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How does a UPS work? (uninterruptible power supply)

There are devices that provide power to the computer to keep it running and not lose important data. That is why this article will explain how a UPS works How does a UPS work

How does a UPS work? How does a UPS work

How does a UPS work
How does a UPS work

UPS is the acronym for Uninterruptible Power System which consists of a device that provides power to the computer so that it can be enabled in the event of any electrical failure that occurs. For this reason, they are generally used by companies and large institutions, so that the loss of files in the event of a power outage is avoided. How does a UPS work

It gives the advantage that any equipment that is connected will be able to take advantage of this electrical power supply since various overvoltages can occur which cause equipment failures. That is why it is recommended to add this device to your computer so that autonomy is obtained in the constant execution of the equipment.

For its operation, a connection must be established with the power outlet, after determining the equipment that will be connected to this UPS device, offering protection in the electrical supply to each of the components that require it, so it is available the computer in a constant way.

As you can have a large number of electrical failures, a UPS is applied since it provides security against any chaos or voltage spike, also if there is an unstable supply of electricity, even before a distortion of the current signal which is at 50 Hz and 230 V.

With all its properties, it can be explained how a UPS works, it has a battery that has the objective of supplying the corresponding energy to the equipment that is connected at the time of a power outage, either due to a blackout or a failure. into the outlet due to a broken contact.

How does a UPS work
How does a UPS work

It presents an automated system that is responsible for absorbing electrical energy at times of fluctuation, so that the connected equipment does not lose the current necessary to continue its operation. Its operation is in bypass mode so when it first supplies power it takes it directly and in the event of a power failure the proportion stored in the device is activated.

It is made up of various relays that are in charge of detecting or acting as a sensor in the event of any fall or failure of the light, so that it activates the automatic power proportioning system. Due to this, a wide range of models have been created, giving customers options to acquire the type that suits them best.

Types How does a UPS work

By knowing how a UPS works, you can have a general idea of ​​its main objectives and its constitution, but it should also be noted that there are various models which have their own specific characteristics, so that it can be offered to older customers. advantages and benefits in the use of these devices.

There are many types among the cheapest as those that have a high price, each one presents a protection system based on alternating current and its subsequent conversion to direct current. That is why some models of this device are shown below along with their main characteristics:


This type is known to be one of the cheapest found on the market. It also presents a basic protection system for the equipment that is connected, it has a relay that has the purpose of activating in the event that an electrical failure is generated either by a blackout or by a fluctuation in the voltage at the peak of voltage. .

It allows the current to pass through the battery that generates the corresponding power supply to each of the components that are connected to take advantage of their properties. It consists of a converter from alternating current to direct current that is located before the battery and another one after it, but from direct current to alternating current.

Line Interactive

To understand how a UPS of this type works, it is necessary to know how it is formed, since it has a specific technology which solves any fluctuation that it perceives in the current, that is, it corrects the overvoltage that is present in the power current provided to the teams.

It has an autotransformer that manages the current input to regulate the voltages and / or is at a low level, so it can be guaranteed that the battery mode is not activated in the event of fluctuations in electrical energy. This ensures that no heat will be generated in the device and its respective components, giving it a longer service life.

It is known as one of the best-selling UPS devices in the industry, since its system solves all voltage errors obtaining a signal independent of the input current, taking advantage of all the properties of the built-in circuits for current transfer.

Double Conversion How does a UPS work

It is known as an advanced UPS device, as it is made up of various sophisticated components that allow it to be used by the IT industries. Its main advantage is that it delivers a signal that can be considered as perfect, this because it converts all alternating current into direct current.

Other of its great advantages is that it provides different functions compared to the other types of this device since it has a wide high range for the consumer, this refers to the fact that several equipment can be installed to provide protection in the power current that is transferred to you.

One of its virtues is that it can operate constantly in the face of low direct current, it does not have a relay, it has a system that is responsible for supplying the corresponding energy when the current failure occurs. As in any basic system of a UPS supplying the energy by the battery that it has, the worse the difference is the capacity that it can store.

For this reason it is one of the most expensive devices on the market, since it is considered one of the best in its class, the battery is always connected to store and transfer the electric current, giving greater protection against any short circuit or low voltage. How does a UPS work

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