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How to hide my IP? 3 Great Viable Ways

How to hide my IP ? It is what we will talk about in this article, where we will give you detailed information on how to keep your IP address out of the reach of strangers and guarantee your anonymity on the internet and especially your privacy.

How to hide my IP? hide my ip address free

Today most of the people who surf the internet have at some point had the need to keep their IP address protected. This can happen due to having a low tolerance for spam, personalized ads that may appear to you, geographical restrictions in some cases and intrusions to your privacy, which is why people choose this option to stay protected.

What is an IP address? hide my ip address free

hide my ip address free
hide my ip address free

The IP address is like the identity document that you have within the digital space, so it is a fundamental and important part of your existence within the network. The IP address is the means by which you will be able to exchange information with the rest of the internet devices.

In the same way as your personal documentation, the IP address does not interest to give it to anyone or to show it. So every day many Internet users find it necessary to hide their addresses for different reasons.

Why am I hiding my IP address? hide my ip address free

There are several reasons why Internet users have the need to hide from the networks, but one of the three main reasons we will explain them below:

For privacy : this is one of the most important reasons, since people are wanting to maintain their anonymity on the internet, often out of necessity or to avoid restrictions. Since today there are a lot of things that can use your IP address for their own purposes, from showing you personalized ads to other types of improper activity.

Attacks on people’s privacy nowadays is very normal, so hiding the IP address is much more difficult to be a victim of third parties interested in finding your geographical location.

To be able to access geographically restricted content : this is because there are contents that are blocked on the internet because they have geographical restrictions. For example hiding your IP address and choosing one that allows you to see restricted content regardless of your current location.

This is another reason why internet users try to evade certain restrictions. That they do not allow them to see a certain content and then they choose to hide their IP address in order to have access to it.

To avoid having and leaving a fingerprint : that is, a fingerprint is the collection of all your data in the course of the activities you do on the internet. It can be active or passive where the latter is your voluntary contribution of information on the web or social networks.

By hiding your IP you mainly avoid the passive fingerprint making it impossible to collect your data. You do this when you write a comment on a social network, use various applications and record your emails, since all this is part of our online history and can be seen by other people and saved in a database.

Methods of how to hide my IP

Among the methods of how to hide my IP address, we will provide the following where we will detail each one so that you know them. These methods are:

Method 1 Public WIFI hide my ip address free

One of the easiest ways to hide your IP address is by using a public WIFI, since by using the IP address of the network in which hundreds of users share daily, you are practically hiding in plain light without being seen. But this also carries certain kinds of major security risks.

This method is not indicated if you want to bypass geographical restrictions, not to mention that the privacy of a public network is very easy to hack, so your privacy would be affected.

Method 2 Proxy Servers hide my ip address free

Using proxies is another way to hide your IP address, since it provides a gateway to your computer so that it can connect to content that is restricted or filtered. One of the advantages that proxies provide are the accessibility they provide and the anonymity they provide.

But in practice doing it through proxies is a bit risky, since there will always be the possibility that the selected proxy runs on a compromised machine, or also the possibility that your data has been intercepted by someone else. Not to mention that when you browse through proxies, the speed is snail to browse the internet by the different users who browse through this method.

One disadvantage that this has is that if your goal is to download content it will require a lot of bandwidth and then this method will not be feasible for you. But if you are one of those users who need to hide your IP address at specific times so that no one can track the websites you visit, the most comfortable and easy thing to do is to use Webproxy.

There are quite a few free proxy websites. Using a web proxy is as simple as entering the page and typing in the web you want to visit, sometimes these pages are down or are very slow due to high user traffic.

Method 3 The Tor browser hide my ip address free

Tor is a routing network that hides your movements by replicating them by a multitude of servers that are part of this network. Since all your data goes through many different servers before going online, which makes it very difficult to trace its origin.

Using this navigation method, it could be said that it is very effective to enter any corner of the internet, keeping your IP address hidden. So using the Tor browser is a very good option since it is very simple.

There is a version in Firefox that provides Tor navigation to users of all levels and this fulfills its objective completely since it covers your fingerprints. One of its disadvantages is that it has a slower browsing speed than usual since Tor affects the connection speed of your machine.

Method 4 Using a VPN hide my ip address free

hide my ip address free
hide my ip address free

A virtual network or VPN works in a similar way to a web proxy, but instead of hiding our IP address on the websites that you visit, what it does is hide everything you do on the internet. This includes sending messages and mail among other things.

By doing this, you hide your identity in virtual private networks, they encrypt all content, providing that no one can spy on what you do. But there are free virtual private networks, the differences between the two are that the free ones include advertising as well as being very slow due to the number of users in it.

The payments give the user greater speed and stability and you can get to customize it. Some examples of paid VPNs are: ibVPN or G Data Internet Security Privacy. hide my ip address free

It is one of the best ways to hide your IP address, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to hide your IP address, as the VPN service is solid and one of the best options. When you opt for any serious VPN provider, you get to benefit from: privacy, anonymity and total entry to restricted sites and that by the way you will have a secure and high-speed connection.

Although there are free VPNs, it is better to pay for a good service. Free VPNs usually collect information from your data and do not offer the same bandwidth as private ones or access to geographically restricted content, as a recommendation avoid free VPNs because they could continue to suffer from the same problem.

Another point to use VPNs is that they will allow you to watch content on platforms such as Netflix, HBO or ESPN among other platforms, thanks to the multiple VPN locations that are available. So it can be said that using VPNs will help you hide your IP address and protect you from the internet.

Finally, we can say that the IP address is what identifies your computer using the internet protocol so that you can communicate. This causes your address to be visible to third-party websites that try to locate you and their ISPs can see the websites you visit, the videos you see, even knowing who you are communicating with.

That is why when we hide our IP address we are protecting our identity on the internet and we will make sure we get to enjoy the internet experience without any type of restrictions. Therefore, the way that each Internet user applies to keep their IP address hidden is personal and could also be said according to their possibilities and needs.

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