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How does email work?

E-mail is, without a doubt, the most traditional and popular medium that exists to send messages via the internet. Here we show c OW email works . Come and discover everything related to this important communication and information tool. How does email work

How does email work? How does email work

How does email work
How does email work

Electronic mail or e-mail is the means that allows you to exchange private messages with other Internet users from anywhere in the world. Each user requires a unique email address that no other user on the network has, through which they send and receive digital correspondence.

When we receive an e-mail, it follows its path from network to network until it reaches our internet provider. Once there, it is deposited in our personal locker, from where we collect it through an email program.

features How does email work

Next, in how email works, we mention the main characteristics that make this tool an efficient and economical means for digital communication:

Fast How does email work

It can be said that the speed of message exchange between several users is almost instantaneous, regardless of the geographical location where they are.

Economic How does email work How does email work

Generally, the cost of communication equals a local call, which makes it the cheapest option compared to telephone or fax.

Concrete How does email work How does email work

It contributes to the formation of writing habits, in terms of the precision with which the message is written.

Permanent How does email work

The service is available throughout the year, and at any time of the day. It is not necessary to be connected to the internet to receive messages. These are stored on the mail servers until we connect and can download them.

Ecological How d How does email workoes email work

Contributes to the conservation of natural resources due to the absence of paper in sending messages.

Efficient How does email work

Increase productivity by allowing you to send the same message to multiple people at the same time.

Versatile How doe How does email works  email work

Allows you to attach any type of file together with the message. The attachment can be modified by the recipient as they prefer.

Comfortable How does email work

How does email work
How does email work

The received message does not need to be answered immediately, but the person who receives it decides when and how to reply. Which he achieves by clicking on the Reply option.

Private How does email work

The use of unique users and passwords to access the email account guarantees the privacy of the information.

Full How does email work

It includes the use of other tools, such as the calendar, chat and contact list.

Structure How does email work

An email is made up of the header and body of the message.

Header How does email work

It contains the email address of the person sending the message, and the subject, subject, reason or title of the message.

Body How does email work

It refers to the text that makes up the content of the message. Generally, this part also includes the author’s signature. The signature is optional and refers to the basic data (name, address and telephone number) of the recipient, apart from a few small lines that characterize it.

Servers How does email work

Email servers are responsible for storing received messages until they can be received or downloaded by the end user. If it does not accept the message, the email server is responsible for returning it to the initial recipient, notifying about a failure or error.

Types of Servers How does email work

The main types of email servers are:

SMTP How does email work

Refers to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Basically, it is a software that runs on the computer in order to take care of the transfer of the message. In other words, it acts as an intermediary between the reception and the sending of messages. In its process, it involves both other email servers and the users of the messages.

POP How does email work

It is the short form of a Post Office Protocol server. It allows the downloading of messages by users, through the use of a portion of specialized software. In this way, he is responsible for enabling access to the storage of email messages. In other words, a POP is nothing more than a traditional email account, which is read through email client programs.

IMAP How does email work

Regarding Internet Message Access Protocol. It is software that enables wide access to user-created e-mail folders on the server. It allows the combination between all the folders and messages created by the user, and the data stored locally.

Webmail accounts

It is an email service that allows you to read an email message through a website and not through a reader program. It also does not require owning your own computer. Ultimately, it is the counterpart of POP accounts. Its two top representatives are Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.

POP and Webmail

Thanks to advances in technology, today it is possible to read a Webmail account from a mail client, and a POP account through web pages. An example of the first case is the possibility that Hotmail offers to read and send messages from a webmail account that has been opened on your site. This is accomplished through the use of the Outlook Express mail reader.

For its part, the Yahoo webmail service allows you to read a POP account from your website. For which, the user must be duly registered with Yahoo. Its main advantage is that the user can check their account from any computer. However, if you are not registered, you cannot send messages from that POP account, but from the Yahoo webmail account.

Spoken email 

Some specialized software provide the option of sending recorded emails. The difference between this alternative and the fact of attaching audio files within messages lies in the ability of the program to compress the file size.

While a minute-long audio file can weigh up to 5MB, and when compressed in the traditional way loses 5% of its size, the original size of a recorded email is reduced by 20-30%. Its main disadvantage is that, necessarily, whoever receives the recorded e-mail must have an audio player program, compatible with this technology.

Voice E-mail and V3mail are examples of this type of spoken email service.

Basic functions 

With the advancement of technology, there are more and more utilities from emails. Here are some functions that may interest us:

Address book management 

Any email provider allows us to store the data of our digital contacts through the use of an address book. In it you can include, apart from the e-mail address, names and surnames, room or work address, telephone and fax numbers, and birthday dates.

In this way, it is not necessary for us to write your email address every time we want to send a message to a specific person. Just by selecting your name from the list, your address already appears in the header of the message. Similarly, this option allows you to add new contacts and create groups of recipients, to whom you can send messages at the same time. For example, we can form groups of friends, work, study, etc.

Using commands 

Depending on the service provider on which we depend, we have the possibility of accessing shortcuts or key combinations that facilitate both the writing and the sending of messages, and other actions within the email. The Ctrl + U key combination works to directly access the New message window.

With the shortcut Ctrl + P we can send the received message to print. Just open the message and press the key combination. A new window will open where we will select the target device and set the quality and quantity of the print.

If we press the Ctrl + A keys, the Read message window will open. Ctrl + Shift + V, allows you to move a message to a specific folder. The instruction is terminated with the Enter key, after selecting the destination folder.

The Ctrl + Y command allows you to go directly and quickly to a certain folder, after our selection. For its part, with Ctrl + Shift + B, we go to the address book directly.

Folder management

A very useful function, present in any email provider, is the management of message folders. Allows the creation of folders where all messages sent to that recipient or group of recipients will be stored. Multiple folders can be created at a single level or, if we prefer, within a folder we can create a sublevel.

Like all the other special functions of e-mail, this one too is easy to achieve. In the Menu bar, within our account, we select the options File> Folder> New folder.

Inbox management 

With this function we can manage all the messages that arrive in our inbox, establishing rules such as: delete, copy, move, among other options. Depending on the version of the service provider, these rules are set in Tools> Inbox Assistant or Tools> Message Rules> Mail.

Deleting messages

Sometimes we are interested in deleting some messages, either because they exceed a certain size or because we do not want to receive them from a specific recipient. In either case, we can establish a rule that allows us to permanently eliminate them from our mail. Once inside the mail, we go to Tools> Message rules> Mail.

Another way is, under Conditions, select Message size is greater than size> Remove it from server. At this point, we must define the size in Kbytes, as a criterion to eliminate the messages. We give a name to the new rule created and select OK. Finally, we press OK twice to save the changes.

Additionally, to learn more about how email works , we will answer each of the following questions:

How to create an email account?

Currently, two of the most common email providers are Gmail Outlook. Here we will teach you how to create an email account in Google and Hotmail.

Gmail email

Many of the modern applications, whether they are for accessing mobile devices or downloading material online, require a Google Gmail email. Here we will see how to obtain it.

The first step is to access the web address and click on Create Account.

Next, we must write the information that is requested, such as: name, surname, username and password. In addition, they ask us for our birthday, gender (male or female), country, telephone number and an alternative email address. It is important to note that the username is subject to system availability.

Additionally, we are asked to choose a security question and write your answer. This will help us to recover our account in case we need it later. Finally, we are asked to verify a security word provided by the system automatically.

The last step is to accept the terms of service. To do this, once we read the conditions, we click on the option I agree to create my account. Now we can enter our Gmail email account for the first time. For this, we only need our newly created username and password. We click on the Access option, and that’s it.

Outlook Mail

Outlook is the successor to Hotmail. Currently, to access applications such as Skype, OneDrive, Xbox and others, an email account of this type is required. Obtaining it is quite simple. From the web browser we access www.outlook, com or When the window opens, we choose the option Register now.

After filling in the information requested in the registration form, we can choose between obtaining an address with the termination, or Finally, we click where it says create account and we will have immediate access to the new email account just created.

Can we create a free email with our own domain?

The answer is yes. The Zoho business email service allows the creation of emails with your own domain. Among its many options, there is the free version. From the web browser of our preference, we access the official page There we will click on the Pricing option.

To choose the free version, we select where it says Get started. In the next window, we must add our domain, selecting the Add domain option. In this easy way, we have already created our email address with our own domain, extendable up to 10 accounts.

Finally, we click on Setup account whit Zoho to verify domain ownership. We will have to check some data by accessing the newly created account and we will be ready to manage it. Every time we want to log in, we must go to the page, enter our username and password. Zoho apps are also available on Google Play or App Store.

Correct way to write an address How does email work

The general structure of an email address contains: the user’s name, the organization name, the type of organization, and the country code. The first two items are separated by a symbol known as an at sign. It does not support accented words, spaces between characters, or eñes.

How to log in and log out? 

To close a mail session that is open, we go to the upper right part of the window, where it says Profile, and we click on the pop-up box corresponding to Close session.

To log in again, we go to the website or> gmail. If we see the name of our account when the window opens, we simply enter the password and click where it says Sing in.

If, on the contrary, our user does not appear on the screen, then we enter our name where it says Login with a different account, followed by the password, and we directly access our messages.

How can we personalize our account?

Within our account, we look within the options menu where it says Mail options. There we can define basic settings, such as: create a signature, establish rules and filters, among other useful options.

How to write and send a message?

Once we have entered the mail, in the toolbar, we select the New mail option. We fill in the boxes belonging to the header of the email, and then we write the content of the message. When finished, we select the Send option.

It is important to note that if we do not know the recipient’s email address, it will be impossible to send a message by this means.

How to read and reply to a message?

To read a received message, we must enter the mail and within the Inbox option, select with a click the message that we want to read. If, additionally, we wish to reply to the sender, we select the Reply option.

Sometimes we are not the only recipients of the same email. In that case, we can choose between replying only to the sender or replying to all the email addresses included in the message.

How to forward a message? 

Sometimes we are interested in sending some mail that we receive to other people. If this is the case, once the message is opened, we select the Forward option. We will need to write the email address of the new recipient in the header of the message.

How to attach files?

An additional option in sending emails is to be able to include files within the content of the message. To do this, instead of selecting the Send option when you finish writing, we must click on the word Insert> Attached file.

It is possible to attach files that are stored on the computer or on an external storage device.

How to open an attachment? How does email work

Once we access the message that contains an attached file, and only if we are sure that it comes from a safe source, we select the download option at the bottom of the file in question. It will be automatically saved in the download folder of our computer. Remember to run an antivirus before opening it.

How to keep copies of sent messages?

Most email providers keep copies of sent messages automatically. However, it is advisable to check that we have this option activated within the configuration. The following steps are required: Tools> Options> Send> Save a copy of sent messages> OK.

How do we recover old messages?

Within the email, in the search bar, we write some keywords related to the message that we want to retrieve. Pressing Enter will display all emails containing those words. We select the name of the email searched, and again we have access to it.

Do we lose the messages they send us when we are not connected?

No, the messages are received and stored by our service provider even if we are disconnected. We can open and download them without any problem, as soon as we recover the internet connection.

Could sent messages be lost?

Although it is rare, it can happen. This is mainly due to the number of roads or complex routes that a message must take to reach its final destination, sometimes even on the other side of the world.

Is the use of email safe?

The only ones who have access to our email account are ourselves through our username and password. Therefore, it is important not to share them with anyone.

In the same way, we must not forget to close the mail session when finished using it, especially in case of needing to open it on shared computers.

Can the computer be infected with viruses through a received email?

The only way for the computer to be infected by one of the existing types of computer viruses is if we have decided to execute a file included in the message received by e-mail, and that it contains a virus.

Generally, we must avoid opening any file that ends in .exe, .com, among others. In any case, it is always advisable to scan all downloaded files using a good antivirus application.

What is the trash can for?

The email trash stores the messages that have been deleted from our account.

What is spam

It is a junk mail that reaches our account without being requested, generally, from unknown recipients. Many of them usually contain viruses that could cause damage without running them on our computer.

Most email providers have anti-spam filters, in order to keep these types of messages out of our inbox.

What is spamming?

It refers to the action of sending thousands of unwanted messages through email. Generally, content with unsolicited advertising.

What is phishing?

It is a type of computer fraud, known as identity theft, in which someone tries to obtain information from us, through communications that appear to be from reliable sources.

What is spoofing?

It is the means used to carry out the so-called phishing. It consists of modifying the information in the header of an email message to make it appear familiar and trustworthy.

What is the email worm?

It is a malicious program that usually arrives via email, in the form of an attachment. It copies itself and replicates itself over the computer network until it occupies all the memory. Generally, it is extended to other users through the contact list.

Writing rules

There are certain codes that we must respect when writing an email message. These are:

  • Do not write only in capital letters.
  • Do not exceed the typefaces used.
  • Avoid highlighting words or sections of the message.
  • Do not abuse the use of emoticons.
  • Take care of the tone (formal or informal), depending on the purpose of the message.

Security Recommendations

To achieve efficient use and to know how email works, it is important that we follow the following recommendations:

  • We must never share our username or password with other people.
  • Create passwords strong enough, in such a way that they cannot be discovered by strangers.
  • Verify that the email account has the correct configuration. To do this, it is necessary to open the mail in the usual way, look in the menu bar for the options Accounts> Mail> Properties> General. Within the latter we must verify that both the name and the email address are spelled correctly. Right there, but in the Servers option, we must check the names of the mail servers, both incoming and outgoing. Additionally, in the Account name option, we must write our username, and in the Password option, the password.
  • We must never share our username or password with other people.
  • Make sure to log out of mail when using shared equipment.
  • Avoid opening files received via email that are of dubious origin.
  • Scan any file downloaded via email message using an updated antivirus program.
  • Before sending a message, let’s verify the recipient’s email address, thus avoiding misunderstandings and loss of information.
  • Do not send chain messages by email.
  • Let’s avoid giving personal information through email messages. How does email work

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