What is imei for? Learn to see this code

Learn throughout this excellent article, what is imei and what is it for ? In addition you will find out the details of how to get the code. what is imei number used for

What is imei number used for?

All mobile phones have an identity, which is recognizable through a 15-digit bar code, which is called by the acronym IMEI, which means “ International Mobile Equipment Identity”; This code is unique worldwide, it is pre-recorded by the manufacturer of the device.

What is imei
What is imei

Said barcode implanted in the mobile device is totally independent of the telephone company with which you are associated. The Imei code is a good choice to consider in case of theft.

Since with this numerical code the use of the telephone can be restricted with the telephone operator, remaining only for use of the WI-FI, when it is unlocked it will be marked as a device reported for theft.

This consists of four sections, we will explain this with an example, the following code that will be shown is not a true Imei, “010203-04-050607-0”.

The first 6 digits “010203”; They detail the country in which it was manufactured, the 2 digits following the previous “04”, these two digits let us know who the manufacturer is, the next 6 digits “050607”; This is the serial number of the mobile phone, and finally the remaining digit “0” is to verify that the Imei is correct.

There are teams that bring 16 numbers to the Imei, others that bring 17 numbers and even 19 or 20 digits. Only 15 digits are important, in case your device only has 14 numbers, nothing happens, the manufacturer sometimes omits the check digit.

What is the Imei for?

We explain in summary options why this code is so important and what it is for.

What is imei
What is imei
  • If we lose the phone or it is stolen, with this code we can call our operator to block it.
  • To get the location of the device, this can be done while it is turned on.
  • To release the phone and be able to use it with any operator.
  • With it you can identify if the mobile is stolen.
  • Identify the phone, as we already know, each device has a unique code which serves as its own identity card.

How to find or get the Imei Code?

To achieve this important code there are several ways, they can be achieved in all ways super easy, pay attention to our following explanation which we detail each step. what is imei number used for

The quickest way

To find this code, you do not need any type of tools, since it should know it since it is like the ID, in this option you will go to the dialer of the call phone, and we enter the following code * # 06 # with this will be more than enough for the phone to show us the Imei on the screen. what is imei number used for

Under the battery or behind the device

In all devices in which the battery can be removed, just below it is the Imei code next to the barcode, those devices in which the battery is not removable right on the back cover of the manufacturer paste the code Imei.

In the device box

Normally the manufacturer places this code on the box on a card inside the box next to the manuals, it can be inside the device guide card or on the sides of the box either inside or outside. This is for security if the phone is lost or stolen.

In phone settings

An easy way but for some difficult, in this option we must go to the device settings and go to the end of the options and we will get an option that says about the device or system.

It may appear in this option or we have to go directly to the status of the phone in this same section and get the option that says Imei Information.

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