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How to disable Windows 10 updates?

In this article, Deactivate Windows 10 updates , the user has the possibility of knowing how to do it in a simple way and that finally he will obtain the expected results. how to disable windows 10 update permanently

Disable Windows 10 updates

how to disable windows 10 update permanently
how to disable windows 10 update permanently

We will show you how to disable Windows 10 updates, so that the operating system only performs it when the user enters Windows Update, voluntarily to search for updates.

In Windows Update settings, it allows the user to configure in many ways, including Windows 10 manages updates, although it does not allow the option to completely disable them.

But, there are other methods to deactivate automatic updates that do not appear in the configuration menus, but are hidden in other internal options, it is a more advanced aspect of the operating system. how to disable windows 10 update permanently

If the automatic updates are activated, it is likely that the switch or cigarette lighter of the equipment will have to be left updating much of the time, it is likely to happen at less opportune moments.

So, to prevent updates from bothering us in our activities and time, the best thing to do is to disable automatic Windows 10 updates.

To deactivate Windows 10 updates, it is done using a simple tool that allows you to deactivate, and in the case that we do not want it, they can be enabled at any time.

Disable Windows 10 updates, not having to need Windows Update, we start with: how to disable windows 10 update permanently


how to disable windows 10 update permanently
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Windows 10 updates, act like any other process within computing, must be done to prevent it from starting with the system, so the first thing to do is open the start menu and run the Services application.

To do this, you only need to type services.msc in the start menu, which will allow it to immediately display the precise application that is requested. how to disable windows 10 update permanently

Press Windows Update

When you enter the Services application, you will see that a large list of processes appears, then, the user must go down to the bottom, in order to find the Windows Update option, immediately double-click on it to open a new window showing other options.

To disable

Once in this new window that is displayed, in the upper part you have to click on the General tab, which by default is entered in it, however it is necessary to verify that it is right there, it is something that you must confirm in case it has been erroneously changed unintentionally; when you are in the option, you proceed to open the drop-down menu of the field that appears as Startup Type, the Disabled option is selected.

Apply how to disable windows 10 update permanently

From now on, it only remains to click on the Apply button so that the changes made are adjusted, once it is done, restart the computer, and when you re-enter Windows, there will no longer be any concern about automatic updates.

What is recommended is that you go to Windows Update some times in order to receive system updates, it is a good way to help be safeguarded against threats and at the same time receive functions and corrections that are up-to-date.

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Finally, if the user is not bothered by the issue of system updates, but contrary to the applications, the Windows app store has an option on how to deactivate them, you only have to open the menu and enter the Microsoft Store, which refers to the original Windows 10 app store.

Setting how to disable windows 10 update permanently

When the user enters the Microsoft Store, immediately what he must do is click on the icon marked with three dots that shows in the upper right corner, a drop-down menu will immediately open, where he must press the Configuration option that is in the second space. how to disable windows 10 update permanently

Deactivate how to disable windows 10 update permanently

Once the Microsoft Store Configuration option is entered, you must go to the Application update section, in this part, you must deactivate the Update applications option, it is automatically reflected in the first place, which means that the operation is done.

The apps that the user has updated with this store, it is important to point out that they will not be automatically updated again as it used to happen, if you want to do them, you will have to enter the Microsoft Store, look for updates and run it manually.

These are certain tricks that allow the user to learn, have experience in activating and deactivating certain tools such as the well-known cookies, which are shown in different browsers, a very useful and support tool to enter and navigate in the preferred pages. how to disable windows 10 update permanently

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