What is Microsoft? Definition, history and more

What is Microsoft? is the question that we are going to answer in this article related to the largest company that exists in the world to develop computer software. Do not miss this article. history of microsoft company

What is Microsoft?
It is a company that was born in the decade of the 70s. Over time it became the leading company in the development of programs for computer equipment and everything related to computing. It currently has strategic lines.

Where they not only make updates to the Office and Windows program. It also carries out various actions related to advising on the development of other IT mechanisms. Microsoft products through its Windows brand leads the market related to software for computer equipment.

Likewise, they maintain the advancement and development of programs related to various operations related to office activities. It is also one of the most used in the world. The Microsoft Office program has served as a reference for the creation of other computer programs.

It has made it possible to implement systems related to accounting, finance and scientific procedures. When someone asks What is Microsoft? The answer is not intended to say that it is just a software development company. But the world’s largest computer consortium on the planet.

Origin and evolutionOrigin and evolution

The company was founded in April 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States, both were university students. that as they met they were exchanging ideas related to technology.

The beginning history of microsoft company

They met at Harvard University where they shared ideas in computer science classes. They both had a common idea: Create computer programs that could power a PDP 10 computer. To date it was one of the most up-to-date and manufactured by DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation).

In the 1960s there was a very low volume of computers in the world. Compared to those that exist today. The most used and with limitations were the IBM 360, they were extremely large teams. But they served as a reference for computer science students. Bill was able to have contact with such a team. So she began to know him even more than her own teachers.

Paul Allen also studied at the same school, who also drew attention to everything related to computing and technology. Both shared student experience and had mutual criteria to consider the implementation of a system that could give the teams better results.

microsoftCreation of the company

In 1975 both students abandon their studies and dedicate themselves to developing what they both dreamed of. Forming then Microsoft, which in its beginnings was called “Micro-soft”, which was an acronym for “Microcomputer Software”. The company was created with the purpose of selling a program called BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), based on the Fortan system, which was one of the systems used by computers at that time.

The system was really a type of programming language that sought to streamline processes on computers. And it is said that the idea was born when both read a computer science article where he raised the development of a personal computer kit. Considered very complete called Altair 8800. The article had appeared in the popular Electronics magazine.

First clients history of microsoft company

One of Microsoft’s first sales is made by Bill Gates after having the program ready, to a software developer company called (MITS) “Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems. This Company was the manufacturer of the Altair processors. Bill Gates was able to make half of the profits from the sales of the equipment with the BASIC system installed.

Some years later Microsoft bought the BASIC license to be able to offer it to other computer manufacturers. Then it expanded its product to the Apple Computer, Commodore and Tandy Corporation corporations. These companies were actually Microsoft’s first active customers. history of microsoft company

By 1977, just two years after it was founded, Microsoft is marketing its product called Microsoft fortran to various companies. In 1979 Bill and Paul decide to move Microsoft’s offices to Bellevue in Washington state. Sales continued without any problems and the world of computing is taking its first steps.

For 1980 they carried out the creation of an operating system called MS DOS, which allowed to establish some criteria that helped many organizations to carry out various operations. With this system they were gaining customers who little by little were becoming the reference to grow. By the 90s they created the first software system for computers called “Windows.

Based on the MS DOS system. Windows allowed to open the field of operating systems around the world. Also helping that in systems and companies related to computing will begin to grow at a dizzying rate. Along with Windows, the Office program also appeared.

The same came with the operating system and allowed users to have tools to prepare documents and calculation tables at hand. The profits were very good for the company, it had a staff of technical developer workers who sought to innovate with new ideas. In 1986 they moved to Redmond, within the same state of Washington.

Growth history of microsoft company

The growth of Microsoft not only remained in the development of software and programs, it also became involved in the creation of various hardware systems. Where he was able to establish peripheral systems such as keyboards and mice that with time will also revolutionize the computer market.

On the other hand, we can really ask ourselves: What is Microsoft and what is it for? and as an answer we have that it is an elementary program to create documents and various types of text. There are also other programs such as Excel, Power Point. publishers among others.

Microsoft is a company that carries out developers of video game programs such as the recent creation called XBOX and Surface. These have had a very favorable acceptance in the market.

What is your success?

Creativity and perseverance are two tools carried out by Microsoft to boost its image worldwide. Its two flagship products Office and Windows have allowed it to position itself in the global software market. Where the sales are multimillion dollar.

Despite this, the company has always had a rivalry; where other companies have tried to position products similar to Microsoft’s in the market. The main reference for Microsoft’s success has also been represented by the managerial leadership of its founder Bill Gates.

Who from the beginning has maintained an operational line. Which has not been deviated from its main objectives, raised from the beginning. So today Microsoft has made alliances with commercial enemies. Advising and participating in program development projects in order to mutually grow. Despite the demands it has received, the company has been forced to give up marketing and sales spaces to limit the monopoly.

Development and manipulation

We constantly get by the restlessness of many people who really wonder what is Microsoft ?. This company has been successful in the global computer market but has also gone through various legal problems. Especially in the United States. Since its inception, the company has been monitored and questioned by congressmen and lawyers. Those who have sought to be linked to the issue of monopoly.

Microsoft is not just a growth IT company. It also represents a training in technological development that gives relevance to other companies. These actions have had to be taken into account by the company due to the various legal actions to which it has been submitted.

Even today the company is accused not only of monopolizing the software market. But she is also accused of carrying out suspicious activities that doubt her creativity. In mid-2000 the accusation carried out by the legal authorities of the United States was called “Abusive Monopoly”.

The judicial body accused Microsoft of monopolizing the computer product market. This led to a ruling in which the company had to divide its products with other companies so that they could be distributed under another name in the North American market.

However, it still did not end there. In 2004 the European Union carried out legal actions accusing Microsoft of being an organization that carried out “Dominant abuse”. The European Union considered that Windows products were limiting space to other companies.

He sentenced the company to release special versions of Windows XP Products should be related to the needs of users in Europe. These versions of Windows had to be developed with some limitations.

The lawsuit contemplated that the software should not contain as many bundled programs as Media player, and even included Office. So that other companies could market their products and users access them through subsequent installations. This then left Microsoft with the option to sell the limited versions of Windows XP Home Edition N and Windows XP Professional N.

Where is the headquarters located?

Currently the company has thousands of branches around the world, having its headquarters in the city of Redmond, Washington state. It is located about 30 kilometers from Seattle, which is the hometown of Bill Gates. But people still wonder today, What is Microsoft? Let’s look at the following to answer this question once again.

The company has a structure where there are almost 100 modern and luxurious office buildings. Approximately 40,000 people work there, it is really a very large business complex, It has many amenities such as restaurants, shops and various services. It also has its own air and land transportation fleet that allows employees to go to their work areas without problems.

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