What does the Docx extension mean? How to open it?

In the following article we will explain what the Docx extension means and everything you need to know about it, in addition to the converters it has. how to open docx file

What does the Docx extension mean?

The Doc file format was created by Richard Reeves Brodie, this happened when he invented the primary version of Word in 1983. This is a type of software that allows users to write, make tables, add images, save texts, among others; it is one of the most used text formats by computers around the world.

The Docx file format was created in 2007 after its previous version, so that it could be used by older versions of Microsoft. This is free software, which is based on the XML language, which makes it easier to use on different websites, text editors, browsers, among others.

how to open docx file
how to open docx file

The Docx contains a developed compression technology, which makes the files up to 75% less heavy. An advantage of this format is that it does not need any extra tool to fulfill its function of compressing and decompressing the files, since this is an action that it performs automatically.

How do you store the information? It is very simple, it does it through separate modules, in this way, the document can always be accessed, even if one of these modules is damaged.

It has the ability to be compatible with multiple programs, among those we can mention: OpenOffice Writter, Google Docs, IBM Lotus Notes, Soft Maker Office, among others.

How to open a document with a Docx extension?

how to open docx file
how to open docx file

The main software for opening Docx file formats is Microsoft Word (only versions higher than 2007), although it is also possible to open documents of this type with programs such as Word Viewer, which can allow you to open Docx documents without having Microsoft Office.

Another tool that can allow you to open these types of files is Google Docs, which in addition to being free, gives you the opportunity to open, edit and save Docx files.

You should keep in mind that you cannot alter the name of the Docx extension, as it would not make any sense, that will not automatically change the file. Only tools like the ones we mentioned above and Microsoft Word could make those kinds of conversions.

Docx format disadvantages

Once you know what the Docx extension means, you will realize that as this file format has many advantages, it also has negative aspects. Among the disadvantages that we can find, is that it has many problems to save Doc documents in any version lower than those of 2007, in the same way it happens in Open Office, since its characteristics may have been damaged.

If the file is no longer on the computer, any file associated with it may generate errors.

Another aspect to mention is that unlike Doc, it is not universal, due to the fact that it has rivals such as ODF and a general reduction of the conventional uses of traditional word processors.

What programs are ideal for converting Docx documents? how to open docx file

In addition to Microsoft Word, there are other programs or tools that allow us to open and edit Docx files, which can be very useful and light for the user. Among those we have:

  • SoftMaker Office 2010: this program allows you to read and edit Docx files and even XLSX files.
  • OpenOffice and ApacheOffice: as of version 3.0 it has the ability to import Office Open XML files, but one of its disadvantages is that it cannot save them, although in version 3.2 it was able to improve this aspect.
  • IBM Lotus Notes: supports Docx files, as well as having the ability to edit them.
  • LibreOffice: Allows you to access and make changes to Office Open XML (Extensible Markup Language) files.

XML and the Docx format how to open docx file

When Microsoft came under pressure to have more open standards, development of the Docx file format began, in conjunction with PPTX for its presentations and XLSX for its spreadsheets.

These standards had the name of Office Open XML, this without having any connection with Open Office, since they are based on XML (Extensible Markup Language), which has many advantages, among which we can mention: Lighter files, low probability of viruses, higher resolution images, among others.

In its 2007 version of software, the XML-based Docx file format became the file of choice for saving in Word. Many users had the idea that this was a way that Microsoft will erase their old versions of the software, because you are unable to read the XML files, but this is a false theory, since the Word 2003 version can read the files Word XML, and in addition, later in other versions compatibility options were added.

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