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How to prepare a computer for sale: piece by piece? Steps

There are many types of computers that can be bought in the market but you also have the possibility of making one, this article explains how to build a computer? easily.  how to prepare a computer for sale

How to build a computer?

Computers are electronic equipment with the ability to perform multiple computing functions, with the advancement of technology, different models of computers with different properties and characteristics have been created. The opportunity has even been presented for any user to have the possibility to create a computer with the specific components as planned.

However, this action may seem very complicated or impossible to perform but this is not the case, how to build a computer requires gathering all the pieces that the computer is going to make up in a way that simplifies this procedure, its optimal functioning is also guaranteed, for so there is no need to fear in the performance of the team once it is built.

In this way, you have the advantage of establishing the components with the capacity you want or the model that can offer optimal performance, thus avoiding future problems with equipment failure that forces its structure and parts to be modified. You also have the benefit of implementing a personal design in the construction of the computer so that you can craft it at your convenience.

When it is understood how to build a computer, all the necessary characteristics and properties are implemented so that the computer does not have failure in the data readings or in the transfer of information from the operating system to the program that is running, so that the respective hardware to run different types of programs.

Components how to prepare a computer for sale

Before starting the purchases of the parts of a computer, it is recommended to carry out a planning of the most important components for the operation of the equipment, in this way there is a greater organization in its design as the probability that an error occurs in the creation of the computer or in the operation of the devices that are added to it.

First, a list of the necessary components must be made so that the computer can boot, it is important to take into account that not all hardware is compatible with each other, so if you want to add a specific model, you must know its characteristics to determine if it is suitable. It can be associated with other types of devices, this must be done obligatorily otherwise the computer will not work.

These cases of compatibility can be seen in the processors with the motherboard, depending on their characteristics they can be associated for optimal operation; Likewise, care must be taken with the power supply that is going to be used in the computer, since if an inappropriate model is used, it can use a greater amount of voltage than the equipment components can withstand.

In the same way, care must be taken with the graphics card that is going to be implemented in the computer, since this device establishes a direct connection with the power supply through the connectors that it has in its structure, so it has a voltage limit that it can withstand, this also happens with the other hardwares that are incorporated in the elaboration of the machine.

With this we understand how to build a computer not only consists of installing the CPU components, but all the necessary cables and materials must be available to guarantee a better performance of the devices without damaging them prematurely. A fundamental component for computers is the storage unit, as it can determine the fluidity of the data transfer of the operating system. how to prepare a computer for sale

A check must be made of the dimensions that the CPU is going to have, this depends on the sizes of the components that make up the computer, in this way they can be placed in a computer case to protect each of the devices that are going to be used on the computer; By having each of the parts and the cables, you can start with the construction of the computer.

The first thing to do is clean the components that are going to be placed in the computer, then you must begin by installing the processor in the socket, since this device consists of an electromagnetic circuit with the connection slots for the motherboard, in this way, motherboard preparation is established as the starting point for computer construction.

Along with the motherboard, you must proceed with the RAM memory, which is inserted into the slot of the corresponding motherboard, this may vary depending on the type of RAM that is used, since it can be dual, triple or even quadrant . In these cases, there are manufacturer’s instructions that indicate the steps to be followed when inserting the memory into the slot in an adequate and safe way.

Installing the fan how to prepare a computer for sale

. how to prepare a computer for sale
. how to prepare a computer for sale

So that the components do not overheat, it is necessary to install a fan, so that the computer is continuously cooled, this is because the devices need an electrical current for their operation so heat is generated that can affect the performance of computer components there is even the possibility of burning if you do not have a fan in the CPU.

Generally, the fans come with a thermal paste that allows it to be installed on the computer, however there are cases that this paste does not come with the fan so it is necessary to buy it separately, since if this cannot be done, the proper installation As it consists of a heat conduit, it is possible to avoid overheating problems.

In the application of the paste the amount cannot be exceeded because this can stimulate the heating of the computer, the cooler must be placed in the upper section of the CPU which allows adequate ventilation in the components. There are many models of fans with different sizes that can be between 70 mm up to 230 mm, so you have several options that can be used in how to build a computer. how to prepare a computer for sale

Intel CPU and Power Supply Placement

. how to prepare a computer for sale
. how to prepare a computer for sale

The next step is to install the power supply, the power of this component depends on the other devices that are going to integrate the computer, mainly from the motherboard; The corresponding connection of the internal cables of the CPU must be made first, consisting of 4 or 8 pins, depending on the model used. how to prepare a computer for sale

It continues with the connection of the motherboard with the power connector which has 24 pins, thus continuing to install the storage units, either an SSD or a HDD; In the event that it is required to connect a specific power supply for the high quality graphics card, the PCI-E power supply must be installed, for this the connection of all the plugs must be verified to guarantee its connectivity. how to prepare a computer for sale

For the installation of the Intel CPU, an Intel Core i7-5820K is needed, which is the one that allows data processing with a high level of efficiency; however you can use other versions but this depends on the capacity of the components that are going to be used in the construction of the computer, you also have the option of applying AMD Athlon X4 860k.

To achieve the correct installation, the motherboard must be removed and the retention bracket of the central processing unit must be released through a metal plate that has this structure; the corresponding chip of the CPU is inserted, the support is replaced as it was before to establish the respective base of the power supply.

Hard drive and graphics card 

Generally, a DDR3 memory is used because it provides a high speed in data transfer, it must be installed in the memory slot that has the RAM memory. In the case of the graphics card, you can have 8-pin or 6-pin connectors corresponding to the PCI-E slot, this connection is established in the power supply which must have the plug adjusted.

The storage unit refers to the hard disk that makes up the computer, this is generally located in the lower area, it is placed in a perpendicular or horizontal position depending on the model of the hard disk; It must be set at the bottom of the box so it is fixed through four screws so that it has a support..

Storage drive preparation how to prepare a computer for sale

After all the specific and customized components are installed, the configuration of the storage unit must be prepared for this, the computer system must be turned on, then the BIOS section is entered by pressing the F2 key from the moment the system starts to boot from the computer in this way a window is displayed with a message to access the configuration.

In this step it is recommended that the instructions that are given with the motherboard be consulted so that the access key to the system is acquired; DEL must be pressed to enter the configuration panel where we will proceed to establish the desired system for the computer, due to this it is recommended to follow the instructions in the manual to the letter.

The configuration of the hard disk is of a standard SATA system, in it all the units that make up this system of the storage unit are exposed. The unit drivers must be active, then it must be verified that the Windows system is installed and recognized by the hard disk, the units section is executed and with this, how to build a computer is completed. how to prepare a computer for sale

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