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Hybrid Hard Drive Is It Worth Using

Storage devices have various characteristics, but there is also a unit that combines its main properties, this is known as a Hybrid Hard  Drive. This article will explain its main characteristics.

Hybrid hard drive Hybrid Hard Drive

There are mechanical and solid storage units, which present a series of advantages to users at the time of their application, but there is also the possibility of obtaining a combination of their properties. This is known as a hybrid hard drive, which is a storage device that is considered the mix of features that the HDD and the SSD provide.

With this unit you can have the storage capacity very similar to the mechanical disk, and you also have the speed of access to the data similar to an SSD. It is considered as an intermediate solution between storage options, which is why it is known as SSHD, this acronym being a reference to a hybrid solid state drive.

They have a high capacity buffer so it has the inclusion of the non-volatile memory cache, in the same way it keeps the motor and the dishes in a state of rest, which does not generate heat in the device and does not consume energy thus extending its useful life. It has a casing similar to mechanical hard drives, being large devices.

It has a NAND Flash memory coming from the SSD, but with the difference that it is in the market with a lower price than solid units. In this memory it has a specific driver which must select the applications to be installed in order to increase their performance.

Likewise, with the increase in access to data, there is the possibility that some applications are installed on the magnetic plates to enter these programs more easily and that they can be executed at a higher speed. This increases data transfer performance in an optimal way.

Another of its advantages is that it does not have the risk of losing files and data, thanks to the Flash memory, so that in the event of any electrical failure there is greater protection in the information stored in the device. The dishes are responsible for saving all the information of the system for later use, as required by the user.


Hybrid Hard Drive
Hybrid Hard Drive

Among the main features of the hybrid hard drive is that they can be integrated into laptops, so they can be used in laptops of various types. It provides an increase in the acceleration of the system start-up, giving as the benefit a greater speed in the access of the data, which is given by the Flash memory.

By executing the basic functions of the computer, the hybrid hard disk consumes less power compared to other storage units. It presents greater confidence and reliability in the performance of computer components, since it runs in an optimal way so that it takes care of the applications installed in the operating system.

The available capacity is enough for the user to run various software regardless of the requirements they request. It offers the opportunity to run a wide range of multimedia content and video files, so it can be said that it has multitasking capabilities.

Its design consists of a thin cover, so that it can protect the Flash memory, it is also constituted by several interfaces which are in charge of processing the data transfer, an example of this hybrid hard disk storage unit is the WD Black SSHD .

The companies that made this device were Seagte, also Samsung, Hitachi, among others. SATA interface is generally applied to facilitate transfer of specific data from stored files. They can be found in a variety of capacities so that the user can select as appropriate.

However, as this capacity increases, the price in the market increases, so it is recommended to analyze which device is going to be useful so that additional money is not spent on a unit with greater storage capacity. The hybrid hard drive has several controllers that take care of the movement of the data.

A disadvantage of this device is that it has limits in the applications that can be installed in Flash memory, also another disadvantage is that the drivers in charge of this installation are carried out according to the use that the unit is given, so it has a model of learning for its execution.

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