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Heatsink: Meaning, Features, And More

The electrical components that make up a computer generate high temperature, so the heat sink is applied . This article explains its main characteristics. heatsink laptop

Heat sink  laptop heatsink laptop

heatsink laptop
heatsink laptop

A heat sink consists of an instrument that is responsible for reducing the overheating that the components of a computer present, this is generated because electricity is required for the devices to work and when the current passes, it emits heat due to electrical consumption .

Failure to remove the heat generated in the computer causes component failure, decreasing its performance and can even damage the devices that are installed. Another consequence that is generated is that the computer turns off automatically, since it is a preventive action to avoid overheating of the system.

The motherboard, graphics cards, video, audio, processors and other components are the causes that heat is generated in the computer due to the consumption of electricity. Heat is understood as the kinetic energy that in turn is understood as the movement of the particles.

Because of this it is associated with the movement of electricity through the circuits that generate this kinetic energy. Due to the movements of the atoms in the components, the temperature they have is increased, and this can be measured since this term is a quantity that exposes the amount of heat associated with an object or device.

In turn, we must talk about the heat transfer that can be had, these are Conduction, Convection and finally Radiation. In this way, it can be understood that it is a heat sink since the meaning of its function and the importance it has in computers is amplified.


heatsink laptop
heatsink laptop

The heat sink in a PC ensures that this heat transfer does not exceed the established temperature limit, since it can produce negative consequences by damaging the components of the equipment. That is why this device has properties that reduce the heat generated and in turn help the performance of the computer not decrease.

One of its main characteristics is that it must have compatibility between the socket and the processor, this is because there are different versions of these devices and not all of them can be installed together. You can also find a wide range of heat sink types, which vary in size.

This is an important property because it must have an acceptable size depending on the fan that the computer has, if care is not taken these can hinder and affect the performance of the RAM memory. In the same way, it must be ensured that the heat sink has a high quality motor.

Likewise, the fan must have blades with degrees of inclination so that the amount of air that is transported to the equipment is guaranteed. The material that is generally constructed is a combination of copper and aluminum, which are heat conducting metals, thus facilitating the operation of energy dissipation in computer components. heatsink laptop

Types heatsink laptop

When you must obtain a heat sink you may have doubts about which is the most convenient to acquire, this is because there are many types that users can have according to their needs. Among them is the Stock heatsinks that are included in the purchase of a processor, it is responsible for maintaining low and stable temperatures in the computer. heatsink laptop

Another type are air dissipators, which are characterized by their low cost, have a fan, and are also made of copper tubes. It expels the heat generated in the computer by the plates so that it continues to absorb the heat of the equipment, forming a work cycle, in this way it maintains the optimal temperature in the computer. heatsink laptop

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