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Hard Drive Capacity: The Largest on the Market

The hard disk is today the second most frequently used digital information storage site. In this article you will find the definition of hard drive, its capacity , as well as a list of the best hard drives according to their capacity.

Hard drive capacity

Hard drive capacity
Hybrid Hard Drive

A hard disk, also known as a hard disk (Hard Disk Drive, HDD), is a digital data storage unit or non-volatile memory, which uses a magnetic recording system made up of one or more hard disks. These discs are joined by a single shaft that rotates at high speed inside a closed metal box. In addition, a read-write head is floating above each disk.

Now, when we talk about the storage capacity of the hard disk, or simply the capacity of the hard disk , we refer to the amount of information that can be stored within it, such as: documents, text files, images, videos, etc. . Hence the importance of clarifying that the more capacity the unit has, the more programs and information can be stored.

In this regard, it is important to mention that the first commercial hard disk had a capacity of approximately 5 MB. However, thanks to advances in technology, information recording methods have been optimized to the point of making the available space in them more efficient, reaching in some cases 10 GB, and even 1 TB of capacity. In addition, it has been possible to reduce the size and weight of these units.

In this way, solid state disks emerged, known simply as SDD (Solid Static Drive) disks, which contain integrated circuit memories and not mechanical disks for data storage.

Best hard drives

Hybrid Hard DriveHaving said all the above, we will show a list that contains the best hard drives on the market, according to their storage capacity:

Nimbus Data ExaDrive D100

So far it is the highest capacity and most expensive solid state drive on the market. In fact, it is precisely its large storage capacity (100 TB) that detracts from its functionality, mainly because in general we usually resort to magnetic hard drives to store large volumes of information.

However, it turns out to be the most energy efficient device among all units of this type. Its data transfer speed is located at 500 MB / sec. It is ideal to be used in specialized fields, such as: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, among others.

Additionally, it has a version with 50 TB of storage. Both with a five-year unlimited warranty.

Wester Digital My Passport SSD

It’s a portable solid state drive with 512GB of storage, backed by the best hard drive manufacturer out there today. To function, it requires no software download or installation.

It has automatic backup software and password encryption to protect data. Its data transfer speed reaches 540 MB / sec. Its great performance makes it easy to run virtual machines on your computer.

It is compatible with different operating systems, such as Windows and Mac. In addition, it works perfectly with computers that have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 technology.

SanDisk Extreme SSD Hard Drive Capacity

In either of its two versions, 500 GB or 2 TB of storage, it is considered one of the best solid hard drives on the market, due to its excellent price-capacity ratio, in addition to its lightweight and portable design. It is resistant to water, dust and falls from up to two meters in height.

It offers a data transfer rate of up to 550MB / sec. In addition, it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Additionally, it works perfectly with old, modern and future computers.

Samsung SSD 870 QVO SATA

It is a device with storage capacity of up to 8 TB, also combining performance and capacity in a really efficient way. It has a data transfer rate of 560 MB / sec. Additionally, it comes in 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB versions, all with a three-year warranty.

Samsung T5 SDD Hard Drive Capacity

It is a high-quality portable solid state drive, with a compact and durable design, whose storage capacity reaches 500 GB. In addition, its maximum data transfer rate is 540 MB / sec. It offers password encryption protection, and is fully compatible with USB 3.1 technology devices. Hard Drive Capacity

On the other hand, there are advances of Wester Digital brand HDD magnetic hard drives, which have a storage capacity of 20 TB and 18 TB. These are: Ultrastar DC HC650 and Ultrastar DC HC 550 respectively.

These are basically 3.5-inch, power-assisted magnetic recording devices. Plus, with nine-disc technology.

Another feature that undoubtedly differentiates these drives from other HDDs is the writing of information on unique tracks. In addition, it is possible to superimpose the tracks by SMR, in such a way that the information that was stored there can be overwritten. In contrast, its performance in data transfer decreases considerably.

Finally, other HDD type hard drives with high storage capacity that can be mentioned are: Toshiba NearLine from 14 TB, Seagate IronWolfe from 12 TB, Seagate Barracuda Pro, also from 12 TB, Wester Digital WD121KRYZ from 12 TB, HGST Ultrastar from 10 TB, among others. All with really high prices, such that the possibility of acquiring them escapes the hands of most of the people who might be interested.

Main manufacturers Hard Drive Capacity

In the current market there are many brands of hard drives, which have managed to survive the various commercial crises that have occurred over the years. Thus, the main manufacturers are: Seagate, Wester digital, Toshiba, Hitachi and Samsung. After which brands such as: ADATA, Dell, Kingston, HP, Intel, Lenovo, SanDisk, and others can be mentioned.

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