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What is intranet? Discover its important function!

Surely you have heard this term countless times and you still don’t know exactly what it refers to. In this article we will tell you what is intranet  and what is it for? Do not be left with doubts and join us. intranet meaning

What is intranet? intranet meaning

The intranet is a type of network, very similar to the internet, but unlike the latter, the former is a private system; It is only available to a small group of people in the same environment, so no one outside of it can enter. The latter of course, unless the necessary data is provided to people to be able to enter or it is a  hacker who does it.

intranet meaning
intranet meaning

To give you an example so that you can see it more clearly, the famous instant messaging application: WhatsApp is an intranet; Since the messages only allow the involved members to see them, outside of the chats, other people will not be able to see it. intranet meaning

Another quite clear example, are the Web pages of the universities and not specifically to which any public can enter; but the one that manages all the resources (registrations, applications, payment of fees, among other services) of its population and that, in order to access it, it is necessary to have a username and password, provided by the same public institution.

Many companies make use of these services, to be able to manage the data of their community; so it is a very important tool today, for the development of the activities of people in these companies. Certain corporate applications (such as a bank app, for example), we can classify within this classification of what is  an  intranet ?

Origins of the intranet intranet meaning

Actually, this concept is as old as the internet itself; being able to say that both are born practically at the same time and is that, at the beginning of the entire world of the network, the main pages that existed, were intranet of universities; as we said, only open to the same population of students, teachers and workers of the institution. Little by little, these private networks were opening up to more people, becoming fully accessible to the entire public and this results in the origin of the internet as such.

Existing Intranet Models intranet meaning

There are multiple models where the intranet has been used, depending on the capabilities of the company and also, of course, the technological advance of today. Next, we will name you some models so that you know more about it.

Intranet based on web pages

This is the first model to open the list and, in turn, the first existing intranet model, so it goes without saying that it is the oldest; Many of the companies and universities began using this type of model and are still using it. It should be clarified that due to the great advances in information technology, little by little the intranet based on web pages is falling into disuse and becoming obsolete; which makes people opt for other more current models, which are more efficient when carrying out their work.

All the information stored on that web page is totally private, so no one outside the company has any access to it. It is only used solely and exclusively by the people of said company (or university). intranet meaning

Intranet based on “Cloud systems”

One of the reasons why the first model is not as widely used as before is because of the type of handling of multimedia content that it requires; something that usually and can be cumbersome for customers and that is solved with  Cloud Computing,  a technology that enormously solves this problem.

What really happens to the files? With the model of a web-based intranet, the person must upload the files and if someone else wants to view them, they must download them. This is usually a bit tedious if you are dealing with multiple files; In the case of Cloud Computing, the files are stored in the “cloud” and it is possible that another person can access and interact with them, without having to download them, unless it is necessary.

This new technology to save in the cloud, has presented great advances and good performance for companies and businesses; therefore, little by little the first model is replaced by this new form. intranet meaning

Application-based intranet

Another of the great inventions has been the use of the intranet through applications, especially mobile ones; Today almost anyone owns a smartphone and companies know this, which is why they develop certain applications (not very complex, of course) for this job. A great advantage of this type of model is that it is not necessary to have a computer in front of you to be able to administer the intranet; everything is at the user’s fingertips and they can carry out their work through the same mobile device. intranet meaning

It is a great advance and another hard blow for the first model and more if we take into account that the second model can be implemented to the latter; which generates a more powerful and efficient intranet model for the companies’ own workers. This model, like the previous one, does not have the limitations that a web-based one offers and precisely, technology helps to facilitate the tasks carried out by man, “improving” their quality of life.

The operational efficiency of the company

One of the biggest concerns of a company is to have, organize, distribute and order all kinds of documentation for the immediate disposal of the worker. The so-called “Document Intranet” takes care of these deficiencies and that is why it is so convenient for the same companies to make use of these technologies.

The lack of all the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph, causes operational inefficiency and greatly hinders the work of the company; both for herself and for her own workers. Having an intranet facilitates efficiency and productivity, offers security and privacy; in addition, to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. intranet meaning

Final words intranet meaning

Previously, companies had a Document Management Software, to be able to solve the deficiencies mentioned above in document control; In addition, they had a corporate Intranet, technological progress has helped so much that these two technologies can be available in the same system, offering a more quality service for their employers and workers.

Until now, the most capable technology for these jobs and in addition to offering great security and availability is Dataprius; which far exceeds all existing intranets and assets in the world, highly recommended as well.

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