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How to install drivers from scratch?

How to install drivers allows users to keep various programs operating. In this article you will be able to know the procedures and updates of all the drivers that your PC needs. install drivers in safe mode

How to install drivers?  install drivers in safe mode

install drivers in safe mode
install drivers in safe mode

Also called drivers, they are a kind of codes created by the manufacturer of a program or device, in order to be interpreted by the operating system, in this case Windows. The idea is to adapt it to the system so that the execution of the program has problems. Basically, they are small applications that certain programs need to operate within a computer.

These drivers are generally built into certain applications and programs. Some have to be updated from time to time. That is why the importance of this article, where you will know everything related to them. On the other hand, you can also apply certain procedures for its installation. But let’s look at the content in detail.

What are they for? install drivers in safe mode

In a general way we had described what a driver really is and what they are for. It is important to know that these mini programs so to speak allow the recognition of the operating system of a specific program, including games, applications and various ways to perform operations on computers.

Without a driver the specific program cannot be opened on the computer. Nor will you be able to operate a pendrive, an external memory, a printer or simply read a CD. The drivers come with each program and must be updated eventually in order to achieve optimization in the equipment.

Some software manufacturers update the drivers from time to time, so that certain programs could be left without operating if the driver is not updated. The operating system itself allows certain procedures to be carried out to help update them. But we will see that later.

How are drivers identified? install drivers in safe mode

install drivers in safe mode
install drivers in safe mode

Each driver has specifications based on the type of program to which it inputs and controls for its execution in the operating system. Each one is classified in a way in which when it has to be located in the equipment, its location is not so difficult.

We then see how printers, external storage devices, games and various programs cannot be executed without having previously installed a driver. So that each driver has three characteristics that every user should know and they are: The brand, the model and the version, without these three elements it will be difficult to know the specifications of the driver that is needed …

On the other hand, most of the drivers are installed on computers. They are also included in the operating systems, so that they can be located depending on whether it is a device (physical) or software (program).

Physically install drivers in safe mode

To know the specifications of a driver it will always be important to know what type of device it refers to. Thousands of drivers are installed on the computer that when installing or introducing a device, the operating system automatically deciphers where it is located through certain codes. install drivers in safe mode

Immediately the operation is activated and the device after a few minutes begins to work correctly. As an example we can name again printers, faxes, memory sticks or external hard drives, there are also mice and wireless keyboards among many other physical devices.

It is important to know that when a product is purchased the driver package comes with an installation cd. This allows you to immediately proceed to place the specific code of the device and relate it to the driver in the computer’s operating system. If you do not bring an installation CD, the device contains an installation manual where you can tell you where to get it through a specific web page.

Through software install drivers in safe mode

Many programs as well as physical devices need the internal controller in order to operate efficiently on the computer. In this case, most of the programs that are installed through internet downloads directly include the necessary driver. They differ from physical ones as they are focused solely on controlling the process of certain programs on the computer. install drivers in safe mode

The Windows operating system has an internal program that identifies and selects the necessary driver in a matter of minutes. If you are going to proceed to install a motherboard or some other memory device or microcircuit, they still need a driver to operate. In Windows it is called “dxdiag”.

This program allows to help developers and computer technicians, locate drivers on the computer, to install various memories or hard disk. If the same program is not found, locate through the internet the address where it can be downloaded easily and quickly.

There is also another program called “Cpu-Z”, it is also aimed at locating drivers according to the brand and model of the software that is installed. It is a good ally to locate the type of drivers that is needed. In this case, it can be downloaded from any blog on the internet.

When the motherboard does not locate the corresponding driver. Displays a required driver information. This is when the user must search for it manually.

Driver installation install drivers in safe mode

We have already seen just what the drivers are for, but we are going to see how to install drivers on our computer. There are several ways that users should learn. So don’t lose the thread so you don’t get left behind in the content.

Using device manager install drivers in safe mode

This application is a program that greatly helps users to solve those dilemmas that the search for a good driver can generate. The device manager has a long list of drivers available on the system.

That is, without having to visit the internet or review the manual of the device or program, a program can be installed directly on the computer and the system quickly locates the driver. To find out how to get to device manager, click on the “Windows + Pause” keys. As a shortcut to get to the characteristics of the system.

You can also access it by clicking on “control panel”, then clicking on “system and security” then on “system”. On that screen, the “device manager” icon should be located in the menu on the left side and clicked. A long menu then appears where you can see a series of different controllers that can be used when needed.

Video drivers install drivers in safe mode

The most important are the interface of any computer and even cellular devices. which also contain a video controller, which allows to carry out the various forms of images on the screen. Sometimes some user considers that the screen is damaged. But it can really be an update or a driver related to your video card.

Many people say my pc turns on but does not give video , it is because the system boots normally but does not turn on the screen. Of course you can verify by clicking on the link above the reason why this problem occurs. However in some cases the fault is the absence of the video controller.

Some video cards operate with outdated video drivers, and streaks and omissions of certain graphics options are seen on the screen. The most useful driver for many graphics card options is the company’s VGA. This driver is built into the  Windows Operating System Types .

Microsoft carried out a few years ago the installation of a program called “Microsoft Basic Adapter”, which was a type of generic driver that adapts to any type of video card. This driver was included in the operating system, After a while it began to present some faults. For that the user represented a problem since he had to install the corresponding driver.

Due to this inconvenience and due to some registration and licensing details, Microsoft began developing its own video reader program. This allowed developers to eliminate inconveniences when installing the operating system. It also allows users to connect any device such as a projector or Videobeam without the need to activate any other driver.

However, there are some configurations for the execution of certain video programs that need updating. For this we have the following procedure: Click on “start” and the word “drivers” is placed in the search engine. A menu is displayed where you can see various options. install drivers in safe mode

Clicking on update drivers opens another option where various ways to update physical devices appear. What you need to do is find out what kind of driver you need and click search for driver. The system can give an answer, however there is a second option. install drivers in safe mode

It consists of searching for the same driver through Google. By placing the name or model of the device with the word “driver” next to it, you can quickly locate what type of driver you need. This procedure has an advantage that it provides the most up-to-date driver related to the video device. install drivers in safe mode

Automatic Updates install drivers in safe mode

Windows in any of its versions contains (we already explained it at the beginning), a long list of drivers that can be activated automatically. That is, when a physical device or software entered the system, it is in charge of locating it quickly and proceeds to activate it for the program, the procedure is as follows:

Click on start and place “controller” in the browser, then the list is displayed again. In it you will see an action called “Automatic update of drivers”, by clicking on that tab, the menu is activated where you can activate the activity related to the activation of the devices automatically. install drivers in safe mode

Windows generally quickly locates the driver in two ways. When prompted to search for it or simply when a device or program is entered and the system automatically locates it. If it is not found, the system itself issues an alert and makes a suggestion to automatically search or update the driver.

Manual update install drivers in safe mode

Sometimes we can install some software or device which for no reason do not have the respective drivers in their indications or folders. For many it is uncomfortable having to locate some drivers that are related to what we are installing.

The process is not complicated, only the convenience of not looking for them on the computer prevents us from trying another option. To search for a driver for example a printer, we must locate the model of the equipment in google. Several options immediately appear in the search engine that can be quickly downloaded to the computer.

Some pages like, allow to locate any driver that is required. The page guarantees the download of safe and reliable drivers. Some pages contain drivers that are very annoying to download and even come with extensions that they seek to promote through the google page.

Due to ignorance, some users do not know how to install drivers. Hence the recommendation we made on the previous page to search for drivers. After having the driver in the download folder, we proceed to unzip it and run it. For those who start at this, the right mouse button is clicked and we extract the installation into a single folder. install drivers in safe mode

The folder registers all the components related to the driver and the setup that must be installed on the computer. We go to the start part and in search we place update drivers. Then we open that icon and proceed to click on update drivers.

A folder should appear indicating “Include Subfolders” after we examine to find the drivers folder, in it we click next and Windows will automatically search for the driver that was downloaded. The driver is included in the device drivers folder and can even be used for another device. install drivers in safe mode

Find drivers on Google install drivers in safe mode

The most popular search engine on the net is a very complete program. In it you can search for any amount of things and information related to something that is needed. In the case that corresponds to us, we can find any type of driver without really knowing its model.

Search for known drivers

We had already seen how to download manually or driver. Only with a series of steps can we find a driver that we know. We must place if we know the brand and model of the device or version of the program we place the data in Google. Several pages that provide the service and driver download will appear quickly.

Some devices and programs recommend some reliable pages. But remember that this procedure is only possible when the operating system does not identify the driver that is needed within the list of internal drivers. We recommend downloading the driver from the page related to the device or program.

Search for unknown drivers

In the case of knowing the brand or model of a device, we have the option to also search for it through Google. If for any reason we have lost the product box or the installation CD has been lost and we cannot get the installation manual, we must locate it online.

For that we can carry out an interesting procedure. After the team has identified the device or program, we right-click and locate properties. Then a menu is displayed and the tab that says controller properties must be located. Semideo we click on “details” and choose “hardware”.

Once this is done we select “all” and copy. Later we open Google and paste what was copied and step on search. In a matter of seconds, a number of device-related drivers begin to appear. In this case we have to look very carefully for the one that best suits our device or program.

We recommend using the ones found on the Nvidia page. Which is one of the safest and most reliable. The manual download is then carried out as indicated above and the system integrates the driver to the equipment. In a few minutes we will have the device operating quickly and efficiently.

Although the process is described in a very simple way, in reality it takes a few minutes, it may be the case where the controller is not the one indicated and when opening the device or program, it does not work as we wish. That is why we suggest reading the recommendations at the end of this article.

Driver types

We had seen that the drivers are aimed at programs and physical devices, however the team identifies two types of controllers called Internal Hardware and External Hardware which differentiate and determine how it will work as required.

Internal Hardware

It is that driver that allows the computer to work efficiently. This internal driver internally connects the necessary components that are distributed on the motherboard. The importance then of the manufacturers to offer a long list of controllers that include in the equipment.

It then delivers various forms of drivers that do not need to be downloaded or installed. They are included in the motherboard, where it remains for the rest of the life of the computer until some fault prevents its operation and operability.

External Hardware

It consists of all that controller that is not necessary to use our PC. That is, those drivers that are not used for the motherboard to work. However, they are the ones found on the video card, the WiFi network, the Ethernet card, the audio card, among others.

They are activated when an external component is introduced in the computer and begins to operate to distribute the codes in the equipment and to be able to operate the devices or programs. These drivers are included in the operating system and you don’t need to know how to install drivers.

How to prevent the system from installing them automatically?

Sometimes it is not necessary for a driver to update any drivers, some may wonder why? simply because some drivers bring configuration for more updated operating systems and the encounter with programs or devices of previous manufacture. They can cause some problems in the efficiency and operation of the computer.

To avoid some kind of incompatibility, it is necessary to configure the computer so that it does not automatically update and install drivers. But let’s see what we should do to avoid this action and avoid problems with driver updates.

Press the “Windows + Pause” key, then the Windows configuration opens, then click on “Advanced system configuration”, another window opens and we search for “Hardware”, then click on “Device installation configuration”.

In that menu we click on “No” and proceed to accept. From now on, the system will not perform the action automatically but will ask some questions to confirm whether or not you want to install some type of driver on the computer.

This can even prevent a virus or malware from sneaking in that could damage or cause breakdowns in your computer. Sometimes loopholes use the presence of drivers on certain pages to place harmful file extensions.

Where to download reliable drivers?

There really aren’t many trustworthy pages. There are actually many pages that do not guarantee the quality and reliability of the drivers. The most secure page is “Driver escape”, simple and contains a great drop of drivers that can help to configure devices and programs in an easy and safe way.

With respect to other devices such as cell phones, printers and wireless mice. It is best to look for the drivers on the pages of the brands of the devices. It is very easy to locate them in Google, only the name and brand of the physical device are placed and the drivers available on the website of the product itself appear quickly.

If possible, do not make the mistake of downloading a driver without doing a little research on the page and its quality. It can be expensive if you don’t look for a safe way to introduce drivers into your computer. Likewise, the user must become familiar with how to install drivers.

There are pages where users are fooled with various download icons. So some manage to download programs that have nothing to do with the driver. It is always good to read and take a few minutes to really know what we want to get on the net.


When installing a program or device it is always good to check the manual that comes with them. If you do not have it, verify that there is an installation cd, you can also rely on the information that appears on the web page of the program’s product. The pages that have driver downloads offer information related to their operation.

Do not leave out knowing how. How the software works , on any computer, in addition, learn how to install drivers. If you are starting in the world of computing and information technology, take advantage of all the information offered by the internet to learn everything related to drivers.

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