. Simulators such as those used in formula 1 have made express opinions in the pilots who have said that driving is almost similar to reality.

So a development with ideas to create fun for young people. In these times it has become a system to plan certain actions in various professional areas. The first video games of this type were presented as PlayStation VR, which had motion sensors.

The console granted independence in various virtual areas. The development of this console allows opening the field for the implementation of technology in PCs. But to date no evolution has been reached that could link virtual technology with computers.

Today there are small consoles that bring technology to a lower level but with images and important virtuality. We are talking about the XBOX One. Where you can see a well-developed level of technology, important and well-defined images as well as interesting virtual reality actions.

The trend is to reach levels of virtual reality as close to reality and even exceed levels of imagination that can almost transport users to larger worlds and environments. Something that has been sought with the development and adaptation of mobile operating systems, in order to create a viable alternative.

In therapies and rehabilitation

Although we had described its impact on medicine, we wanted to leave this analysis aside to describe how definition virtual reality has been used in the areas of psychotherapy and rehabilitation. HDM devices help enormously to create mobilizations. Through this resource some patients have obtained good results in matters of psychotherapeutic treatment.

It is a novel system that prevents the patient from leaving his passive state. Activates mobilization through motor sensations that are sent to the brain through created images. In the same way, results have been obtained in psychiatric patients who require mastering certain phobias.

The therapy applied through virtual reality has also served to help people with eating disorders, in the case of patients with fear of heights or flying by plane. It has served enormously as a therapeutic aid. When images are applied in the virtual world in which the patient has some fear.

The results when you face the truth turn with a high prognosis of improvement. In summary, the specialists have prepared a simple report where they explain what are the advantages of the application of virtual reality in certain therapies, let’s see:

  • Greater control of stimuli
  • Different varieties are granted in response to fear.
  • Mastery of very complex scenarios
  • Generation of varied sensory stimuli,
  • Increased sensations of smell, touch, and vision.
  • Control of geometric and spatial vision in situations.

According to specialists, the technology applied in this way seeks in some way to obtain satisfactory results. Among them they mention the increase in more sophisticated behaviors where patients avoid persistent fear or phobia. The confrontation with the realities that create fear in an unreal way. Applying various stages where little by little it evolves in a positive way.

In Software

The manipulation in some software to develop new forms of application has been important. Especially when this type of technology is applied in indicated areas. The design of the software itself has been carried out including the HDM system to the Steamvr programs. The digital content is modified considerably obtaining results that help to improve the applications of certain programs.

Editions in various programs such as Sidefx Houdini, Blackmagic Fusion 9, Maxon Cinema 4D, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Adobe, Adobe Premiere Pro, among others. They allow in their adaptations of editions to definition virtual reality devices. Where they create and reproduce content for the same platform.

In this sense, video games based on the Steam VR or Unreal engine VR program are implementing interactive games where augmented reality forms a new way of appreciating virtual reality. However, on various network platforms such as YouTube. You can see how there are videos mounted using 360 virtual reality.

These videos are especially aimed at certain applications such as Steam VR. The videos themselves allow the user to connect with virtual realities that are very close to the real world. There is other software such as Adobe Audition 50 or Final Cut Pro X. Where it is sought to combine the audio of 360 videos towards surround type sound. Including callouts and perfect dialogues with various sound effects.

Various virtual realities

The types of virtual realities that currently exist create a diversification of actions in many areas. We have already seen how they are applied in interrelated areas and provide solutions to science. But it is always important to know what those various forms of virtual reality are.


This type of virtual reality establishes behavioral parameters in supposed individuals with a very own personality but in an unreal way. These virtual realities act by granting the user alternatives for their use. In the first place, they are developed with a predetermined visual environment and predesigned by the program or computer.

Then there are the avatars that are made through a copy of the user himself. Using a video recording of the same person. The program thus determines an avatar related to the user’s physical characteristics. This type of virtual reality sometimes helps to improve the relationship between the person and the computer.

It is a more penetrating work tool that breaks with the scheme of the relationship with the desktop computer. The most recent avatar can be obtained with the Facebook VR tool. The client or user can develop a character based on the various images that are published on their profile on the social network.

This character will have all the characteristics of the person but may not physically resemble the original user. Rather, through interactive software, an image very similar to that of the user is created.


It is considered one of the most important and used device and programs in virtual reality. They are generally carried out through conduction devices. The user establishes control of a vehicle in the same way as he would in reality.

The system features steering wheel gearshift lever, accelerator brake clutch and all the components that contain the handling stand in a vehicle. The interesting thing about this simulator is that it can be used virtually for high-displacement vehicles including Formula 1.

The handling is then considered to be very similar to reality, with real movements and a feeling of braking that propels the rider forward. It also creates the sensation of acceleration by propelling the person backwards. Simulators are being carried out to establish and understand how impacts can harm people during driving.

Also to develop new forms of driving safety. The images are projected in 3d and resemble real and unreal places. Created with patterns of difficulties and complicated situations. In them the driver must solve them instantly. The popularization of this type of simulators has reached very wide levels.

The realism of designs is very specific and the images are quite real. The creation procedures use images that are subsequently developed in 3D to establish a reality very similar to the true one.

For computer

The virtual reality definition for computers tries to show a world in three dimensions. Reflected on a normal computer screen. The first initiatives and tests were born by developing some video games where the user could appreciate the images in a way that maintains the feeling of being in a three-dimensional world.

One of the limitations of this type of virtual reality for computers. It is represented by the lack of amplitude in the panoramic views. In other words, when the user turns and looks out of the screen. The three-dimensional effect is lost. In other words, the limitation of virtuality is only observing the screen.

Virtual immersion

We have already seen the meaning of immersion, which is one of the most important techniques and forms of virtual reality. But it is also an element that is part of this system. The creation of the interface that improves images projected on HDMs. They help to isolate the user from the true reality.

The interaction of the person with the machine is totally close to reality. The movements and spaces are not limited. The person can perform the activity in a fairly large area where they can walk, run, and perform any movement freely. The program involves movements related to previously selected virtual realities.

They are really called virtual spaces and more than an HDMI is used a “virtual helmet”. This reflects images that are controlled through a computer and a program that links all the surrounding space with a simulated environment. The Limits are established by the computer depending on the room where the action is carried out.

There are extremely large virtual immersion rooms. There subjects can move in various directions without colliding or leaving the delimited areas. The spaces and the walls are considered within the limits of virtual reality.


The virtual reality format must contain various devices and accessories that give life and shape to the complex process of creating images and almost real sensations. Many companies that manufacture video games and virtual reality devices carry out annual updates of the accessories that we will see below.

Glasses or helmets

Its name in the world of virtual reality is HMD (head mounted display) although most call it a virtual helmet. It is considered one of the main accessories that uses this technology. They exist of two types, those that have a screen internally and those that are built for smartphones in the form of a case.

The current screen is developed based on LCD technology, which allows the user to achieve maximum performance and appreciation of virtual reality. For example we have the HMD Razer OSVR HDK, the PlayStation VR, and the Oculus, the differences in the devices vary depending on the pins.

Some use two types of discplay or views, others seek the possibility of dividing the screen to give more realism to the images. There are also helmets that internally have lenses that modify their image in each eye. This encourages 3D realism. These accessories maintain a fairly wide field of view, even larger than normal.

Each human being, according to his conditions, can have a width of visual panorama between 110 and 114 degrees. It is called monocular vision in a way that it is only perceived by the sideways rotation of a single eye. The HMD has a width of vision that reaches 120 degrees, which gives a considerable visual panorama and greater than reality.

The helmets also allow to develop frames that reach 60 (FPS), this helps to receive images in a natural way and does not cause any kind of discomfort or dizziness. Some HMDs exceed these figures but always with the risk of causing dizziness, although it is not very consistent in safety matters, most devices maintain the indicated level.

The isolation produced by helmets is considerable, people manage to obtain satisfactory results with respect to virtual reality definition. Real images and sensations are obtained that significantly isolate users. These accessories are one of the most important in virtual reality. They are a bit expensive and can be found in any video game store in the world.

Glasses with screen

They are accessories that allow you to display different models, they are manufactured in different materials. They are an alternative frequently used by users who permanently use virtual reality as a tool. Let’s look at the models and types.

PlayStation VR

It is a prototype widely used by the players of the PSX console, it is also known as Morpheus. It is developed by Sony and compiled in a very friendly way for the PlayStation 4 and PSX console. It has been on the market since 2016 and its cost is high compared to other types of lenses.


It is a virtual reality accessory that is used in various types of games. Manufactured by the Oculus company, it is a prototype that is in full development. The idea of ​​the manufacturers is to look for the application of this device in other areas. So don’t just be limited to games.


Built by Valve Corporation in conjunction with HTC, it is an accessory that is currently in full development. It seeks to provide a 1080 x 1200 resolution lens screen that allows each eye to maintain an optimal level of vision. It also contains 70 position and orientation sensors. It is compatible with the development of the HMD Steam Vr. Which is one of the most advanced that exists in the market.


It is a lens developed by the Starbreeze Studios company and also compatible with the Steam VR system. It is characterized by having an amplitude of vision close to 210 degrees and the definition on the screen for each eye reaches 2560 x 1440.


It is a type of augmented reality glasses that combines action with mixed visualizations. It is being developed by Microsoft to be used on the company’s most up-to-date platform called Windows holographic.

It has a unique built-in system based on the Windows operating system, creates an independence compared to other glasses. It is not compatible with other platforms and was manufactured to work with Windows holographic only. It was presented to users in 2015.

Fove VR

These glasses incorporate an eye-tracking system that is, it allows the user to focus the image related to the place where reality takes it. It also has several variants with respect to visual activity.


It is one of the most up-to-date lenticular glasses. It was released on the market in 2018 and has the ability to show very sharp and real images. These are projected by two cameras that give it a performance and efficiency with respect to the creation of virtual reality. Its characteristics also include the inclusion of hearing aids that in other glasses must be purchased separately.

Pimax 4k meaning of virtual reality

It is a device that has two high resolution monitors. It has among its innovations two gyroscope devices that its’ adapt to the traditional accessories of other glasses called Motion tracking.

Pimax 8k

It is an evolution of the previous one with the condition that it has compatibility with the SteamVR system. These glasses incorporate two high resolution monitors that in turn are connected as virtual scanning devices. They reach a vision range close to 200 degrees. It has a tracker for the eyes that allow it to give functionality in various aspects.

RV Enclosures

Although similar to the HMD and glasses with a screen, this accessory has the peculiarity that they are slightly larger and include elements that glasses or HMDs do not contain. Its space and independence is greater. Let’s see some

Gear VR

It is a virtual reality device that the Samsung company has been developing for a few years. It also establishes technological connections with the project of the company Oculus VR. This device does not include a display. It is rather a case where you can see some buttons and a very advanced motion sensor.

It is used in most cases to place smartphones especially from the Samsung brand. This enables display-related phones to be made independent and turned into a computer processor.

Daydream View

More than a housing, it is a platform created by Google that allows compatibility with other virtual reality devices. Contains a remote with orientation sensors. It is also one of the most used in the Google Street View platform and in some short film production corporations.


It is one of the simplest and most picturesque cases on the market. Manufactured by the Google company and it is a case made of cardboard. It was developed and focused in order to be acquired by many users, it has a very low cost. The technology is developed by placing a smartphone device inside the console to activate the applications.

Other housings meaning of virtual reality

On the market there are other types of casing similar to the one developed by Google. We have the case of Hominido, Durovis Dive, Cross Color, Lakento, VR One from Zeiss, among others. The fundamental idea is the price; They come in a variety of materials such as plastic and lightweight materials. Its applications are similar and based on the use of smart devices.

First models

Since the beginning of its application back in the 90’s. Virtual reality accessories have had an important development dynamic. In contrast to sales, most of these devices were manufactured as prototypes seeking to obtain better development over time. Let’s see what they are.

Virtual boy

It was released on the market in 1995 manufactured by the Nintendo company. This console includes a monochrome type glasses where the user could experience some visual experiences based on 3D technology in games. Like many consoles of this type it did not have much receptivity on the part of the users. Leaving the markets a few years later.

Forte VFX1 meaning of virtual reality

It was one of the first HMDs that went on sale to the public in 1995, it had the peculiarity of connecting to computers. Offering high resolution stereoscopic images and independence in each eye. Although it did not have a great impact on the public, some models are still on the market.

eMagin Z800 3DVisor

Another HMD device, which came out for the first time in 2005. Composed of two high-resolution screens. Dedicated solely and exclusively to the presentation of virtual reality in 3D. It also served as a portable monitor. It had built-in motion sensors that could be compatible with other video game consoles.

Position sensors

One of the accessories that allows virtual reality to receive the sensations of movement. They are manufactured in different models. , they can come adapted to the shells, the HMD wave helmets, can also be purchased individually to be adapted later.

Although the market has a variety of these electronic devices, one of the most advanced is the Cyberith Virtualizer omnidirectional platform, developed by Gamescom 2013. It develops the possibility of giving movement throughout the virtual space at scale. According to the characteristics requested by the users.

Other important position sensors are the Lighthouse that can be used with the HTC Vive glasses. There is also the so-called Constellation, which is the main accessory used by the Oculus Rift company. It is compatible even with other systems and is permeable to HMD and glasses.

The system called Nolo VR, is a position tracking system for mobile viewers, contains a marker for vision and is sold with two controls. It is more reliable with the Steam VR platform. Although interference problems have been reported that sometimes limit the activity between the controller and virtual reality.


These accessories are incorporated in order to control and interact with the displayed environment. They are controls type controls that contain buttons that allow absolute positioning. Among the most important we have the Oculus “Touch”, the HTC Vive controls and the Sony PSVRs.

Some accessories of this type are made of glove type that come with position sensors. These have the ability to detect the position of the body or some part of it. But let’s see other models

Leap Motion

It is a controller that contains a sensor that allows remote perception of hand movements. This gives you independence to be a startup controller.


It consists of a small virtual reality system that was manufactured by the NeuroDigital Technologies company. It is an accessory in the form of a glove that is placed on the person’s hand. They can even be placed in the two.

The glove allows the user to receive and send information to the interface by means of fingertip contact. This interaction allows the person to be presented with the sensation of touching an object present in virtual reality.

It is compatible with Leap Motion and RealSense platforms. It also allows you to interact with objects displayed on a computer screen or on an HMD such as the Gear VR, OSVR.73, Rift and Vive

Power Claw

This accessory was developed with the purpose of stimulating tactile sensations that allows to recreate heat and cold on the skin. As well as high vibrations and low frequencies. It is directly integrated with Oculus VR devices. It is considered a gesture control system with very specific sensors.

STEM System

This system allows detecting body movements through a wireless connection. It was created by the Sixense company, it allows to have compatibility with Razer Hydra controllers, belonging to the same company. Its specifications are basic and it has the advantage of movement identification.


It is very similar to the previous controller but with specifications such as transferring the user’s movement to the visual environment. It is used to adapt them to interactive suits of various brands of developers.

Pimax Controller

This controller has the same features as the previous ones, but requires a strap clip. Where the user must place fixedly to be able to operate it. You don’t need to use your fingers to try and perform virtual reality. It is very compatible with the steam VR and HTC platform.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System Tracker

It is a type of external sensor with positioning visors that allow incorporating the seen everyday object. It uses information in the processor that the program integrates previously.

Additional accessories

They exist like any virtual reality or any type of current technology. Other alternative devices that serve as support to complement the virtual actions. We are going to name three of the most important. Adaptable to any definition virtual reality platform.


This accessory is specially developed for Oculus and HTC Vive. They allow transmission to the main console without the use of cables. However, the device eventually requires recharging the internal batteries it contains. It is an important element to make connections through the WIFI network.

Virtuix Omni

This accessory is made to work with Rift systems. It is a platform that creates a simulation where the user can walk in several directions in a virtual way without having to move in the real world.

Cyberith Virtualizer

It is a type of omni-directional platform that is very similar to the previous one, allowing simultaneous expansion of movements. But with the condition that the user does not need to scroll in reality either.

Virtual reality systems The Basic Technology that uses virtual reality is based on the platform program called CAVE (Cave Automatice Virtual Environment). This technology makes it possible to create an open virtual reality environment in a room that must be large enough and cube-shaped.

The user must be located in the center of the cube. This allows you to observe the various images that are around you in a virtual or unreal way. For this you must use special glasses called HMD. The system allows giving different tactile, visual, sensory and auditory sensations, thereby creating a kind of parallel world.

Sounds are generated through high definition speakers placed at different points in the cube. They were created in the mid-90s and revolutionized the world of virtual reality. They also allowed the were an advance and update for 3D display systems. Today they are used for many applications. Such as the training of combat pilots and public transport. As well as that of the astronauts.

Program types and content

We have seen various types of accessories and hardware that make up the entire system. However the software created for specific performance in some areas has different forms. Mixed with used between one and other applications. These programs are updated annually seeking better performance for the user.

Along with the hardware products just mentioned, various companies are developing software and content, with the tools available for this, to be enjoyed through virtual reality devices. Some that can be highlighted are:

Prototypes for the creation of alternate display systems in the demonstration area. On the other hand, there are many programs that support the creation of visualizations, among the most important we have: Project Evil Age, Ready Player, Tuscany Dive, Cmoar Roller, Coaster VR, One Rift coaster, OASIS beta, among others.

In the area of ​​videogames, a wide range of programs is achieved that are developed and updated on a permanent basis. We have among the main ones: Alien Isolation, Rebound, Damper VR, EVE Valkyrie, Elite, Dangerous, Hardcode VR, Anshar Wars 2, Land’s End, House of Terror VR.

Likewise, classic video game programs have been adapted to virtual reality such as Team Fortress 2, Quake VR, Half-Life 2, Doom VS, Richard Burns Rally, The Elder Scroll V SKYRIM VR, Fallout 3 VR and others.

With regard to 360-type videos, where some companies where great resources to encourage their development are programs dedicated to various genres of fiction, documentaries and musicals. In them, its quality and structure can be appreciated through platforms such as YouTube, Cine VR, Within, among others.

In the educational area, many companies are working on the creation and development of various programs related to architecture in education. We have programs like:

Space Engine, Unimersiv, Expeditions, 3D Organon VR Anatomy, Apollo 11 VR, Oneiric Masterpieces – Paris, InCell VR, Douarnenez VR, Great Pyramid VR, 7VR Wonders, Hindenburg VR, The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell, InMind VR.82

In the tourist area its programs called VR Cities, Sites in VR, Viso Places, are applications that allow the user to give a perspective related to the structure, museums, city visits, cultural movements and works of art. Connecting the person in the direct presence in the places and observing the art first hand. As presented by the Inception VR program

In the area of ​​communication, the most widely used software is called Altspa VR, which allows the development of actions related to the various types of virtual communication. In medicine some areas use programs such as 3D Organon VR Anatomy, ER VR, The Body VR and Journey Inside a Cell.

Consumer report

Despite being a type of cutting edge technology. Virtual reality can sometimes not please the tastes of customers. Many have filed complaints about problems of various kinds, from the sound to the sound. Decadent images or another situation that determines the discontent of the user let’s see.

Users are part of the information that companies that develop virtual reality technology need to correct and update accessories, programs and platforms. Among the information they reflect are:

  • Very heavy helmets, which makes the person have to use it for a certain time. It can even tire the person’s neck, especially if it is a type of action game.
  • The independence of the glasses to the computer, and not an interface that can be used on cell phones
  • Impact on promotion and sale, which does not attract many young people to their purchase.
  • A single user can have the equipment at a time. Only one user can occupy the device at a time.
  • Graphics cards are very demanding and consume a lot of memory, which implies having high-capacity computers.
  • They are not popular devices that can reach the masses. Unlike video games
  • Separate headphones must be purchased to enjoy the listening environment.
  • The spaces are sometimes limited preventing a development within the places.
  • Objects are knocked into the room when used at home
  • Generally the eyesight gets tired and you have to stop using it for a while.
  • It is not recommended for people who wear glasses
  • The experience is individual and the experience cannot be shared with other people.
  • Cables sometimes hinder movement while gaming.
  • Controls get heavy after a set time of play
  • The use in people suffering from epileptic seizures is controlled and prohibited

Techniques for using accessories

Although it is a lot of fun to have the knowledge of the characteristics of virtual reality, its use sometimes leads to having to do a little training. At first it is difficult to coordinate the movements of the head, eyes and joints. It is also important to take a close look at the command to be able to master them and enjoy the experience.

Coordination of movement

The virtual reality system must be connected through the interface where various movements with the head, body, hands and vision can be related and coordinated. Programs today have some problems accurately tracking movement of both the head and limbs.

Companies are dedicated to solving these sensitivities that sometimes limit the user experience. One of the most accurate is the system called Leap Motion Orion which allows tracking of the hands, also detects the movement of the fingers and joints. It is a very sensitive system that allows working with tiny light sensors.

A disadvantage in this type of system is that the user has no reference when trying to touch something in virtual reality. There is no contact that serves as a reference. However, in the search for solutions, developers try to make some references so that their person can have the feeling of contact.

One of the most complete systems is the one carried out by the Oculus company through the Touch system. The program allows you to take two controls, one in each hand, with a strap attached to the wrist. This allows you to create the feeling to really have to use your hands. The controls carry buttons that help the user to perform various actions.

Each device contains sensors that help enhance virtual reality. Its function is the activation of tactile sensations to be able to show the player users a greater reality. The disadvantage of this system is that the controls are deported during the entire journey, limiting the independence of the hands a bit.

These types of controls can also be carried out through gloves. They replace the control and allow to give a little independence to the user. Although it does not have a tracking system, the system is very sensitive and recreates tactile sensations very similar to real life. The sensors are distributed through the hands where you can even feel the different changes in temperature.

Tracking systems can also come in a suit or brief presentation. They represent a more comprehensive form of sensors and allow all forms of sensitization to be mastered to a greater extent. This type of suit is used in large spaces that allow users to be mobile.

Head movement.

Learning to move the head should go little by little until each movement can be definitively controlled and the software allows the features to be recorded. Always considering the type of accessory. The motion sensor helps to track head movement. So virtual reality presents images based on where it is going.

The system has devices called accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetrons, incorporated directly into the HMD. However, depending on the accessory model, the movement of the head may vary. That is why it is important to carry out a test before starting to use the device.

One of the most sophisticated equipment with regard to head movement sensitivity is represented by the Oculus Rift. This helmet has its own positioning system which is called Constellation. They are a set of infrared entities that are located inside the helmet. They allow you to form recognizable patterns.

Each one has a sensor that helps capture the different frames around the helmet. The other cutting-edge device is PlayStation VR, it has a very similar system to the previous one. But internally it contains a number of small led type lights.

Which should be adjusted when the equipment is used by another person of a greater stature. However, you must also have a PlayStation camera, to be able to take the images. As well as being very close to the user to be able to generate virtual reality.

The distance must be kept at no more than 2 meters according to Sony’s own recommendations. If this distance is violated, the transmission may be lost and the process interrupted. In another order we have the Live Consoles. They allow to give the user better news. The tracking system is very advanced technology. It has a projector that does not emit light and does not need a camera.

It works by placing two boxes that come in the package against the wall at a 90 degree angle. The boxes contain LEDs and two laser-type emitters. They must be placed horizontally and vertically in each of the boxes. These devices are what record the movement of the arms. When the person approaches the wall where the boxes are. Issues an alert notice where it warns the person.

Visual tracking meaning of virtual reality

This technology is one of the most advanced and sensitive. The main virtual reality developers. They have not yet been able to efficiently adapt this system. It works through small infrared type sensors that allow it to capture all eye movements.

The program records each movement and even adapts to the user’s avatar, where during the process it can be observed even in other characters in virtual reality. The system only records the various movements of the eye. It does not alter the user’s vision at all and focuses only on the place where the user directs their gaze.

As time passes, the forms of development to host the programs in the devices have been forming various forms of eye sensors that are being perfected day by day. The details of this technology are based on high resolution screens, which can sometimes cause some dizziness during use.

Problems and consequences of the use of virtual reality

This type of technology can always cause some kind of discomfort or minor disorders. When the user is subjected to this type of program, either to play games or to experiment with some kind of research. They tend to have some symptoms when they finish using them, such as dizziness and nausea.

These systems are known as “virtual reality dizziness” which is a type of labyrinthitis that the user presents when the user loses centralization due to nerve actions between the brain and eye neurological channels. meaning of virtual reality

Sometimes the person may even experience vomiting. But these symptoms depend fundamentally on the physical and biological configuration of each person. There are cases of young people who last many hours connected to the system and / or present any type of symptoms.

Causes meaning of virtual reality

Problems are generally believed to arise from image duplication, broadcast latency, and persistence in action. With regard to latency, this situation allows to demand and take the user out of context. Which can cause nausea and vomiting. meaning of virtual reality

This is explained as the time delay in which the user registers an action and it is reflected one millisecond later. Causing a little stress on the person. The delay as well as the action can be affected and the user is limited to carry out an action related to the one he really needs.

This can be motivated by certain interface and transmission problems that could be slightly interrupted for some reason.

Duplicate images.

When an image is duplicated or blurred the user presents a pact of momentary stop. Since he is in a situation in which he was not prepared. This can cause dizziness which determines the stopping of the action. The solution to the problem is a small correction that the user himself can make at the level of increment of frames.

Persistence meaning of virtual reality

It is a problem that occurs when the flashing of the lights does not occur and the infrared rays are directly turned on towards the eyes of the person. This situation creates a very undetectable technical problem, where the user, having knowledge of it, must notify it to correct it. The consequences of this technical failure can cause dizziness and an alteration in balance.

Various problems meaning of virtual reality

It is believed that virtual reality technology can affect the sense of sight when the user is exposed for a long time to the screen or the device. Excessive hours using the system can present without a doubt over time some kind of problem. meaning of virtual reality

However, health does not only represent the only problem of definition virtual reality. One of the most worrying is the high costs of the equipment. Very different from other devices or consoles where the price is well below expectations.

There is a varied market where you compete based on quality and price. In the case of its technology with virtual reality, there is no mass production and sale market that allows us to say that it is a product for mass consumption. This situation creates a very limited market where only a group of people has the capacity to acquire it. meaning of  virtual reality

Prices range from $ 500 to $ 1,000. For which few people can invest their money in something that will not tell them greater benefits. Virtual reality is not a technology that can be massified. More than 20 years have passed since its implementation and it still has not managed to impact the masses. m meaning of virtual realityeaning of virtual reality

The technology is being left solely for research and development activities in other areas. However, in the world of cinema it has had an important relevance. Various HMDs are used in order to develop images and then transform them into proposals in science fiction films. meaning of virtual reality

Virtual reality application meaning of virtual reality

Unlike other technologies. Virtual reality has not created dependence on any type of scientific or technological structure. In other words, it has not been necessary as another technology to develop advances in these areas.

The advantages of virtual reality are being applied in important areas of learning in children. Samples of 3d images where you try to teach various topics where some young people have problems. It is believed to have produced good results. But only as an experiment can virtual reality technology be appreciated when really. Can deliver shocking results. meaning of virtual reality

Medical science has sought to treat children with autism with this type of technology. As a result, no answers have been obtained that can determine that virtual reality technology can serve as therapy. For the moment it has been set aside. meaning of virtual reality

As we have seen, the best application that virtual reality has had has been in the area of ​​video games and some situations that merit simulating various situations. Among them we have flight simulators and consoles for the development of sports vehicles. The system has had its detractors for many years. They are contrary to this type of technology and they oppose its application and procedures in various areas. meaning of virtual reality

Others agree that it does not allow for dependency. They allege that there is a lot of virtual and electronic connection that cannot be supplanted simply because it is considered to be of low ethical profile. Foundations based on professional ethics and technology are mixed to establish an adverse criterion.

They have said on several occasions that this type of technology is only a means, not an end. It must be assumed as support elements to achieve the well-being of the human being. And it is believed that the criticism has come from the approach and use that has been given to this technology. By not providing any moral benefit and emotional development in people. Fun cannot be considered an ethical foundation for human growth.

That is why the criticism and the fight to avoid its impulse and development. The various companies that manufacture the thousands of helmets, console lenses and HMDs, have not paid attention to these criteria and continue to develop updates to seek a better performance in the equipment and accessories.

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