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How does the software work? Features

Software is one of the main parts of the computer . Capable of providing infinite solutions based on computer applications, it is the pillar of digital transformation. Minimize execution times of daily tasks. How does the software work ? Come and find out in this interesting article. how software works

How does the software work?  how software works

how software works
how software works

A software is a set of programs that are executed in a computer-like system, through the physical part of a computer, that is, through hardware. Its purpose is to achieve the execution of specific tasks required by the user of the system, either through the interaction between it and the hardware, or between the operating system software and other software applications.

Simply, without the software, the computer system would not work, since it is he who gives the orders, and who indicates what action should be carried out, when and how.


  • It allows communication and interaction between the machine and the user.
  • It is the logical part of a computer system.
  • Directs the activities of the computer system.
  • It has an infinity of utilities, updated daily depending on the needs of the users.
  • At present, practically all the technological applications that we know require software.
  • There are free software and software that require payment for copyright and license.

Types  how software works

There are several ways to classify existing types of software. However, the most common and easiest to understand is the following.

System software

They are the most important software, since they allow communication between the hardware and the operating system of any computer. In the same way, they are the ones who make the operation of various sectors of the computer possible.

These types of systems include operating systems, device drivers, diagnostic tools, correction and optimization tools, servers, and utilities.

Programming software

how software works
how software works

They combine logic and programming knowledge to create and develop systems. They contain the code to design elements within the operating system. Generally, this type of software allows several programs to work together at the same time.

Text editors, compilers, interpreters, linkers, debuggers, and integrated development environments are examples of programming software.

App software  how software works

They are programs, applications or utilities oriented towards the end user, a product of programming software. They are in common use, and they fulfill specific tasks in daily life.

Within this type of software are the applications of control systems, office programming, assisted design software, numerical control and, ultimately, all software with specific uses, such as education, business, health, etc.

To better understand how the software works, it is important to point out the different types of licenses that exist.

License types  how software works

The software license is a legal agreement between the manufacturer and the user, in such a way that the conditions of its use are established. Depending on the permission of each software, these can be purchased in stores dedicated to the sale of computers or online.

Here are the different types of licenses that exist:

Free software  how software works

They can be used by any type of user. In addition, its modification and redistribution is possible without any type of limitation.

Copyleft  how software works

They are widely used like free software, but cannot be modified or redistributed by the end user.


Compatible with Linux, therefore its distribution and modification is limited.


It allows free redistribution, only when the source code is known.

BSD  how software works

In general, it does not present great limitations for its use, modification or redistribution.

Public domain

Available to all users, due to the absence of copyright.


It can be used by other users, but cannot be modified or redistributed.


It allows its free redistribution, but not its modification.


It is distributed in test mode. Generally, after 30 days the user can buy it.


Its main objective is to obtain economic benefits from the manufacturer.


Its distribution is free only for a specific period of time.

Most common commercial software

Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others, are dedicated to the creation, development and commercialization of all types of software. Among the main ones are: Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Linux, Mac OSX, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Windows, iTunes, etc. All with different functions and characteristics.

Some other software manufacturers are: Autodesk, Borland, Corel, Lotus, Intel, IBM, Netscape, among others.


As a consequence of the variety of known types of software, their purpose and the context in which they are used, it is not possible to speak of a single function. Currently, from browsing the Internet to using the different applications on our phones and mobile devices, it requires the use of software.

In business, word processors and database management are essential. For its part, in the industrial sector, software makes it possible to automate processes and measure their efficiency.

In general, in whatever area we perform, we require the presence of software that facilitates communication between us and the machines, and provides us with efficient solutions to our problems.

Finally, for a software to work, both the programmer and the programming languages ​​must be in tune. In addition, the software must be adequate, because if it does not integrate perfectly with a specific hardware, it will be said that both are incompatible and communication between the user and the machine will not be possible.

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