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What is a DLL in computing and what is it for?

Know what is a DLL in computing ? It is of high importance, since they are components that are required for the correct operation of the applications to be executed, which will be detailed in this information. how to create dll file

What is a DLL in computing?

how to create dll file
how to create dll file

They are a group of files that have the execution codes of an application, as well as other components of it, its acronym is given by Dynamic Link Library, which means that it is a Dynamic Link Library, as long as the files are presented correctly DLL, then the application will demonstrate proper installation as well as effective operation, without any problems.

At the moment in which some software is executed, the computer automatically begins to load the DLL files, being a library that is activated to correspond to the application that is being included, in such a way that the process is optimal This is something that is done quickly, so it is not something that can be appreciated, taking into account that these files are functional by the operating system.

It is necessary that each of the operating systems have this library so that the installation of other applications is possible, in general, concern has been expressed about this, since it is considered that these files can consume the performance of the computer which would cause that be much slower, but they are of great use and necessity, they offer many benefits.

It is important to know what a DLL is in computing to be aware of the advantages that are being presented in the computer, since they allow each of the actions that apply to be carried out, being of great importance for proper operation and without drawbacks.

What is a DLL in computing? how to create dll file

The objective of DLL files is to allow applications to run without generating very large amounts of files that can consume a lot of space, since it is necessary to have a high amount of code for execution and its storage is generally observed in DLL files This happens for all types of files, whether they are text, audio, video, and many more, which require various elements to function.

Therefore, an order is displayed in each of the processes that must be carried out for the application to operate correctly, allowing the state of the computer to be stable, in such a way that despite the high number of DLL files They are used by different programs of the operating system, they will always be executed in such a way that they make use of the memory in the best way so that the management is easier.

Each of these positive aspects provides a better performance to the computer, since it is directly related to the operating system, which means that it will have a greater speed as the DLL files are running, therefore, they are essential on a computer, and you shouldn’t be worried about it.

Mistakes how to create dll file

There are many errors that can occur on a computer, be it the blue screen, freezes, constant reboots and others, which in many cases are believed to have to do with DLL files, however, it should be noted that the main point in this The fact is that the people who design each of these files do not take into account all the conditions that may exist.

When computers are used, they can have different conditions of both software and hardware depending on the model, therefore, since there are no DLL files specifically for each case, they can have some failure, since the tests that are carried out with the DLL files are carried out in ideal situations, where there are no relevant variations, but this is not always the case, since various programs are available.

As the years go by, the best options for users have been developed in computing, they make different tools that will be applied on a computer, highlighting the need that has been highlighted by the use of DLL files in them, since, being an element that will allow that when using a computer there is no excess consumption of resources or RAM memory, making an ideal case for the device.

For those people who are responsible for developing DLL files, they must consider various aspects as mentioned above, if this is not fulfilled then it is possible that constant failures are presented, which will appear every time you want to use the application or others, however, it is important to note that this situation can be improved, as fixes from a DLL can be applied, depending on the failures that have occurred.

The most recommended is to search for available updates, to be downloaded, allowing new DLL files to be added, those that were needed, so that it is possible to correct errors that the user had on his computer, which is possible by the high number of advantages that these types of files offer, which must be used appropriately, if it can not generate other types of problems.

For example, the case may occur in which the programs are not compatible with the new updates carried out, this may cause it to be impossible to use the applications, but in the same way they are failures that can be solved, since various options are displayed where the same users can see which DLL files suit them, which do not have a compatibility problem, their updates and more.

It is necessary to consider that the computer is composed of various data and even the smallest ones can have a fault if it is not operated in the correct way, we recommend reading about what a bit is .


As has been highlighted in the information, the DLL files are incorporated with the operating system, so their operation is automatic, however, it is important to consider the cases in which their installation must be carried out manually, which It happens very rarely, this can be in cases of applications that do not have the specific support of the developer, which will require a manual process.

Therefore, so that the procedure is not complex, various points will be highlighted with each of the steps that must be carried out to perform the installation of a DLL file in a simple way, for this it will be required to know what a DLL is in computing, since it is important to have the basic knowledge about it, so that it can really be done without any problems. how to create dll file

Step 1

First, you must specifically know the name of the DLL file that is required to be installed, so that the wrong one is not used, this is a fairly simple process, it does not have much difficulty, since when you want to run an application, it specifies the type of file The exact information you need to be functional, or if this does not happen, it is possible to investigate it through the internet, where you will find the required information.

Step 2

The website where the DLL file is obtained will have some instructions for using it, it is important to follow each of these points so that it is a really efficient process, you must proceed to locate the file where the download has been saved, And take into account that it is not possible to change its name, if it will not stop working, it must be presented exactly as it was downloaded.

In the event that the download is presented in a compressed file, then it must be decompressed, being a very simple aspect necessary to be able to access the DLL file, therefore, it must be done correctly.

Step 3

If decompression is necessary, then after that you will already have the DLL, it will be necessary to click on it using the right mouse button, various options will be displayed, among which you must select “Copy”.

Step 4

It should be directed to the local disk C, in it you will find a folder called “Windows” which you must select, and then in “System32”, when located in the latter, you must paste the DLL file, clicking on the right button of the mouse and select “Paste”, then now changing its location may require some permissions, which must be applied for this process to be possible.

Step 5

After that, it goes to the “Start” option found in the menu, in the search bar that it presents you must enter the following, “regsvr32”, when placing this code then you must add the name of the DLL file that is going to be installed, it is important not to use quotation marks in this part of the process, when carrying out this action the registration process will then be displayed in the operating system.

The installation process is of great relevance, because it will base its operation on it, therefore it is necessary to do it correctly, without errors, fulfilling each of these steps will allow effective results to be observed.

Open DLL files

When carrying out the installation in an appropriate way, then it is important to consider how to open them, since if this is not done correctly it can generate negative consequences directly to the computer, with the possibility of it becoming a case. fatal, therefore, you must have the knowledge of what a DLL is in computing , how they work, their installation, opening and more, so that it is much easier for the person.

Therefore, for the opening of these files to be carried out in an ideal way, then the following steps must be fulfilled that will highlight each of the details that must be taken into account and what should be applied.

Step 1

First you must go to Windows Explorer, various options will be presented, among them you must select in “Folder Options”, when entering it click on “View” and then on “Show hidden files”, it will lead to a tab with other alternatives, selecting “Hide protected system files” continues to accept each of the steps performed.

Step 2

Fulfilling the first step, then continue selected in “Start” which will display different options, proceed to click on “Search”, write in the search space “DLL” so that the system activates the search process for these files, another way that this step can be carried out is by selecting the “Search in all files and folders” option, however, this only occurs in certain versions of Windows.

Step 3 how to create dll file

After that, the system will display a large list with each of the DLL files that it has located on the computer, it proceeds to specifically locate the one it requires, it has the options of opening any of them with certain tools that they offer, choose one of them and it will be possible to open it without any inconvenience.

Visualization and modification

The process of editing a DLL file can be complex, therefore not only must know specifically what a DLL is in computing, but also have knowledge of programming in general, since it will be necessary to make use of certain components to make it carried out in the ideal way, for this the following steps must be fulfilled:

Step 1

First, it must be activated by decompiling the DLL that needs to be modified, for this to be possible, a functional program must be downloaded to decompile, which will allow to view the source code that the file presents, since this type of information cannot be observed with the basic visualization tools, such as the notes blog, therefore, a specific application is needed for this purpose.

These applications work by reverting the binary code into textual information that can be observed, which means that the user will be able to read it without problems, one of the most recommended is dotPeek, being a totally free and effective program.

Step 2 how to create dll file

Having the decompiler then proceed to open the DLL, you must select the option “File” and continue by clicking on “Open” where you should search for the DLL file, so that you can get its exact location, select the one you want to edit and accept to continue.

Step 3 how to create dll file

When opening the file, then it will be possible to view the different components that it presents, for this it is necessary that the compilation explorer be used, in such a way that it is possible to observe all the general content of each of the modules found in these types of files, but to see specifically the one that you want to modify, you must select and you will be able to see each of the elements related to them.

Step 4

These elements are known as nodes, by selecting some of them then its code can be displayed, this is observed on the right side of the program, indicating the possibility of observing it in other types of languages, therefore, it is possible to perform the download of these additional ones if you really need it, in the same way, the program takes care of the installation automatically.

Step 5 how to create dll file

This code is exported to Visual Basic software, so that it can be modified, it will be found in the code language for proper compilation and editing.

Step 6

It will be necessary to go to the compilation explorer, select a node to be able to export, when you are in this section you will find several options, among them you must select “Export To Project”, which offers different alternatives with respect to the exports.

Step 7 how to create dll file

As a last step, we proceed to open the DLL code, it is necessary that it be presented directly in Visual Studio to be able to carry out its modification, then we proceed with the personal creation of the DLL, which will require its proper compilation so that it can be installed as highlighted in some previous steps.

As long as each of these steps are completed, the user will not present any type of problem regarding the operation of the DLL files as well as the use of various applications, however, as can be seen, it may have a slightly high difficulty, since It requires certain computer knowledge for it to be carried out properly, therefore, knowing what a DLL is in computer science and all the points related to that topic is highlighted. how to create dll file

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