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How does a computer work?  in details

Computers make possible the automatic processing of data, through which information is obtained. In this article we will show you how a computer works . Know all the details! how does a computer work short answer

How does a computer work? how does a computer work short answer

how does a computer work short answer
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In principle, it is necessary to define that a computer is a machine, designed to carry out logical and arithmetic operations to a series of data, in order to transform them and obtain information. It is also common to call it a computer.

Although we usually use the same term to refer to any type of computer, it is important to establish the following:

Types how does a computer work short answer

We usually call them simply PC. They refer to the personal computers that are present in most of our homes and workplaces, in either of their two presentations: desktop and laptop.


  • Desktop Computers: Due to their design and size, they can sit on a desk table, but they are not small enough to be easily loaded and transported.
  • Laptops: They are small and light, being able to move from one place to another without inconvenience. Laptops, notebooks and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are examples of this type of computer.

Minicomputers how does a computer work short answer

how does a computer work short answer
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They are similar to microcomputers, but they are faster in processing information and have greater storage capacity.

Mainframe how does a computer work short answer

They are large computers that can occupy entire rooms or offices. Its operating system is specialized and allows it to process data at high speeds. They have great capacity to protect essential data.


They are the largest and most powerful computers. They bring together a set of computers that work in coordination with each other, in order to increase their information processing capacity. They are used only by specialized organizations.

Smartphones and wearable computers are other types of computers. The former consist of mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS, which allow access to various applications and small computer programs. The latter are miniature computers for personal use, such as watches, bracelets, and other accessories.


Broadly speaking, we can mention the components of a computer . These are:

Input devices

They are responsible for supplying the data to the computer, as well as its coding so that it is understandable to the central processing unit (CPU).

The main input devices are: keyboard, mouse, optical pen, barcode reader, scanner, CD or DVD discs, webcam, etc.

Output devices

They allow the user to observe the result of the transformation undergone by the data. Among the main output devices are: the monitor, printers, audio devices, other computers, etc.


It refers to all the physical elements that make up a computer system. Among them: electronic and electromechanical devices, cables, cards, peripheral elements, circuits, etc.


In it, the information from the computer is stored, either temporary or permanent. Saves both instructions and input data, intermediate results and output data.


It is in charge of the execution of specific tasks required by the user of a computer system, either through the interaction between it and the hardware, or between the operating system software and other software applications.

Important data

Basically, the computer receives the data through an input device, transforms it, and returns it through an output device. This is possible thanks to the action of an instruction program, which is previously stored in it. These instructions are executed at high speed, without interaction of the human factor.

Information processing cycle


It refers to the input or supply of data and instructions to the computer. This data entry occurs, either through the different input devices, or through interconnection networks, which include another computer.

Storage how does a computer work short answer

It makes the availability of the data possible during and after its processing. Depending on the state in which the data is, it is stored in two different places, within the internal memory of the system or on external storage devices.

Prosecution how does a computer work short answer

It constitutes the manipulation of the entered data, by means of the execution of logical and mathematical operations. Among the main calculations carried out during data processing are: comparing values, ordering figures, correcting words, modifying images and arithmetic calculations in general.

Departure how does a computer work short answer

It refers to the generation of results, after data processing. Generally the information output is produced through graphs, reports, tables, documents, images, among others.

On the other hand, we can say that the main characteristics that define how a computer works are: speed, precision, efficiency, capacity and reliability.

Example how does a computer work short answer

Currently, all computers have a drawing application called Paint, which allows, among other things, to modify the size of an image. With this simple example, we will see how a computer works .

First, we activate the Paint application, causing it to load into the operating system’s memory. To do this, we go to the Start menu> All Programs> Accessories> Paint. We generally execute these actions using the mouse.

The operating system captures the instruction that is being given and loads the program through the microprocessor, from the hard disk to memory. With which it indicates that the application is ready to use it.

Once the program is open, we select the option Change size> Adjust by pixels. We write the new dimensions and save the changes in: File> Save as.

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